American Pie Review

by "Indra Moeljadi" (killed AT pulp-fiction DOT com)
January 13th, 2000

American Pie (1999)


If you take a look at this movie's poster, then you will find this movie probably not worth seeing. No big names and not an attractive title. Probably another high school movie. But if you go and see this movie, all of that will change.

This movie must be one of the funniest movies since There's Something About Mary, but this time without a hot Cameron Diaz.

It's about four regular high school seniors, Jim, Oz, Finch, and Kevin. They are not the studs of the school, nor the nerds. Just the average student, which you'll probably forget after 5 years. At one party they made a pact to have sex and lose virginity, after they hear that Sherman (the nerd a.k.a. The Sherminator) brag about sex. And what better time to lose virginity than on prom night?

So the story goes on, with each character using their own method of getting laid, or at least a date to prom night. What makes it very real is the reality of this condition. Regular guys not being able to "get some" during high school years, and with peer pressure this becomes very obsessive to some of us... eh... them.

In this movie you'll find funny but very real things: watching scrambled adult movies on television when his/your parents suddenly walked in (most probably at least once happened to you guys), father gives son adult magazines (luckily that didn't happened to me), parent find condoms in his/your drawer, and premature ejaculation.

This movie is as real as it can get, and with the R-rating it gets better. Not because the audience can see some tits, but also because teenagers these days live in a R-rated society. The cast also portraits the average high school senior, not too cocky or too nerdy or even too beautiful.

And by the way, cool soundtrack!

Will Jim, Oz, Finch, and Kevin score on prom night? American Pie is just not about the quest for sex, but also about relationship, friendship, safe sex, love, and offcourse home made American apple pie!

Indra Moeljadi
suddenly wants to relive his high school senior year

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