American Pie Review

by Robert Workman (DarkFalcon AT webtv DOT net)
July 8th, 1999

The Happy Bastard's 30-Second Review:


    The summer of raunch continues to spread into theatres with this latest yuk fest, filled with sick jokes and teen dialogue aplenty. If you go expecting Dawson's Creek, you're in for a problem. If your expectations are lower (and better, I might add), you will enjoy the hell out of American Pie.

    The movie casts several unknowns, with the only real recognizable one being SCTV's own Eugene Levy as a happy-go-lucky dad. The story revolves around four high school seniors who have one goal before the school year gets out- get laid. That's pretty much it.

    Throughout the movie, little sick comic bits are sprinkled throughout, including a memorable scene involving an apple pie (I won't give it away, but you probably know what it is) and an Internet broadcast gone horribly awry.

    Of course, the movie has some slightly sentimental bits, but they don't drag the movie's humor content down that bad. Most of the actors get their job done, but it's Levy who's a hoot, a father who tries to talk sex with his son with the help of some curious "visual aids".
    I couldn't stop laughing during this movie, and if you can stand all the raunch and the sex references, then American Pie is for you. If you're one of those "conservative" types, well, I'll bet you're having fun at home while this, South Park, and Austin Powers II plays in theatres, now aren't you?

RATING: 8 (out of 10)

The Happy Bastard

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