Reality part 2

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Ok since my other thread got locked, here what Ive got to say. The ammount of e-mails I recieved from that first topic was amazing, and in fact only 1 person who w-mailed me was a non-believer. The other people had stories to tell me of how they came to believe. The people who replied to the post gave you all impressions. In actual fact, I did not say the matrix movie was real, but that "The Matrix is real" Do you know what a matrix is? A virtual Landscape! You know when you are playing computer games, well the ground your character walks on, and all of the building etc... That is what a matrix is. People replying to the previous topic presumed I mean the movie "The Matrix" was real, and then said about agents etc... Well my belief is that we are in a matrix, there are no agents, there is no escape, there are flaws, as much as we exploit them, there will never be a way out. I believe the shock of finally realising you had excaped the matrix would probably kill you. Also, whoever tried to make people believe I was distributing trojans from my website, well no, I am not distibuting trojans, and just to make sure, that page is now an unaccessible part of the website, which has now been re-made to remove any trace of matrix-related matrial. If you want me to send you a copy of what was on the site, e-mai me, but make the subject Matrix or something similar. Also thank you to whoever said they searched the host and came up with a lot of information on mental hospitals. It is amazing people believe something like that and they do not blieve what I am saying. But tobe completely honest, I do not care what you make of what I say, I am not forcin my beliefs on anyone, beieve me if you want, dont believe me if you dont, your choice, we all have our own "free will" to decide what we want. I know it is hard to believe, I sometimes myself wonder if it actually is real, but I believe it is entirely possible, and it fits well into "reality."

The Omega
Krazz> WHy should we believe you? Extraordinary claims warrant extraordinary proof. Do you have any proof to offer?

Did I say you should believe me? Had you checked the website which I had running for around 6 months until someone told people you get infected by trojans if you visit (which was untrue) then you would see the facts right there. ok you post in some other forum somewhere that the matrix is real, and ignore all of the statements posted about you being crazy, but leave you mail adress,and see the response, because around 10-12 people mailed me with their beliefs and told me exactly what they know about the Matrix. I gurantee, if you had heared the things I heared, you would be a believer too.

oh god, just for the sake of conversation........It is in fact true that you have NO proof whatsoever. You sy there are flaws? then how wuld you;s not exactly that you have any comparison standards, do you?

Do you realise how silly you seem being so sure of yourself in a complete fictional field?
look around you, open your eyes...the world is complex enough fo everybody..and it IS real...untill someone prooves otherwise

Oh JEESUS!!!! Give me a break!!! what 10 years old (mentally)

Just for the sake of argument, can you defy gravity? Or is it only your brain that can do that.

Wether or not I can defy gravity is off topic, so is my mental age, you dont like this post, dont bother coming to read it then.

You DEXX seem so sure of yourself that I am wrong. As I keep saying aver and over and over, I dont care if you believe me or not, its my point of view, I am entitled to my own opinion, if you dont like it, I dont care. Also, you say I have no proof, well then, prove I have no proof if you are so sure. Also you say its all real until somone proves otherwise but as soon as I mention that it could be false, you close your mind, you dont believe, so if nobody believes, how is anyone going to prove it?

Dexx god. prove that you have no proof? how kinder garden is that line? roll eyes (sarcastic)
How can you say that you don't care if anyone belives you or not.....then why did you post it in the first place?

You DO NOT (or should not, in your case) start presuming the world is not real and proving the oposite, IT"S THE OTHER WAY AROUND. And you have NO proof....

Are you telling me that if noone belives, you can't proove it? we belive AFTER you proove it..i remember that's the way it goes wink
How could anyone belive such a silly idea....look how manipulative you are by the media. Just live your life and stop wasting yourself with this idea

Who the hell gave YOU all the answers? Ok so if you only believe after its been proven, prove the existance of God, prove atoms are the way we think, you can't, its a theory. Before we had the plum pudding theory, then we discovered it had to be incorrect and so we came up with a new theory. However unrealistic it may be, its a THEORY, so you keep your theory about a god who lives in the sky and we are all just super-intelligent mammals, and I will keep mine about being enslaved by machines, ok.

I can't proove the existance of god....nor did i trying to make anyone believe in His existance. But that Is a milleniums old belief and i'm not gonna argue with that. One believes in god if he so pleases. The atoms theories aren't just dreamed over night, it's all SCIENCE. Tey will be prooven (more than they are now) in the future. Scientist are rather skeptical about unprooven stuff, so they don't invent bullsh*t...

