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Isn't Morpheus an interesting character? I think he is probably one of the most interesting out of all of them due to a few theories me and my friends have come up with in the last few weeks. Now, I have been watching and re-watching both films since Reloaded was released and have noticed so many things it would take me hours upon hours to put them all down. But Morpheus is one of the characters who sticks out!

I am NOT going to tell you what I am thinking, instead I am going to guide you smile You will be more appreciative if you work it out yourself. Also, I don't claim that any of this is true, but evidence thus far is supportive of it.

It begins:

Firstly, you must ask who Morpheus was in Greek Mythology? Not just his title, but what he did and what he was "best" at smile

Colours, also another interesting topic concerning Morpheus. What clothes does Morpheus wear? What Colours? What kind of jewellry does he wear (not necessarily flashy or obvious smile)?

Then we have his glasses - It's quite interesting that his are the only glasses in the film which constantly reflect what is happening around.

Then we have the way he speaks...

The things he say's (both in and out of the Matrix).

The things he does within the Matrix...

Here are just a few things to start you go re-watch the films and see what you can come up with big grin

Im interested, but is this stuff the kind of things the average matrix guy will pick up on, because, I dont anything about Morpheus in Greek Mythos.

oy! (and again oy!) Why don't you just say it? I like to learn things for myself. but what would happen if Einstei said " I have this great new theory about reletivity, but you figure it out for yourself!"

I like that he's leaving hints. YOU kind of remind me of Morpheus.

BTW, Morph is my favorite character. To me he's the only one with a real part in the movie. Everyone else is just like pupets or reactors. Players. Morpheus has a part to play, only he is well more in the center of everything compared to anyone else. Though he can't fly he is the most interesting character to me.


Morpheus was the god of dreams in Greek mythology.

King Sleep was father of a thousand sons -
indeed a tribe - and of them all, the one
he chose was Morpheus, who had such skill
in miming any human form at will.
No other Dream can match his artistry
in counterfeiting men: their voice, their gait,
their face - their moods; and, too, he imitates
their dress precisely and the words they use
most frequently. But he mimes only men..."

Ovid therefore suggests that Morpheus only sends images of humans in dreams or visions, while his brothers Phobetor and Phantasos are in charge of depicting dream images of animals and inanimate objects. Together these three sons of Sleep - Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantasos - rule the realm of dreams.

I also noticed morpheus wearing green in part 2, perhaps they're trying to say he's a chameleon.

But really I hope this is'nt all one big dream.

He also wears green in the first film (as does someone else in a certain all white room).

Hrmmm but I wonder, who ELSE wears green....

Your baking my noodle, and that's only because my real pc is broken and am unable to watch my preacious part one.

But I dono, im figurin, Smith was in Green, I pretty much remember Thomas wearing a White shirt which they pulled off in that room.

Dont Some agents wear Green? Im not Sure who ELSE off the Bat.

Please dont tell me your figuring Morpheus to be ...AAHH my brain just exploded. But tell me your not placing him on the bad side.

Well I did notice that him and Smith Talk the WEIRDEST in both movies, both have very distict prenunciation.

I also wondered why Morpheus jumped so hi in the Jump Program in part 1, and had more difficulty in the real matrix.

The Agents' suits have a tint of Green as does Smiths in the first film. But in Reloaded, Smiths suit is Black.

There is someone else who wears green smile

Oh and on the Agents/Green thing try the "jewellry" thing as well - not just limiting it to the Agents smile

So what r u trying to say here? That Morpheus is making Neo dream it all, and he is actually the master mind behind all of this?? Please explain urself bcuz I don't get just doesn't make sense to me......I like it straight to the point and not vague!!!!

urgh..too many theories on who's behind it.. head.. explode.. NOW

Nope, I am not saying Morpheus is making Neo dream it all. Not in the slightest smile

Why is it that only certain people wear Green?

Or why is it that only certain people wear (Don't read if you want to notice it for yourself)Tie Pins

Keep going, the answers are coming.

sifer.. you smell :-p lol, share what you think or KNOW

Yeh come on buddy, please tell us.

The Don Won
What if?

