A theory on how Neo stopped the sentinels

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Well I'm not sure you are going to agree with me but I think this theory of mine makes sense.I think the reason Neo could stop the sentinels is because a small part of Neo is a code he got when he jumped into Smith's body in the first movie, just like Smith said :"I don't fully understand how it happened. Perhaps some part of you imprinted onto me, something overwritten or copied"...And I think that the machines/agents are programed to avoid destroying/killing other machines/agents by stopping or/and destroying themselves, so when the machines felt Neo's code they thought he was a machine/agent so they did the "self destruction" to avoid hurting him.
Well that's what I think , I want your opinions. laughing smokin' Happy Dance

makes sense

nice line of thought.

i think it's because his mind is still plugged into the matrix, though, like the oracle said.

but nice thinking. a fresh perspective. i guess we'll see.

Perhaps it's a little bit of both.....Maybe Neo DOES have machine code in him....I like this theory!......maybe the machines can sense that code BECAUSE he's still plugged in?? A possibility??... cool

That sounds plausible to me, but it doesn't explain why he passed out just after he stopped the sentinels.

Maybe when the machines self-destructed they did so by frying there circuits with electricity. Because the machines had gotten so close to Neo the elactricity shocked him into a subconscience state.

Could be. Of course you can find a hundred of possible explanations for it.
We'll see when revolutions is out smile

The Omega

neo look like hulk .. when he stop the centinels

This makes sense......I think the power shock on both sides was so strong, they all collapsed!! Maybe it's simpler than we think!!!! smokin'

Llaughing out loudL ROFL oh no ur so funny sis

hahahahahha!! embarrasment.. thats why Iam your sis angelangel

I like the EMP theory. Makes sense.

REMEMBER. These things happened in SEQUENCE. NOT all at Once.

1ST-Neo Senses them.
2ND-He Stops Them like Bullets.
3RD-Then EMP electricity becomes apparent..and both Parties are Knocked Out.

So it's not like the emp theory hold no weight.

But this new thoery also sounds good.

Watch the new Revolutions trailer and you will see a shot of Neo and Trinity in a Hovercraft with Neo wearing a blindfold. When the squiddie gets near the ship, Neo puts his hand up and fries the Sentinal

hmm.. I havent seen that part

it doesn't make sense mr.....
Just from the simple fact that NO matrix piece of software is supposed to reach the sentinel area of influence. Even smith downloading into bane is an anomaly.. therefore...the sentinels wouldn't have anything to recognise a matrix software with.

where can i get it?

Go to the official Matrix site....They updated it, so now eveyone can see it!!

The Omega
New Revolutions trailer...?? (BRB!!!)

yay! kewl!!!! eek!

but the music is all sad http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/bawling.gif

Sifer is right Neo is definitely wearing a blindfold in the trailer he is also awake and he nails a sentinel using his new power. I am assuming that this is after Trinity rescues Neo's mind that is trapped in the Matrix being held by the Mero. But methinks that because of the sentinel incident at the end of reloaded when Neo eventually gets out of the Matrix and wakes up in the real world he is blind. Obviously being blind in the real world doesn't effect him when he is jacked into the matrix.

ok wot makes u think that?

It's just a theory I have from watching the various revolutions trailer. I'll explain why. I think that Neos mind is trapped in the Matrix because he is the opposite of Smith and Smith is trapped in the real world in Bane. I believe that Trinity has to go and save Neo. I believe that the Mero has got Neo because in the trailers Trin and Morph are kicking shit in the Mero's club Hell. It must be the Mero's club cos it shows Trin fighting somebody upside down on the roof, clearly an vamp type program, got to be one of the Mero's crew. More proof that the Mero has Neo is that one trailer shows Trin with her gun to the Mero's head with Persephone in the background. The Mero is asking her "Are you willing to die for this man?", what other man would Trinity be willing to die for? So at some point in the movie presumably after all this has happened Neo and Trinity get out of the Matrix because in the latest trailer it shows them both in a hovercraft, notably without Morpheus hmm..., flying at some sentinels Neo does his new power and gets one of the sentinels. As he turns around Neo is clearly wearing a blindfold this to me could be to emphasise the fact that he is blind in the real world, but as I said above when he is jacked into the Matrix this would not matter. Err... I don't think I missed anything, as I said just purely theoretical but I hope you can see how I came to these conclusions and If not I suggest you watch some Revolutions trailers.

yeah i understand ur point now smile

The Omega

This is why I believe his blindness (if blindness at all)...is only temporary! I think maybe they included that on the trailer to tick everybody off and confuse ppl so we could start coming to our own conclusions!!!! big grin The Brothers love that!!!! I give 'em a big round of applause!!! http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/clap.gif http://www.killermovies.com/forums/images/moresmilies/notworthy.gif

omega...everything makes sense, then you go off sayin something confusing everything up again...wink

The Omega
Sargoth> I must admit I was thinking and talking to myself when I wrote that. Is it complete nonsense?? smile

No I like that idea it makes sense, you have a really good point there Omega.

i watched the trailer and dont see neo w/ the blindfold stopping anything??? which part is it at?

Angus - Its there smile Try downloading ALL of the trailers from the website. wink

Keep in mind that the trailer doesn't necessarily involve putting things in the correct order, in fact I think they deliberately throw things around to put things out of synch.

Certain things we know from the trailer.

The mero wants the oracle's eyes in exchange for Neo (why we do not know)

Some hobo smacks up Neo (former one maybe?)

Neo talks to what seems to be the AI leader.

Neo seems to be blind (and it seems there is blood above the blindfold, like he had cut out his eyes...)

Neo is in some psuedo (orange) middle world killing Sentinels.

Now, what order would this probably take place?

I can't help but think the sentinel killing spree is after all the mero stuff, and he's trying to get to the one member of the AI whose not completely dictated by preset instructions.

I'm guessing he requires the AI to recondition the matrix to create suitable environmental conditions for him to defeat smith for good, you see a machine plugging Neo into the matrix (those weird prongy things look like the machine that unplugged him in the first 1, not like the human pirate connections)

I still believe that the Architect and P had something to do with Neo being able to stop the sentinels, he can now feel them which was a new thing. There are 3 major revolution trailers right now, excluding the tv spots.

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