'X-Men 3' To Be Released May 2, 2006

X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner says that X-Men 3 is scheduled to begin filming in Vancouver, in June 2005, with a release date of May 2, 2006. "I just had a conversation with [director] Bryan [Singer] today," Shuler Donner told Sci-Fi Wire. "We just started to talk about what the possibilities are. We're pretty sure Wolverine's going to come back."

Shuler Donner says that Gambit and Beast may appear in the third movie. "I'm dying to put Beast in," Shuler Donner said. "I tried to get Beast in the first one and the second one, but it was always too expensive. So, yeah, I'm really dying to get Beast in, and I'd love to get Gambit in, because he's such a cool guy. And there's some really good casting ideas for Gambit."

On Halle Berry returning as Storm, she said, "I certainly hope so, because I love working with her. ... We would only write a big huge role for her, so she's right in that respect, and we would make sure that that would happen."

Shuler Donner says that X-Men 3 will deal partly with the Dark Phoenix storyline that was briefly explored in the second movie. "We will follow it through in some respect, absolutely, yes," she said. "And we love Famke [Janssen] anyway, so, yeah. Well, she's Dark Phoenix. She's Jean Grey."

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