King Sleep(the Architect) was father of a thousand sons (humans in a sem-conciuos state ie sleep within the pods, locked within the matrix)
indeed a tribe - and of them all, the one
he chose was Morpheus, who had such skill
in miming any human form at will.
No other Dream can match his artistry
in counterfeiting men: their voice, their gait,
their face - their moods; and, too, he imitates
their dress precisely and the words they use
most frequently. But he mimes only men..."

So could this mean that Morpheous is the son of the Architect? What then would be the purpose of unlocking him first? And what exactly would these certain skills of his be needed for?

Does human emmotion produce a greater energy source? to fuel the matrix, perhaps? Sifer could Morpheous be controlling the dreams of the humans after all? to make the battery more efficient?

just a thought!

agents wear tie pins . . . that's about all i can think of right now, without going to watch my copy of the matrix.

did the oracle wear any green?

it would seem that you're putting us on a path that leads to morpheus being a program of some sort. but if that's what you're suggesting, how is that possible in the real world?

also, you mention that his glasses reflect what is happening . . . suggesting he's a watcher-type figure? like the architect?

Nick: How is it possible for Smith to take over Banes body?

Trinity: Niobe used to be with Morpheus, now she's with Lock.
Neo: What happened?
Trinity: Morpheus went to see the Oracle, then everything changed.
Neo: Yeah, she can do that!

Wait, if Agents are there to prevent people from realising the truth in the matrix, and as of what you seem to be hinting at are you saying that Morpheus is some sort of person to prevent the humans from realising the truth, I've yet to figure that out, about the real world. It's the best I can come up with at the mo, I'll come back when I've had some sleep and thought about it some more.


dont ask he how i came to have found this, im not religious or anythin...

The revelation of Jesus Christ, which God gave him to show his servants what must soon take place. He made it known by sending his angel to his servant John, (morpheus?) who testifies to everything he saw--that is, the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.

about neo, the keymaker and mero:
I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

about the souce and architect and another relavence of 24:
After this I looked, and there before me was a door standing open in heaven. And the voice I had first heard speaking to me like a trumpet said, "Come up here, and I will show you what must take place after this." . At once I was in the Spirit, and there before me was a throne in heaven with someone sitting on it. And the one who sat there had the appearance of jasper and carnelian. A rainbow, resembling an emerald, encircled the throne. Surrounding the throne were twenty-four other thrones, and seated on them were twenty-four elders - (23 new inhabitants of zion + the 1)

but smith is in the matrix because he is inhabiting a host body. a program has no body. if morpheus is a program, it is only if he is inside someone else's body. so let's say morpheus current body is that of a host, with morpheus being the program brain. how did he get the body? whose body is it?

It seems to me theprophecy123 is on the right track, and im wondering whether you could look ahead man and find the finale....Just a thought

Lets just say that Morpheus is a program. The clues are all there. All programs of the system have a green tint on their clothes within the Matrix, we see that when Smith has been freed he looses this green tint and has a black suit. You can notice the difference between the freed Smith and an agent of the system in the shot where Smith turns the agent into himself and they are stood next to each other in Reloaded. Morpheus is the only "good" guy who has any green on his clothes within the Matrix.
Also take the way he talks no other human talks like yoda. He speaks clearly and concisely and perfectly just like a program. I believe that Morpheus was a freed human but not as we know him today. As Sifer quoted from the Movie he went to see the oracle and then changed. I propose that when he went to see the oracle he was changed somehow by a program of the Architects making and he is currently inhabited by a program hence why he changed. Now before you start slinging insults at me cos we all love Morpheus, think about what the Oracle says to Neo: "the programs that are doing their jobs are invisible..."

So I've established how I believe that Morpeus became a program now I'll tell you why. Think about it its another level of control. The unconscious choice and Zion and all the freed humans is all another level of control by the machines, we establish this from the Reloaded Architect scene. But would there not be a necessity for a program to find the anomaly and make sure he does his job and get back to the source, I mean Morpheus practically threw Neo through the door to the Architct. He is also the one that is constantly arguing that the prophecy is right and trying to make as many believers as possible, exactly what the machines want. He believes in everything the Oracle says and without him the rest of the humans especially Neo would have seen through the Oracles bullshit. Morpheus plays a key role in making the Architects plan work. Everything he does in both movies helps Neo get closer to the source. It all makes sense. Also in the first movie when the agents have Morpheus trapped in the building the serum doesn't work on him, the agent actually says "why isn't it working?" because he doesn't have a human mind perhaps? I think this is what Sifer is getting at. What do you think?


