Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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I have read the plot and some of the script and i can say this one looks GREAT, and i think this one just might get Jim carrey the oscar he deserves. rest of the cast includes Jim Carrey, Kate Winslet, Kirsten Dunst, Tom Wilkinson, Elijah Wood and the Director Michel Gondry


Joel (Jim Carrey) is stunned to discover that his girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) has had her memories of their tumultuous relationship erased. Out of desperation, he contacts the inventor of the process, Dr. Howard Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson), to have Clementine removed from his own memory. But as Joel's memories progressively disappear, he begins to rediscover their earlier passion. From deep within the recesses of his brain, Joel attempts to escape the procedure. As Dr. Mierzwiak and his crew (Kirsten Dunst, Mark Ruffalo, Elijah Wood) chase him through the maze of his memories, it's clear that Joel just can't get her out of his head.

This sounds pretty good, I be looking out for it for sure.

Donald Kaufman
hi everbody!
I'm new to this Forum, lookin for some people that know about movies.

Donald Kaufman
anyone seen trailer? looks good
Charlie Kaufman's new one

Donald Kaufman
Anyone familiar wit Kaufman?

I know he wrote "Being John Malkovich", but aside from that..nothing major. I saw the trailer for this one though, looks veeerrrrrrryyyy interesting.

Donald Kaufman
whoa there CinemaAddiction!
U never saw Adaptation?
Awesome Movie! geek

Friend of mine told me about it today, as a matter of fact. I got it confused with Evolution at first. May have to look into it, now that i have 2 recommendations.

Donald Kaufman
its got Your boy Nick Cage in it too, U should check it out. It's one of my favorites!
then see E.S.O.T.S.M. next month!!

the movie looks promising...

Adaptation is interesting but its almost got no point to it. But if Eternal Sunshine is written by the same guy then I have to see it (plus I like Jim Carrey). Being John Malcovich was so great as well.

I might see it...I didn't really enjoy Adaptation.

Donald Kaufman
Adaptation works on so many levels: The Orchid Guy Laroche is a real person, The book is real, and aspects of Nick Cages Kaufman character are real too. But wound into a purely fictional story.
Now it's not a "Legally Blonde", but all movies can't be!!

Is that the film with the tagline 'not all surgurey is ment to cure'

steely balls
I love jim carrey i would see this movie no matter what. but this movie would be just as appealing even if jim wasn't in it.

ive seen the trailer twice (before big fish+lost in translation)

i didnt realise it was kaufman but that will encourage me to watch it.

trailer reminded me of some themes from total recall/vanilla sky.

Almost? Try not at all. Me and Ms. Addicition sat down to watch this this afternoon. Naturally, I fell asleep 1/2 way into it, and she just bust in here asking who the hell recommended it, lol.

Boring, pointless movie, that incited nothing but confusion and malice towards the main character for being so paranoid and lethargic.

I want my $1 and my 2 hours back.

**** it, I'm going to watch "House". Another reommendation I hope doesn't disappoint me.

i cant wait. ive been looking foward to it for months, and seeing the trailer made it my favorite movie i havent seen. anyone here agree?

WHAT? "Boring, pointless movie, that incited nothing but confusion and malice towards the main character for being so paranoid and lethargic."?????? ITS NONE OF THOSE, WHAT IT IS IS A TRICK ON THE AUDIENCE, AND DONT BE INSULTING A MOVIE PUBLICALLY THAT YOU SLEPT THROUGH. SEE THE ENTIRE MOVIE FIRST.

Dont use caps lock.

" A trick on the audience..". Trick them into thinking that it's a good movie? There's no tricks here. Everyone knows that Nick Cage is playing both Kauffman brothers.

I'm not the only one that didn't like this movie, trust me. They probably have worse things to say that I.

im not talking about the effects. im talking that the end of the movie breaks all the conventional rules of screenwriting. the end is against the forulas in books. it ends with how the teacher says never to end a screenplay, with whats called a deus ex machina. its when the characters die and the plot results from somthing totally random, having nothing to do with the rest of the movie. and dont complain if you havent seen the whole film. st

Hey, how about you call me "stupid" one more time? I don't think you've conveyed your true feelings for me. wink

I love beatniks who crap out these "thinking persons" movies, then have their legions that come to the rescue when people exploit it's flaws.

