Nick Stahl Up For Two More 'Terminator' Movies!

T3 Nick StahlNick Stahl was interviewed by LATimes about the smash hit Terminator 3, and was asked about the possibility in starring in another Terminator movie.

If "T3" is a success, would you be up for another one?
I'm actually signed on for two more. But I can't even think a week into the future, much less like that.

The ending of the new film certainly feels like it's setting up another movie. Do you have any hints on what happens next?
I wouldn't find out until a couple months before they filmed it. I barely knew where the movie I was in was going, to a degree, until the last second. It was such a secretive thing. I read a script, but it was under lock and key. Once I was going to screen-test for the role, I came in and I was kind of sealed into a room with this guy standing there, the script keeper guy, who waited until I finished the script. It was intense.

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