best matrix 1 and 2 scenes

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ok what is ur guys favorite matrix one and two scenes mine in the first one is when neo is fighting agent smith without ne effort like haha **** u and then kicks him far across the hallway then my favorite parts in matrix two was when neo was fighting like 200 agents smiths and then whenever he flew was cool as shit but i like especlliy when he was flying so fast he had the cars coming up behind him cause the wind was so fast those r my favs what r ur guys

In the first one, the whole lobby scene just gives me goose bumps!!! I always turn up the music on that part and go "Woo Hoo!!!!"""...I love too how Neo and Trinity glance at eachother b4 they head off to shoot, and then cool, calm and collected, step into the elevator as if nothing!!!...
In the second one, I have two favs...The fight scene I love is the chateau scene...specially when Neo stops the bullets w one hand and the Merovingian goes " u have some skill...".Needless to say the ass kickin' is the coolest!!!!. The more subtle scene, I have to say I love though, is the whole conversation w the Oracle!! Specially when she offers Neo a seat, and he refuses, but then sits down anyway!....and says"...I sitting..."!!! That is sooooo funny!!

i totally forgot about those scens i forgot those r some of the best one also like stopping all the bullets u got skill lol ****in funny shit and then when the security guard in the first one is like remove all meatlic items such as keys watches then neo opens his jacket sercuity gaurd holy shit boom u guys r ****in dead lol great scene. also in the second one when morphous is on top of the semie with the key maker and he is like neo if ur out there i need u now and neo flys in just at the right time i luv it

Alias Neo
In M1 my favourite scene was the lobby-shootout
In M2 was the highway

The lobby-shootout music is called Spybreak

Yeah...I love that song!!! "Spybreak!" by

My favorite scene in M1 is the lobby.
My favorite scene in M2 is when neo fights all the smiths. I liked when they zoomed out and 1 smith flew back every second.

M1 - dojo scene
M2 - neo vs seraph

There are just too many scenes, just too many good ones!

M1: Neo vs. Morpheus, or Neo vs. Smith in the subway
M2: Morpheus vs. Twins

every scene of the matrix and reloaded r the best scenes!
my favourites tho r:
m1 - the lobby & the subway
m2 - the burly brawl & freeway

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Matrix-> Trinity at the beginning.
Matrix:Reloaded-> Trinity at the end, the scene from Neo's dream.
And the highway, specially the bike scene.

Sorry had to say those two.

haahhaahaa.. I can see you like a lot trinity scenes.. right? big grin

Neo Vs. Smith in the lobby. Then a re-match except its a Handicap Match. Neo Vs. Smithys (burly Brawl) All of the fights are great.

I do. I think she's a kick ass character with great scenes.

Mmmm. yes I agree with Kes. Triniti is a stron feemale character with intense scenes, the matrix wouldnt be the same with out her.

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