You rather believe you extremely 12 year old silly 'we're all machine victims' theory and go on with your life. No point in trying to convince you otherwise. You have to GROW UP eventully

well im not shoving my beliefs down your throat either, like i said, i coulnd give a shit if you believe or not. Also, yes I agree scientists try to prove ther theories, but scientists do not try to explain the things people tell me, the people e-mailing me with things they have seen or are able to do, scientist arent trying to provide theories for those, so ourselves look for an explanation, and whats the outcome? Alternate reality. Ok I do not believe machines hold us captive and feed on us, but I do believe something else is out there, its not just this, we all live on a big floating rock.

krazz, there's a not-so-subtle breakdown in your statements:

first, you say, "The Matrix is real." that's in the middle of your first post.
then, at the end of the post, you say, "I believe it is entirely possible."
now in your latest post you say, "However unrealistic it may be, its a THEORY."

wait a minute, krazz. if it's only a theory, how exactly do you claim to be able to prove it?

ok first of all, "the matrix is real" thats my theory, I did not say it is my theory because it had nothing to do with what I was saying, second, "It is entirely possible" well it must be, becuase I would not base a theory on something impossible and "however unrealistic it may be, its a theory" well thats kinda self explanatory now. My proof is the information given to me by people who believe, who have proof themselves. Let me say, people have messaged me saying they find they are able to slow time (not actually slow time, but it seems to slow to them in a situtation requiring thought) and also I myself have experienced his, although for me, time stopped completely for around 2 seconds, yet thoughs in my head contuned as normal. I have messages of extreme reaction times, within the .01 second barrier, also musing being played from the ground, and once the guy reached the ground the music was coming frmo, it came from somewhere else instead. thats just a few of the messages that were sent to me, so go on, prove them all wrong, and please,say something other that "i bet that was kids mesing around" somebody give me an explanation.

The explanation is that...the human senses are not infailible. It could have been an ilusion. Not..not could WAS. it's the ONLY explanation, and FAR more plausible, than droids guverning humans.
You mean to tell me that thos specifficaly designed optical ilusion drawings are in fact some sort of proof that the world is not for the time stopping...please. Don't go around the long way explaining it. You just might have been tired.
As for your you check their age? old are you anyway?

The Omega

ok I did not say atoms dont exist I said that the way we believe they look is a theory. Also I was not tired whatsoever at the timestop, It was midday, I had done nothing all day, nothing to tire me out, and as it was midday I had neither just woken up nor was i tired. Yes I do know the age of a lot of the e-mailers, the ones I know of are aged between 17 and 32. Ok so since all of the previous things I told you could all be summed up by telling me human senses are not infailable, explain this. Me and my friend were trying to see how far along a wall we could run, I got 2 steps along the side of a wall, and my friend took 5 steps. You try running 5 steps along the face of a wall, because if I hadnt seen it I would not believe it. Also Omega, the reason I claimed not to be insane was becuase if you go and check out the other string, everyone who replied (I believe there was a total of 112 replied, over 3000 views) every one of them said I was insane, 2 of them made up some stories about me giving out liks to mental hospitals or me sending them viruses etc... so the general attitude towards me was "hey its that crazy hacker who escaped from the mental home again."

The Omega

all i have to say is ur an idoit if the matrix movie never came out u would not have this idea just another example of movie and televion f ing the mind of todays kid U F$&%ING DUMB A$$ and as for 5 steps my friend took like 6 steps on a wall before it all has to do with motion speed and stregnth ur just an idoit i wave my bum in ur general direction

p.s reading this post has pissed me off u should b killed to make me happy
ps.s no one kill him cause legally i could get screwed

i love it how the matrix can effect peoples lives like Krazz honestly no offence Krazz but u must be like really stupid and have a very low IQ or have some mental problem.. seriously to actually belive a movie is real

I for one know that 99.9% of my brain believes that Krazz is on some serious acid. But the other 00.1% believes whatever it wants to believe. As said in Men in Black, Back in the 1600's everyone knew that the earth was flat and the center of the universe, everybody knew that we are the only intelligent species out here, imagine what you will know tomorrow. As said before anything is possible, I bet people in the 20's did'nt believe that we would send a rocket to the moon. No one would have guessed that U.S. and the former Soviet Union would start a plan to destroy Nuclear bombs. Nobody ever knew that machines would be accesible with the press of a button. Nobody believes that machines could develope A.I., is already in production.

Jesus, you guys are really close-minded.

Krazz i can see where you're coming from. People always jumped down my throat when i posted my beliefs.
But what you're touching on is like you said YOUR BELIEFS, and his are just as valid as anyone elses. You seem to all make fun of him for saying things like "atoms don't exist/might not exist" or you jump to the conclusion that what he and others experience are common things such as tiredness, BUT this is only your perception.

The whole philosophy of perception is what the matrix (the movie) deals with and this whole thread is a fine example of different perceptions. Krazz isn't crazy (in his mind/his perception) and i'm assuming to most of the other posters on this thread Krazz is crazy(in your minds/your perceptions) Well who's perception is correct? We don't know.

Science itself is another perception, nowadays many more people except sciences explanations for things rather than for example religious concepts. But hundreds and even thousands of years ago science was a joke, and was not accepted. People closed their minds to it, much like people do nowadays for things that aren't "scientifically proven." User Another_Smitty posted examples of this above.

