Daredevil Review

by Bob Bloom (bobbloom AT iquest DOT net)
August 13th, 2003

DAREDEVIL (2003) (Fox Home Entertainment): This dark, brutal and bloody adaptation of one of Marvel comic's stalwarts transfers brilliantly to DVD.

The bonuses on this two-disc set will be appreciated for fans of the character as well as comic books in general.

Beside an hourlong documentary that takes you through the making of the film from conception to final edit, the second disc includes Jennifer Garner's screen test. But the featurette that will be of most interest to the collectors is a 60-minute documentary tracing the history and development of Daredevil's character over the years, and includes interviews with the various artists who have worked on the comic books, including Stan Lee, Frank Miller and Kevin Smith.

Other extras include a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the wire work for the film's fight sequences. All this bonus material enhances your understanding of all that it entails to transfer a comic book character to the big screen.

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