Basically, what you told me is that the end doesn't justify the means, and that he broke protocol and made a totally unrelated end to the movie to appease those people that "think outside of the box".

I loathe "thinking" movies. Movies are for entertainment, and I shouldn't have to drop acid to "get them".

Movies are suppose to be art blink
Well maybe not american movies.

so what your aying is all movies should just be some cheap light entertainment. what your implying is that any movie that you have to think about, should be persecuted for bieng tough. so screw american beauty, pulp fiction, mystic river, american splendor, run lola run, blow out, the searchers, raging bull, millers crossing, fight club, rio bravo, gods and monsters and heavenly creatureds?

and all movies should be monsters and kung fu? i couldent dissagre with you more.

Wasting your breath. What I am saying is that movies that try to be "original" by doing whole "deus ex machina" deal are anything but that, and their attempt at being clever is lost in the conflict of the movies story.

this movie looks cool

hey! there's a great trailer for eternal sunshine of the spotless mind @ ! is anybody else anxious to see this movie???

max kronister
Jim Carey looks pretty funny in that in the little trailer I saw on TV
Is this trailer any better???

umm...i haven't seen this one on tv yet, so i think it's new!

max kronister
Cabellera - are you there???

yes. i am online now. why? because of the quick responses?

max kronister
OK, there you are---
That's kind of a strange title for a movie isn't it???
What does it really mean, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind???

i think the movie is about a guy who has his bad memories erased. but, yeah it is different....

max kronister
Now, where do I go??? - Is that it?? smile smile

yeah. smile it's under the entertainment section of the site with a bunch of other trailers!

do you like Charlie Kaufman? he wrote it. he also wrote Adaptation and Being John Malkovich and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

max kronister
OK - I'll try to find it. Thanks, Adios Muchasos Hasta La Vista rock

no prob... enjoy smile

posting that link again???? is a good trailer, tho. maybe i'm just jealous i don't have a thing that i keep posting....

i didn't think i was being redundant....just excited for the movie!

sorry if that came out too! i'm gonna check out the trailer....

no prob at all. are YOU a Kaufman fan?

I saw it. It's great. Check out the trailerhere Jim Carrey does an incredible job and so does Kate Winslet. Wait, everyone does. I love Charlie Kaufman. He's such a talented writer.

There's already been 3 threads on the same movie, including one you started yourself.

idk about kate winslet, wasnt she in titanic? it seems like this is a reeeeally different kind of role for her.

we know jim's up for anything, AND we know he'll do it right.

and all i can say is if this movie's got elijah wood in it, im so definately gonna frickin see it!

mmm, elijah. ninja

This was a great movie. Very very interesting.

I'm not usually into romantic movies but this one was really beautiful in the way he realised he didn't want to lose an important part of his life like that and even though he lost the battle against the memory loss they still meet up in the end and fall in love all over again. I usually hate the destiny business but this was really sweet, like in What Dreams May Come when they die, reincarnate together and fall in love again. I think I've watched too many movies where's tons of self sacrifice and tragedy involved which is why this one appeals to me lol, the idea that even though circumstances may be bad they'll always find each other in this life or another (symbolic for after they lose their memories) Anyway, enough of the sappiness stick out tongue

Very familiar. I love him. The only one i haven't seen is Human Nature. Have you seen it? If so, how is it? P.S. love your user name.

Yeah, Kate Winslet was in Titanic but don't judge her from that. She's great in ESOTSM and if you've ever seen Heavenly Creatures, she's amazing in that as well. She's actually a very versatile actress.

I can't believe you think Adaptation has no point. It's a giant critique of Hollywood blockbusters woven straight into the structure of the film. There are a thousand other points too, but I don't want to spoil the film for others because I'll have to give specific examples AND it'll take too long.

