Skeet Ulrich Joins 'Armored' Cast

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Skeet Ulrich is returning to the big screen in Sony's Screen Gems drama "Armored."

Ulrich ("Jericho") will play Dobbs, a scruffy member of an armored truck company team who plans to empty a truck of its $10 million. Matt Dillon and Columbus Short star. Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno and Fred Ward co-star.

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Can't wait, if Skeet is in it, I will be there. And Bring Back Jericho or take it to the big screen, where Skeet belongs.
I was amazed when I got home from vatcaion to find out so much had happened. It's so cool!!! I've been a Jericho Ranger since the beginning and have played my part in the effort to save the show. This is the only show I've ever felt so strongly about that I wanted to go to the effort of writing letters, buying nuts, sending postcards, making donations for magazine ads, billboards, and the commercials. The Jericho fans I've gotten to know are great people from so many different areas and ways of life. I'm honored to have worked and played along side of each of them. Thanks for your write up.

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