Famke Janssen Signed Up For 'X-Men 3'

Famke Janssen has been speaking with The Calgary Sun about the possibility of her character returning for X-Men 3.

"I have a firm commitment to the X-Men movies. They are my priority. I've signed for a third. If, and when, it happens I'll arrange my schedule around it."

Janssen has reason to hope there will be a third and even a fourth X-Men movie. In the first two films Jean Grey is evolving slowly, but that promises to speed up considerably in future films.

"I'd never read a comic book before I got offered X-Men. When I told people I was playing Jean Grey they were all excited for me," recalls Janssen. "In the comics her arc becomes quite dark. She turns into Phoenix and then into Dark Phoenix. The battle within her is the battle that exists between the two factions of mutants. I have no idea where the writers will go with Jean's story, but there are some great possibilities and ones I'd really like to explore."

There's another arc Janssen wouldn't mind exploring. "In the comics she and Cyclops (James Marsden) have a child. That's now a possibility since we at least got to kiss in X2: X-Men United."

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