So quit your arrogance and stop being to thick headed and solid in your own beliefs that you can't open your mind to things you never thought possible.

jesus people

Amen to that! I think we are all waiting for something, I don't know what but we are waiting, maybe for a sign, an omen or we are waiting to wait more again. Never count out a possibility, always agree but not a full 100% always consider the other route, and in life there are many routes, some detours, some dead ends. No one knows until its handed to you on a silver plate and then its too late. Never deny something even if it not plausible currently. People believed and they believed and they were'nt held back by the non-believers, and if it were'nt for the believers the human race would be still hunting with clubs and still eating raw meat. We can't explain everything like why do machines exist? Why were they made, well the simple answer is that "they do our work for us". Just look at the African slaves (I am not dissing the African-Americans) they were'nt very bright they knew nothing compared to the white men, infact they did everything that the white men told them to do. Then the african american slaves started to become more knowledgable about just actions and thoughts, and finally rebelled and won (thanks to the union) but again everything has a begining and a purpose, we do not know what the future holds and we do not know what the past held.

o yes someone comes in here and says we live in a matrix of our own o no hes not f%*ked in the head none what so ever serously. there r line to beliefs systems and crazy asss cults this kid cult just like those 2 kids in the south wit all those guuns were gonna kill everyone thinkin matrix was real and they were freedom fighter. this kid is just another dumb example of it and probally is gonna end up killing someone

ur right everyone dose has choice to believe what they want. but the choices we make. make what were r wether its good or bad, insane or crazy, true or not and im not gonna belive a damn lil kid who seen one to many movies.

Silentfaf, please learn some punctuation, your bad spelling and grammar hurts my poor insane little mind. I am not planning on Killing anyone, and also, unlike in the US, its practically impossible to even get hold of a weapon here. Also for the third time can I point out I did NOT say atoms don't exist I said that u know, the balls with the other balls spinnin round them, thats how we believe they look, well that IS a theory. Ok it is a very solid theory, but im sure it started off less solid than it is now. Also I would like to point out something someone posted in another string that people already believed that we live in a matrix, and they contacted the Watchowski(sp?) brothers because, as it is pointed out, our minds cannot make a mental connection to something it has not seen, for example if I say imagine you are now laying in a pod hooked up to a machine, then you would imagine a virtual you, in a virtual pod, because you have not seen it, so you cannot make a mental connection to it. So the people contacted the W. Brothers, and had a film made to inform people of the 'matrix' and it was a success, and also it caused a hell of a lot of people to begin to believe. Now, after watching other films I do not perhaps become a hitman, or want to join the army, so why did this film cause so many to believe? Perhaps because deep deep down we know it is true, and we do believe, but thanks to society we are told these thoughts are insane, so you close your mind to it. And some people did not close their minds, and started to search for evidence, as I did. Like smithy said, 99.99% of him thinks I am crazy, but 0.01% does not. If you expand on what that 0.01% tells you, if you would just look and not have such a negative attitude towards whatever you find, then you would see, you would realise that there are many who believe, and with valid reason. (just a side note, if you come across Dave Oshana, kill him, hes just a crazy priest!!)

i know i cant spell and punctuation in forums and i dont care beats the point but your still a idoit to me. u come off as very gullable lol ur never gonna get laid

Actually, no, these beliefs aren't valid and I tire of the idea that such ridiculous views should be given 'equality' with everyone elses, nor should anyone be called closed-minded for rejecting the idiotic- that is merely the process of the rational mind. 113- calm the heck down.

And incidentally, Krazz, you are talking with great ignorance about causal connection. The film would NOT provide a causal connection to any outside reality- it would still be the same virtual pods that people woul only be able to imagine in any case. Only be ACTUALLY being freed and seeing the ACTUAL pods could a proper causal connection be made. Making a film about it is no different to simply telling people about it. Do your research right in future (or, seeing as you got that from the Matrix website, simply read that more carefully). People often get their Putnam all wrong; it really is a very simple point- until you actually experience something you cannot truly refer to it in your brain when speaking of it. A film is NOT actual experience! The entire point of that article was that it did not matter how much Morpheus TELLS Neo he is just a human in a pod, Neo woulds be unable to conceive the ACTUAL pod until he is freed because before then, having lived his while life in a virtual world, all objects he imagines would actually be virtual ones. Whoich is WHY Morpheus says "No-one can be TOLD what the Matrix is." You are saying the Brothers are telling people what it is- but by their own script and beliefs, that is something they COULD NOT DO even if your idea was true which, of course, it is not. And this would not even make any difference. Neo might not be able to make a causal connection to a real-life pod. But so what? He could still understand the concept that he was a prisoner. The virtual pods he imagines would be utterly the same as the REAL pods except that on some abstract, objective level they wouldn't actually be real. It makes no difference at all! So even your invoking of Putnam's theories are utterly irrelevant.

Sorry, just that people abusing Putnam really annoys me.

Closing. Do NOT open a topic on this ridiculous subject again. I do not care about your site or whatever mails you have recevied, they are irrelevant to this place, and this debate is a pointless dead end.

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