Deconstructing Harry

Starring: Mariel Hemingway, Stanley Tucci, Elisabeth Shue, Amy Irving, Demi Moore, Bob Balaban, Kirstie Alley, Eric Bogosian, Tobey Maguire, Billy Crystal

Director: Woody Allen
Release Date: December 12th, 1997
MPAA Rating: R
Studio: Bac Films

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Synopsis: Harry Block, despite the onset of middle age, has never really grown up. He has established a reputation as a novelist but has already spent his latest advance from his publisher without writing a word of his latest book. He's had three wives and thinks he is sex-obsessed (having seen several therapists--one of whom he married--to analyze the problem). He is currently on his way to Adair College to receive a life achievement award but is nervous and needs company. Trouble is, Harry's latest girlfriend Fay has chosen this moment to marry his best friend Larry while another buddy, Richard, is having heart problems and can't make the trip. Finally, his wish to have his son Hilly see him honored are scuttled by his psychiatrist mother's refusal to let him attend the ceremony. Meanwhile, Lucy, Block's former sister in-law, is furious that Harry has, in his latest book, described, in vivid detail, their clandestine relationship.