Austin Powers in Goldmember Review

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December 23rd, 2009

Austin Powers is back to foil another one of Dr. Evil's schemes to gain money in a highly evil fashion. This time he plans to pull a meteor into the earth with a now working tractor beam, hit the ice caps, and thereby cause a worldwide flood, unless... he gets a bunch of money.

    Austin Powers in Goldmember is a mediocre comedy containing all reused jokes from it's predecessors.

    Yes, Powers does get a few laughs out of you with his sexual puns and much innuendo. But, wasn't all that in the first two? Yeah. Myers's river has started to run noticeably dry, but there's still a little dripping. He's going to have to rethink it all if he wants to make a fourth. Depending on your age and how much you like fart, pee, poop, and stupid sex jokes plays a major role in how much you'll like or dislike this movie. The writing is messy and needed many, many revisions. The writing is vital to the Powers series because beyond Myers's charm, acting is not too important in this, and neither are production values. All that matters is whether they can produce a solid script without senseless jokes to fill the time.

    A pretty bad movie is saved by Mike Myers's performance this time, but not the next. Most of the jokes that did land couldn't of without him and his perfect suitability to that role. This humor he has, it's different than most every type you see, yet it feels so generic. This is the Mike Myers humor. You know the Ben Stiller humor (I do like that one), well this one with more stupid yet creative jokes than you could count. Steady yet not bold enough direction is what takes this series into a slump. Maybe they'll recover, maybe they won't. It's up to them.

Rating: 5.2/10

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