How many times have u been in the hospital and why (accidents) ?

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When I was 6 I was learning to rollerskate (in my house) an older cousin pushed me and while I was falling down I hit my right eye brow with the corner of a table.
Consequences: Stitches and a small scar in my eye brow.

When I was 8 I fell of a big ass tree I was climbing
Consequences: I cracked my head and my arm broke so I wore a cast and bandages in my head.

When I was 12 I jumped from a moving pick up truck with a skateboard.
Consequences: Unconscious for 3 hours and I cracked my head again.

When I was 13 I was in a car crash that hurt my neck, I had to wear a neck holder for a week.

Last year I got mugged and I got stabbed with those meat forks used in barbeques on my left hand.
Consequences: Two small scars on my hand and I wore a bandage for two weeks.

Three months ago I injured my leg playing football and I used crutches for a week and a half.

That's all folks. Happy Dance

happy kine
at 12 i had a bike with no pedal, just a bar it went into my thigh about 2 inches... it made a thwip sound when i pulled it out. 4 stiches.

last year i had ass surgery for some bowling ball hemmies that were stopping up my plumbing...

i played soccer and football and baseball and never got hurt. never broke a bone. just 4 stiches and an ass scar

0 born 7 knock down by car 9 knock down by car 14 fell down stairs 16 car crash and yet i still like cars

hmm..let's see...not many times.
I think when i was 7 or so i cracked my head in a chair...stitches and all.
and a tad later my apendicitus (spelling...)...that's it.

dunno wot age- rode my bike too fast over a speed bump and broke my arm the day before i went to eurodisney.

Car Accident
Bad Fall on the ankle
Bone Marrow Doner
2x For bumps on the head

Left hand broken when I was 8.

3 or 4 fingers borken, las one was the left thumb, due to football keeping big grin

Crashed my forehead when I was 2.

Cut my knee (can you see the bone big grin?) in 2000 and I did the heeling myself wink

Many other scars from fallings and hurtings

broke 4 fingers when i was in yr 2

when I was 1 i fell off a counter, Got my Right arm broken

A year ago i Broke my leg skying (see worst day of your life)

2 weeks after I got my cast off some guy fell n my leg (also see Worst day of your life) And broke it aginan.

Stitches after getting hit in the face as a kid

Came flying off my BMX when I was a kid and I went into shock

Stitches in leg after an argument with my flatmate

Many visits to the eye hospital to have splinters scraped out of my eye during my apprenticeship

Had a 5mm steel bar go right through my hand at work

I've been to the hospital twice, both reasons that I would rather now say......

I don't want to rush you are anything, but people will start to imagine things. And an active imagination is worst then the truth.......

So what do you think they will start to imagine?

You DON'T want to know......

There are some truly sick people on this forum. whistle

and i am not 1 of them

soo why have you been in the hospital (If you REALLY don't want to tell then don't, but i say tell becasue if it is tragic, then talking helps, TRUST ME i would know....)

11 years ago I broke my leg, and this past March my knee popped out of it's socket for the 2nd time.


the most painful not breacking thing that has to do with bones is apperently dislocating your jaw...

None, I'm Unbreakable. I do have a couple of scars that should have been stitched up, but my Dad just decided to tape them up. I also jammed my leg one time.

Yeah i have cool scares too. Scares are the best. They hurt. But they are fun (sometimes)

The Omega

1. I cut my self to the muscle with a knif the side of my finger. never got stiches.

The Omega
Am I to assume your fingers look like... carrots?!??! wink

On a more serious note: AUCH!!!!

funny thing is, they are skiny. But can manupulate A LOT!!!

The Omega
Just not the sharp side of a knife? (Nods sagely)


ur kinda fragile huh crash lol jp mang i was in the hospital for 3 weeks as a baby never went home when i was born i had caught namonya and they put a iv in my head and i stayed in a ****in plastic box for like 3 weeks and i almost died but since then i only have been to the doctor to get check ups physcials shit like that but i think in my 15 years of life i have spent oo i would say about 20 days if u count the hours and put them toghtert to make how many days i have been in a hospital cause my grandfather has been put in there i dont know how many times for surgieous and shit so i was always by his bed with him for hours and hours hoping he would come out ok cause he has had some really serious surgious at 85 so it is scary he lives across the yard from me so if i lost him i would be very sad

o and that reminds me, not counting all the times i went for

Red Fever
Liver Cancer scare
Nemonia (3 times)
and others i forgot....... Yeah Canada Is thought on it's winters.

damn not to be like a jerk o nothin but when i saw ur pick u looked like a kid that would get sick alot i aint makin fun of u or nothin but u look like it like u would see in a movie and u look like the kid from the movie the first kid with sinbad i think

yeah, but that is spread over 16 years

still i havent broke a bone even so to hear like cancer and shit is scary shit u know

yeah, the liver cancer scare was last year the day before christmas. i had to get a urine test (a week before) for records on a medical fro piloting.

The Doctor Litterly said (at the hospital) "Merry Christmas, you might have cancer"

that sucks big time and if ur doc did tell u like that iw ould have slapped the shit our of him but ne way i have friends that r going to have many many problems when they get older they take every steroid imaginalbe and they do coke so go firgure

my scars are above my both my eye brows, and a long knife cut up along my right arm

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