Cast And Crew On 'Terminator 3' Terminatrix

The NYPost have been talking with both the cast and crew of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines about the female villain - The Terminatrix.

"We tested over a hundred girls for that role and she just jumped out of the screen," says Andy Vajna who, along with Mario Kassar, has produced all three "Terminator" movies.

"She kicked Arnold's ass - and he loved it. She's the only woman I know who could do it."

Loken - who has six tattoos, including a horse on her ankle which she "rewarded" herself with after she wrapped "T3" - sports a sassy forthrightness that brings to mind a young Sharon Stone, who shot to stardom in another Schwarzenegger sci-fi vehicle, 1990's "Total Recall."

"When this job came along I just thought it was the right marriage for my character with the character in the film," she says.

"I've always been tall, had a deeper voice, people liked me but they didn't quite know how to cast me."

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