I realize this is an old convo but i'm right with you, foxota. You're so right. The end of the movie is brilliant. In fact the whole movie is brilliant but that discussion has come and gone.

Sorry I'm writing so much everyone! But anyway, i saw the movie since we talked so the title of the film has to do with something that's said in the movie. I don't want to give it away but it's in there and it'll make sense when you see it.

I recently viewed this movie and enjoyed it very much, especially the acting. Jim Carey and Kate Winslet had not formerly been two of my favorites, but their performances in this movie were exceptional examples of performing artistry. Now I have been able to find a synopsis of this movie, a critique of the film script, reactions by viewers, and other gerneral information about this movie, but I have not been able to find a discussion of the details relating to the story line. Of course its sci-fi quality adds a mysterious element and requires a great deal of creativity from the producer. Here is my main question. It seemed to me that there were THREE initial meetings of the couple outlined in the film. Once they met on a beach at a party, once they met on a train going out to (or returning from?) Long Island, and once they met at a library (post memory erasure). Perhaps I missed something here, but why were there TWO different pre-relationship meetings depicted?
Also, when Clemetine was present in the process of going through his memories (and he even had the ability to bring her into memories in order to hide in memories) where she had not actually participated, How was she present? Was it all his subconscious mind? In fact, do you believe different levels of his mental abilities were being displayed all at the same time? I would like to hear anyone's comments on these subjects. Thank you.

wow! i didn't think about these things until you brought them up... when they meet in the bookstore (at least in the screenplay) joel hasn't been erased yet, but clementine has. when they meet on the train, they've both been erased. when they meet on the beach, they've actually never met before. smile

is it funny??
if jim's in it then it has 2 b funny right?

Mr Zero

Mr Zero
From what I remember...

Spoiler warning anyone? : The structure of the film is laid out to make you think that the first meeting we are shown in the movie is the actual first meeting - a flashback to a happier time pre-brain wipe.

The first indication that this isn't the case is when it's mentioned (by david cross ?) that they met at a beach picnic with friends. It's at that point that (if you are paying attention) you should be able to work out that they will get together again after the wipe.

So when we eventually see the memory of them meeting on the beach (at the picnic) that is in fact the first time they met - and the fact that they both return to the beach post-memory wipe indicates that they both are drawn there by some sort of residual feelings of loss and love.

The "Third meeting" you mention is - I think - a constructed scenario in Joels head rather than a memory of a specific event, but you would have to be a little more specific about which scene you mean.

It's more off-beat than traditionally funny.

Fan of LOTR
When does this come out on DVD?

September 28. yay!

Rented it.
Great movie, amazing directing and top notch acting from everyone.

Very original script.
It does have that indie feel about it but given todays high glossy CGI crap, it's a relief.

I really loved the ending(beginning). wink

Wow, I watched this earlier today, and I really want to watch it again from when the credits started to roll! It was amazing, original, and very touching.. and such suprisingly good acting from Winslet and Carrey. I love Being John Malkovich, but I haven't seen Adaption or Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, I shall definitely look out for them big grin

I noticed a very nice critique on the DVD cover:

"Wonderful, profound and imaginative. Whatever you do, don't forget to see this."
New Woman

laughing out loud Not quite as good as Lorraine Kelly on Shrek though.

Being John Malkovich and Adaptation are definately a must see. But Confessions was average.

Anyways I agree on Eternal Sunshine, it reached perfection.

Excellent movie. Figured out that the beginning of the movie was really the end when in the beginning, it stated the year was 2004, and somewhere in the middle, it was 2003. I took the chance that it was intentional and not an error, and I was right. Brilliant movie, on my Christmas list for sure.

I love this movie, it is one of my favorites. Kate Winslet should have won an Academy award for her role, she was so diffeent from her usual characters. And I love Jim Carrey in his serious roles, he's a hilarious dude but a great actor.

DeVi| D0do
Yup, a great film. Definitely one of my all time favourites... along with other Kaufman films...

big grin

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