From Justin To Kelly Review

by Terri Clark (TerriClark4 AT aol DOT com)
August 15th, 2003

From Justin to Kelly is best forgotten
West Life News (7/2/03)
Review by Terri Clark

Dear Kelly Clarkson,

I'm a big fan. I love your new CD, Thankful. As far as I'm concerned, you'll always be the "American Idol." You can sing circles around Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdard and Justin Guarini.

Speaking of Justin--or as I call him, cute curly-haired one--today I went and saw From Justin to Kelly. I had high hopes it would be the new "Grease." Man, was I ever disappointed. It wasn't even so bad it was fun. "Grease 2" was better! Just remember, Michelle Pfeiffer survived that fiasco. Chances are you will too. That is, if you promise to never, ever, ever do something so cheesy again.

You know I wasn't expecting "Chicago" or anything, but puh-leeze…. Couldn't Kim Fuller write something better? Boy meets Girl on the beach at Spring break.
Girl's best friend wants Boy and does everything she can to keep them apart. Girl and Boy never have the brains to talk and straighten out their stupid misunderstandings.

And the dialogue! Even Paula Abdul's…um, creative should we say?…compliments aren't that painful.

I suppose this was meant to be a lot like "Where the Boys Are" with "Beach Blanket Bingo" musical numbers, but Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon had more steamy chemistry in their squeaky clean comedies than you and Justin did.

I will say this, the dance numbers were fun and I did enjoy the music. I loved your remake of "Vacation" and "That's the Way I Like It." I also enjoyed several of the original songs-"Bounce," "Forever Part of Me" and "Anytime You Love Me." There's no doubt about it, you can sing. Stick to that. Please.
It's a real shame the soundtrack isn't being released. Frankly, I would rather have spent my money on the J2K CD instead of the movie. Don't worry that sales of the soundtrack might interfere with album sales for the other American idols. It's every popstar for himself.

By the way, I heard about the movie's controversy. Theater owners didn't want to show the flick after they learned it was going to be released to DVD just six weeks after its opening. I know the video release has since been bumped to September, but no one's fooled. You know what the whole thing said to me? You all thought it stunk too!

Take my advice--I know you're used to getting lots of unsolicited suggestions--skip releasing the video and put out the soundtrack. That I'll buy! Just make sure that annoying, squeaky-voiced girl Alexa (Katherine Bailess) isn't on there. The "American Idol" judges would've shredded her.
Speaking of that esteemed trio of critics. Here's what I think they'd have to say about "From Justin to Kelly."

Randy: Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Justin, Justin, Justin. Dawgs, it's all about script choice. You picked the wrong script. That was sooooo painful.
Paula: Well…I know you turned this thing out in a matter of weeks…and you put a lot of heart into it…I give you an A for effort. But it just didn't stir me. I'm sorry. The songs were great, but you're capable of so much more.

Simon: That was by far the most atrocious piece of crap I've ever had the misfortune of watching. I want my money back! Go stick your heads in the sand.

Harsh I know. What can I say? A Moment Like This… is best forgotten.
A fan regardless,
Terri Clark


Title: From Justin to Kelly

Grade: D

Rating: PG for thematic elements, sensuality and brief language.

Distributor: 20th Century Fox Film Corporation

Director: Robert Iscove

Screenplay: Kim Fuller

Cast: Kelly Clarkson, Justin Guarini, Katherine Bailess, Anika Noni Rose, Greg Siff, Brian Dietzen

Time: 95 minutes

Genre: Comedy/Musical/Romance
Terri Clark ([email protected]) is a freelance movie critic. She writes reviews for West Life News, and the Apollo Guide.

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