Indeed m8. Another point:

"Morpheus, we're lost without him."

smile Happy Thinking big grin

And we know that he could be a program as programs can leave the matrix eg. Smith

aaww **** i give up wdf is goin on

good pickup, sirius. kudos.

makes sense to me.

I still dont think its likely. Morpheus didnt throw neo through the door....neo flew them both throught it...


I dont think morpheus is a program, but perhaps he had been given extra powers within the matrix. He could have reiceved powers from the oracle..OR...maybe he really IS the oracle...have they ever been in the same room at the same time?? no...

His glasses reflect, so maybe he can see things much like the oracle....and perhaps this is how he found Neo, Trinity, and the others within the matrix.

He was the first one to find the oracle?? who's to say she ever existed before Morpheus brought her up?

Of course he is not a programme- his physical appearance is the same as his self image. If he was a programme inhabiting the human Morpheus his RSI would look different. Smith still looked like Smith in the Matrix after taking over Bane.

Switch and Apoc before they were free, looked totally different to what they did in Matrix 1. ie they did not resemble themselves. Your point does not prove a thing - brainwashed - or could be a program to look like the host.

So what else are you getting at here Sifer that you're not telling us?

Ridiculously speculative, Sifer. You have no evidence that such a thing exists and it is completely against the grain of everything the film tells us.

We KNOW there is a human Morpheus, the only way he can be a preogramme is if one inhabited him, as far as we know only Smith can do it and as far as we know when that is done your RSI becomes that of the inhabiting programme. Those are the facts.

thats why i like the idea of him having "extra' powers in the matrix that helps him..also makes him different from the otehrs.

Morpheus is "legendary" and has stood up to agents like no other human. The serum did not work on him like it should have... Which leads me to believe that he was REPROGRAMMED some how, or maybe even upgraded.

Which leads me to believe there may be two leagues of machines, one's for a union with the humans, one's with the attitude that humans should remain as slaves.

Originally machines wanted peace. Then they turned us into slaves. There had to be some machine taking over since "What do all men want with power... more power."

Maybe they are using us to help them fight their war, the good programs.

He didn't have to be taken over by a program, just given more sight, more powers, more brainwashed?

the ONLY way morpheus could be a program is if the entrie movie supports MWAM theory, then its possible, but thats it.

How do you know that they didn't make the program they put in Morpheus resemble the original host's RSI... I mean, morpheus, the god in mythology, could make himself look like any man....

What about that, dryden?

-if he were morpheus from the start...who's to say he is now then since he was "reprogrammed".

-If he is a program from the start, then yes like i said its possible.

"Which leads me to believe there may be two leagues of machines, one's for a union with the humans, one's with the attitude that humans should remain as slaves."

I assume you mean program and not machine...

so is Morpheus two programs? one for the real world and one for the matrix?

If he is a program, whats the point of having the human body?

if he took over morpheus body, then he must not be "morpheus"...since that would be the human.

I just do think it would be this way, unless like I said in a different post, that perhaps Morpheus is the oracle...or has powers like the oracle.

Im rambling...i dont know... <HEAD EXPLODE>

I would like to see what would happen if they jack Bane/Smith in. now that he has seen his self in the real world could he project a RSI of bane?

Well, I mean programs, since ultimately AI would have to be some type of learning thinking program, even if it's programmed or embedded into a machine.

No, morpheus could just be the essence of his original self, the Programs then tweaked and added a little extra to him, similar to what happened to bane, but using his original essence translated to program code (with addtion code), so they could use him to convince humans of what's going on and what needs to happen.

he could still be human, because Bane is human, just with extra lines of code from the programs of the matrix that were translated back to his brain matter/essence.

The brain works almost just like a CPU with integrated memory. Just extreme amounts of it. Your spinal cord is it's Front side bus.

Speculation my arse Ush. Listen to the lines, watch what happens and you will see the pattern. Why does Morpheus always take his glasses off when facing an Agent? Laurence Fishburne ALWAYS answers that question in interviews and he does so without prompt - could he be hiding something?

Oh, let me see: I thought Neo was carrying code AND his consciousness has been altered but he still has the same RSI...hrmmm. Also if you are claiming that Apoc and Switch appearances thing is speculation, think again - straight from Keanu's mouth.

