Neo is causing the cataclysmic system crash of the Matrix

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The Omega

Listen to the Smith Interrogation Scene (with Morpheus Captured) very carefully smile But for something even more cool, watch the scene where Smith captures Morpheus (in the bathroom of the run down building) and watch closely when the police come in to beat the shit out of him smile

Not to mention, listen to Smith and Morpheus in the bathroom scene mentioned above and what they say smile

You may not think it relevant, but it is, very smile

Man Sifer you make these exciting times. Now I have to see it again, can you believe I dont own it? Ugh.

Are you on to something here? It better be interesting re-viewing these scenes.

Interesting, my jaw was on the ****in' floor when I rewatched the Matrix for the 1st time after seeing Reloaded. Not just on them scenes - all of them. I urge you to re-watch The Matrix, go buy it, and marvel in something amazing. (Yes, more amazing than when you first watched it big grin)

Oh, the reason I never point anything out directly is because I think it more enjoyable to learn for yourself. I would rather people put clues in their posts instead of blurting it out - I find it challenging and fun big grin

The Omega
Sifer> Well, some of us (like me) don't have the time to sit down and re-watch the Matrix on a note.
Does your "discoveries" have anything to do with my original post in this thread?

But you have time to come and visit these boards, read and reply?

It isn't much to watch a few scenes from one film is it?

But the thing is, you can't really be told what happens, you have to see it for yourself smile

The Omega
Sure I have time to come here and talk to people.

I guess I'll just have to assume you think the scenes in question have some bearing, but you're not exactly sure what it is? shifty

actually this kinda obvious since neo "chose" not to fulfill the purpose of the one. ever had a computer crash on you? what do you need? the OS, without it, the computer's useless.

The Omega

No, I do know what is in the scene what they represent (in a few ways - there's probably more) - but the question is, do you? smile

"And who are you?"

If Smith is just a virus, then Neo should be able to get rid of him quick!! Wasn't he supposed to be a skilled hacker that fullfilled the qualifications of "The One"?? And the bathroom scene.....what r u picking upon? That Morpheus says "u all look the same to me"??? Smith DOES refer to humans as a virus in his interrogation to Morpheus... According to u, what does that mean? I always thought he was just mocking humans and degrading us to the level of a biological virus....R u suggesting there's more??

The Omega

I just worked something out. The Oracle said

"You've already made the choice now you need to understand why"

Now what if she wasn't talking about him saving Morpheus and therefore leading to him being stuck in the Matrix and becoming the One. What if she was talking about him choosing the door to the Matrix causing the catacalmismic system falure. He chose it when he killed Smith.

what you just worked out is what i thought she meant in the first place confused

oh, I thought I'ld done really well at figuring that out. sad

It sounds plausable, but don't forget that Smith is HUMAN (a virus as he put it is human).

The Omega

Omega is right about one thing, Smith isn't human just becuase he is a virus. I do think that Morpheus saying "Fate, it seems, is not without a sence of irony," which he says in The Matrix 1, is demonstated through the whole movie of Reloaded, which more importantly dealing with Smith saying that the human race is like a virus and multiplies. I also think that by The Oracle saying that Neo has made a believer out of her doesn't just have to with Neo chosing the door that will lead him to the matrix and thereby saving Trinity, i think she also instills hope in Neo that he can do what he is meat to do. I think that uphelds the most importants. But, "Another_Smithy," i understand your point of view so you don't have to feel alone on what you said.

Smith isn't a virus, he's a renegade program. He chose to become renegade rather than face deletion.

Neo is a program too, he is told as much. I think we're going to see in the third movie that everyone is still plugged into the next level of the Matrix. That is what I'm expecting.

kevinbullock, have you even seen Reloaded? smile better watch it again, my friend.

aaaaaaaaaaaaah, can' t follow anymore
this is becoming complicated, no it IS complicated
will have to watch them again

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