Who was Obi Wans master

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I'm just wondering in Episode 1 Qui Gon Jin was Obi Wans master but in The Empire Strikes Back Yoda was supposed to be his master. If you think about it Episode 1 had a lot of mistakes in it makes you think how many mistakes Episode 2 will have.

Yoda did teach Obi-Wan. QGJ just took over his training before Ep1...or something along those lines.

Also, this is the support forum. I'll move this over to the Ep2 forum.

You got it all wrong!
Yoda DID train Obi, he did that for 800 years (TESB line!!).With Qui-Gonn Obi-Wan was just a PadawanLEARNER, he wasn't a trainee but a learner this for completing his skills, especially on the living Force wink

Errr... you make it sound there for a moment that Yoda taught Ben for 800 years...

In any case, Qui-Gon WAS Obi-Wan's Master (numerous TPM lines, also Qu-Gon calls Obi-Wan his apprentice). So was Yoda. A man can have more than one Master in his life, and the situation is pretty much as Raz says.

Yeah, there's not reason to think otherwise.

Darn, no Yoda didn't train him for 800 years. But in TESB:
"For 800 years, have I trained Jedi, I will decide who is ready and who is not!"
So Yoda trains people, OB1 is Qui-Gonns padawan/apprentice (TPM: "An apprentice you already have""It's against the rules to take another""The code forbids it!"wink
A padawan is an apprentice (that is clear, right?). But I just know that we have to take apprentice like medi-evil period, there an apprentice was somebody who went to a MASTER (=> Qui-Gonn!) to complete his skills. Complete as in: there will be no surprise for you when you must be on your one.

Yes, indeedy. Though as I think I pointed out before, while the term 'Padawan' carries with it some degree of inexperience, the term 'apprentice' does not necessaily mean you are no good. Maul was an apprentice not because he was impotent (he was clearly VERY competent), but simply because he had a superior Master he was working for, and probably learning from in an adavcned sense.

The way I see it is that Yoda trained him in his younger year before the status as padawan.
When he reached the status of padawan he was assigned to Quoi-Gon who would fullfill his training.
So in a way both of them are Obi-Wans masters.

Yep, you can say that, but the most important thing is that the sentence is correct

Well.........I think Yoda teaches Obi Wan after Qui is a "gonna" (pun intended) wink

Mybe not for a long time but Obi wan learns the disapearing ghost trick thingy. If you know what im sayin, so maybe when Ani goes to the dark site he gets a little more in depth training from yoda. This extra training must take place somewhere between Ep2 and ANH. so EP3? big grin

Extra training? Did you see the last dual of OB1? I hope it was the age because he sucked!
He can sure use the training! evil face

Yes, it was age. Mind you, it was still a highly-skilled rapier fight, with plays for centre and everything. just that sort of thing doesn't look as good as, say, Nick Gillard's stuff...

Ok, it was age, but I don't think OB1 was putting up a fight!

He wasn't really trying to. All he wanted to do was buy time for Luke to save Leia. It was not his "destiny" to destroy Vader.

Until he deliberately let up his guard at the end of the fight Obi-Wan maintained a classic pose throughout the whole fight that any fencer would be proud off. His circular sweeps were well timed; the only thing out of place was that little twirl did.

It weas a good choice of fight for both of them; the cripple vs. the disillusioned old man; neither with the amazing skills they once had but both with decades of experience.

laughing out loud LMAO laughing out loud

Why not kill Vader? The galaxy would be very gratefull to OB1!

Well, Vader was putting up a good fight as well, considering his physical condition. It could have gone on for hours like that, and time was not on Obi-Wan's side.

BTW, BRagg, glad you found that funny, I can't really claim credit because they are virtually the words of GL himself; just cut the 'disillusioned' bit.

Say what you want, but give me the action! Well, if you have seen Dual Of The Fates, everything seems nothing.

Oh yeah, I'm not pretending it LOOKED good. It was just technically accurate. It was good to have an Old master's gight in the film but we wouldn't want them to make a habit of it...

Aah!! OK, technical it was ok, but there wasn't much action.

"Well timed?" Surely you jest. Given the lightsaber duels in E1 versus Obi-Wan's last fight, it really doesn't add up that he should move like a snail on sleeping pills. Why did he let himself get beheaded, anyway?
Was that his "destiny?" confused If you destroy me, I will become more powerful than you can imagine...

With the powerfull thing, he meant that he would perish BUT that he could train Luke, who will convert him back to the Light Side.
He let himself be decapitated so Luke and the others had enough time to get away.

Look, the Vader vs. Obi-Wan fight in ANH was a duel of Old Masters, not young athletic swordsman. This sort of thing is perfectly consistent with real life where old men who can barely move are still at least the equal of young, athletic people in a sword fight, even though they cannot hope to move as fast, simply because they are incredibly efficient and know when and where to strike.

HOWEVER, once you factor Obi-Wan's declining skills in the intervening years and Vader's injuries into the equation, the two were NOT as good as they had once been.

Yes, he let himself be beheaded (actually he faded out first) because it was the only worhtwhile option in the circumstances; he had his cool Ghost Trick plan anyway.

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