Believe me, there is more, but answer me this?

Why is it that Morpheus is the ONLY human to wear a tie-pin AND wear green? Now, he also wears purple (Purple Heart = Good Human etc) and Green = Well... smile Back to Tie-Pins/Clips, who else wears them?

I watched part 2 last night, and it seems that Morph's outfit has that tint of green like the agents, even standing next to Neo and Trin, who have all black on, he's shaded green. Agents shaded green, Smith all black.

Weird. I gotta look at part one now.

Look at his Tie...Green Tie smile

Yeah, it's really green... And the thing about the glasses, Morph is the only one with glass that have the reflective tint, while everyone elses are completely black.

Seems fishy. That would be a nice twist, Morpheus being a figurehead leader put in by the machines.

Might be another reason why the commander doesn't like him. Morpheus seems fishy to him.

Then the part after the party when Zion shut the lights off, Morpheus says .... "Sweet Dreams."

big grin

BUT MORPHEUS LOVES NIOBE!!! ...i'm sorry, but i can't stand it if my beloved leader Morpheus is really a machine...too much to handle

He does have to be machine, but he could be somehow patched by machines to follow their directives. Not reprogrammed in the way that Smith gets down, but just given a few priorities.

That way he could still love.

I'm not sure if AI can love or not... I mean AI can make decisions, but does AI get jealous and emotional? I guess so since B166ER didn't want to die.

i was gona say something.. i forgot now... oh well
can someone explain the apoc/switch thing?

Andy Dick: Hey Morpheus! What can we expect at this orgy?

Morpheus: MACHINES!


Sean: "Sounds kinda kinky..."

isnt that the mtv parody?

yes, it is hilarious, me and Korri have done it a few times...

"you won't let it ..."
"You haven't answered "
"You do NOT want to see me get out of this chair. Ergo open your yapper one more time, and i'm gonna architect, a world of pain all over your candyass. ERGO, VIS A VIS, CONCORDANTLY!!!"

"what if i cant, what if i fail?"
"its just the robot, lighten up!"


"if i were you, i would hope we dont meet again"
"JUST SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

C'mon Sifer talk. Will you ever tell us?

When in the movies does it say Morpheus loved or loves Niobe? Hrmmm...quite funny, I can't recall it being said anywhere.

"Hope: It is the quintissential human delusion..."

"I do not believe it to be a matter of hope counciller, only a matter of time"

dum di dum....keep em comin smile

SIfer, UNLESS, either the "real world" is a matrix, OR the machines have created a cyborg that is very MUCH HUMAN, then Morpheus is in NO WAY A MACHINE!!!!


"Who are you?"
"Look past the flesh, and see you enemy"
"That's impossible"

Also, did I say he was a machine? No.

From Matrix Revisited:

"I give you the finger, and you give me, the Finder"

ok, so what are you saying?the ony way Morpheus could be a program uploaded into the body of original Morpheus, is if the machines are keeping his body alive, for some reason, AND they created the shell of morpheus to look like the morpheus-original body...possible, but then wouldn't Neo be able to tell that Morpheus is not who he says he is, if he can see the truth about Bane...?

Neo does actually mention something smile

Trinity: "Morpheus went to see the Oracle, since then, everything changed"
Neo: "Yeah, She can do that."

The Omega

To add: I am not saying that Morpheus is completely a "program"...

The Omega

We also have this:

"Morpheus, without him, we're lost."

Omega: Yes he does say that and he says it in a few other interviews WITHOUT prompt - he just comes out with it - is he hiding something? Why would he come out with something so blatant considering that everything else he and the other cast say are in riddles and clues...just a thought smile

I didn't think that was Neo who said that, but Trinity. Either way, I don't think Morpheus is a program. Neo would see that. (Although I do recognize that there is evidence to support the theory.)

Could he have an ulterior motive? That is certainly possible. Maybe the Oracle told him that if he wants Niobe, he must first get the One to fulfill his destiny. Otherwise, anything he does will end with him losing her.

