'Terminator 3' Won't Be The Last For Schwarzenegger

While speaking with The Age, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that Terminator 3 won't be his last. He plans to reprise his role as the killer cyborg for many more years to come.

It may be 19 years since he first played the role of the Terminator in the sci-fi classic, but Schwarzenegger told a press conference that he was only halfway through his acting career.

"Is this my last Terminator? No. I've so many more years left," he said. "I'm totally full of energy and thanks to my weight training and cardio-vascular training I'm in great shape.

"I consider this the middle term of my career." And he urged fans: "Go out and see the movie. The more successful the movie is, the faster we can make Terminator 4."

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