Dumb question for the Americans

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Hi guys as you can see I am a mexican, and in all the movies, tv shows etc.. I have watched americans refer to first base, second base and third base as some sort of sexual activity. Can someone please tell me what first second and third are ? I wanna see how far I've gotten.

as its been explained to me, first is kissing, second is kissing and touching third is more involved i.e. dry humping or such and home is sex, as in penetration sex.

FIRST is kissing and maybe a little feeling in some of the less "private" places.

SECOND is making out and what not. Definetly some raunchy groping action here (note manual, or "handjob" sex is like getting tagged out by the shortstop).

THIRD is the lesser "sexes" oral, anal, foot, armpit 69ing. Some people enjoy these immensly, and it puts you in perfect position for "scoring"

FOURTH of course is the horizontal tango.

happy kine
the problem is when you get hit by a pitch and then have to steal second. you usually need a hit to get around to 3rd... and if you stranded at 3rd or even 2nd it can be a very blue day.

Rogue Jedi
armpit 69ing? ewwwwwww sick

happy kine
as long as there are no prickles from armpit stubles... but sweat is a great lube. i mean yeah... thats gross....

I get to third base all the time........of course Mrs.MM has to be sound alseep though. wink

I DON'T want to know.......... This is a PUBLIC forum.... wait, in off topic meaning...... GO FOR IT!

I'm only kidding. wink

and I didn't think that the threads in the OTF could get any stranger.............

I agree on that one.......

I'm sorry there was supposed to be a comma in there.

THANK GOD!! feet? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww

The bases are covered in Paradise by the Dashboard Light by Meat Loaf

You gotta do what you can.....


the only armpit i'm gonna be sniffing and smelling is mine. I don't care if she's the prettiest girl in my town..lol

Tired Hiker
But really . . .

First base is when you kiss a girl while she is concious. If she's not awake then it shouldn't count.

Second base is when you spend a whole bunch of money on her and she licks your chest at the end of the night.

Third base is when you bone at her parents house on fourth of july while everyone is on the beach watching fireworks.

Fourth base is when you have sex with her best friend. Right?


no i think having sex with her best friend is stealing

second base

you play the bases, wait on that "special " pitch..then you KNOCK it out the stadium...BOOO-YEAH!!

My best friend admitted that he'd f*ck a girl in the armpit if she really wanted him to. erm

onion-dog...get it...*winks a chessy wink, and elbows him in the ribs*


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