John Singleton Gears Up For 'The A-Team'

Monday, December 17th, 2007

Director John Singleton is gearing up to direct a bigscreen version of 1980s TV series "The A-Team" and talking about the casting possibilities all over town.

Twentieth Century Fox is in early talks with the helmer to resuscitate the gang, but the studio said no deal is in place, and the project is not envisioned as a pre-SAG/DGA strike affair.

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Isn't the guy who played Hannibal no longer with us?
George Peppard died some time ago. Michael Clarke Duncan should be Mr T. !!
Mr T is Mr T foo!
Who would you have cast as the A-Team?

Mine Would be as follows:

MR -T - Michael Clarke Duncan
Hannibal - George Clooney
Face - Brad Pitt
Murdoch - Jim Carrey
i think mr.t is a christan. jesus is so majestic.
The Boyer Famil
Mr.T needs to work on his Acting,but,he is a Christion.
duncan is to old to play T, the rock as mr t, jack black as murdock, clooney is good for hannibal, no pitt for face,
Mr. T is Mr! I wonder if any of you have even seen an episode of the A Team?
I'm with you Dan!

Mr.T played Sargeant Bosco Albert Baracus in The A-Team.
No-one can play'!

B.A. - Ice Cube (he's got the snarl and the acting ability)

Hannibal - George Clooney's a good shout though I dunno whether he'd go for it. I've heard Bruce Willis mentioned.

Face - dunno yet...

Murdoch - Jim Carrey maybe but Woody Harrelson is more likely (has the southern accent and hairline also)
so has Nick Cage but I don't think he's quite crazy enough.
Yeah Mr T is an ugly Christian, so what if he is a Christian? That makes him better then the rest lol ?

Most pedofiles and killers in america where Christians, yeah that's so great.
"I aint' gettin on no plane", Mr T or Crazy foo'! and I grew up watching the A-team so I have watched many many episodes.
Okay Bob Sapp (The Longest Yard) for Sgt. Bosco "B.A." Baracus (B.A = Bad Attitude)
Woody Harrelson/Nick Cage not mad enough for Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock still think Jim Carrey.
Lt. Templeton 'Faceman' Peck - still think Pitt, but may cost to much, how about Ryan Reynolds (Blade Trinity)
and Clooney as Col. John 'Hannibal' Smith
I heard on the net a while back of some other ideas:

Hannibal: Tommy Lee Jones (possible in my opinion), Anthony Hopkins (though not my choice), Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson... I think you get the idea.

BA: I agree. No one can pull off BA like Mr T did, but that was from the TV series. The movie I understand will be darker. The Rock was a choice mentioned about 7 months ago, Duncan is getting too old for the part, Ice Cube could pull it off.

Murdock: No one has mentioned Jaime Kennedy. He basically took Carrey comedy recipe and took off where Carrey left it. Carrey has become a more serious actor now; just like Robin Williams has. I hate to suggest it but maybe Dane Cook or Dax Shepard might be ideas.

Face-man is the easiest. Look for the current Pretty-boy in the A list and use him.
George Clooney is a sexy, sexy man. I do enjoy his acntig, as well. Don't forget about Good Night, and Good Luck! I don't really like when people compare him to Cary Grant, though. They're from completely different generations with different styles!
That's the smart thinking we could all beenfit from.

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