Also, try and think of the Syrum not turning him into anything, but why the hell wasn't it working? I was thinking more along the lines of what SiriusBlackRIP said a few pages back (Sirius -> holla dawg) when I started this thread smile

Morpheus could be a "double agent" (punt intended) But why does he fight the Agent's, why does Agent Johnson nearly kill him on the trailer? Now for some things that suppor you Sifer. Look at Morp's fighting style, if I did'nt know better some moves resemble an Agent's, like that Flying Eagle Knee Drop thing, only Trin uses that aside from Smith (who was an agent) and I believe I have seen that by another agent too but not too sure. He talks like a machine definately, he also has'nt "filled" the other positions on the Neb (not that it matters anymore), maybe so no one could interfere in his plans! How did he find Neo? How did he know every move Smith, Brown and Jones made in the Metacortex building? Who knows, when he says "He fights for us" in Revolutions maybe he could mean Smith or Neo who "betrayed" the machines earlier.

tshirt: I should have put names next to lines...Trinity say's the first line with Neo saying the 2nd smile

Also - When it shows Agents in Matrix code, they look like humans (courtesy of the woman in Mero's restaurant and Trinity snuffing it). Not to mention that Neo has only ever known Morpheus in the state he is now - He never knew him before he went to see the Oracle (Morpheus).

I never said Morph was a program... It's like, a patch. You are a certain person and I want to change some characteristics without totally changing you and I do that with a patch...

Morpheus Service Pack 1 if you will. When he saw the Oracle he changed....

But, when Trinity says he changed when he saw the oracle, that could me that his priorities changed. She told him that he would find the ONE and that was all he was concerned with, so NIOBE was tired of being treated as 2nd priority for Morph and she left him.... hmmmmm.

Well, whatever the case, Morpheus sure does move a lot faster when fighting Neo than he does when fighting the agents.

It's like he knows NEO's every move and the Agents just whoop his ass.

Like Seraph who adapts his speed and fighting style to the opponent. Maybe Morph is the previous "One".

Morpheus being a program is a nice theory. You could certainly construe some of the films to support it. One thing you would have to believe is the MWAM theory. This is because Morpheus has a physical body that we have seen several times. Only in a MWAM could the body be fake.

While people could argue that the program lives outside the Matrix like the Smith program, the movies have hinted at the fact that Smith is a new advancement. Past programs, and in fact it doesn't seem any program other than Smith can download into a person.

Kung-Fu? Flying a chopper? The Anomaly?

tshirt, the RSI included in the program could have been modeled after the person that originally inhabited morpheus.

that would be Morpheus, Trinity, and Neo, respectively...

Possibly... wink

Not sure if we understand each other.

My thought is that in the Matrix it is simple for him to exist as he is a program just like the Agents, the Oracle, etc.

Outside of the Matrix. In the real world (on the Nebachenzzer, in Zion, etc.) he is a real person. We and others see him. For this to be an RSI, then the "Real World" would be another Matrix. This I do not subscribe to.

As I have said - he could have been brainwashed in a sense - only partially tampered with. He is always putting off human emotions:

"I do not believe it to be a matter of hope..."
"Let it all go, fear, hope.." (Can't remember the exact line - It's late)
He all of a sudden stopped being with Niobe after seeing the Oracle

Then we have:

He takes his glasses off when fighting agents
He has a tie pin (ONLY computer programs have these in both films)
Why are his glasses the ONLY ones which reflect everything and have a metallic polish?
His tie is green but his suit is purple (Lot's of purple with only a bit of green). Now you could say for example "The Purple Heart" - A medal awarded for reasons relating to achievment or courage or bravery etc (relating to humans). We all know what green means smile

There are countless more examples but I'm too tired to list anymore. But one more important one:

Why the hell does he talk the way he does, and why is it he seems to use words precisely as the Architect does?

His Zion Temple speech is awfully robotic isn't it?

Morpheus is going to die in REVOLUTIONS ... i think

i was thinking morpehous might.. because before he was always willing to die for neo.. or for the prophecy for that matter... but i think in revolutions he is more concerned with helping zion because neo has shattered his dreams of the prophecy... we also see him with niobe on a ship together.. im guessing an old booty call is reunited and morph does NOT die in this film.. but if he does it better be one hell of a tight death becuase morph is the most bad ass character of all

in revolutions he is in the same room as her... sorry but he aint the oracle thats for sure

Just to point out, I don't think the green tie bit is valid.

The white guy who 'greets' Smith at the door in the beginning of Reloaded has a green checkered tie on on.

Just thought I'd point that out.

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