!hey, new pic of the superbrawl!

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Here is a new pic from the SuperBrawl in Rev, and it looks like Smith has the upper hand.

It has been confirmed that the huge amount of debris lying around them in that crater, is the left-overs of the intersection where Neo made his phonecall in the end of M1.

Cool, huh? Any thoughts?

where did u get that

Yeh thts kool but i think Neo iswinning and smith is beging for his life so i think mabye that Neo wins the fight between them?

Alias Neo
i think smith will join neo's side because in m1 he says to morpheus "if zion is destroyed, there is no need for me to be here"

yeh possibly but why would he need to fight if trin, morph & serp fight meravingian whos left?

Alias Neo
the other agents?

hmm yeh but Neo can take them out fine with one hand, but i sopose he would prefer smith as an alie rather than an enemy.

The Omega
Uh! That pic is awsome. LINK, PLEASE smile

eek! kewl picture!!!

Love the pic........is it Nov. yet? sad sad sad

Captain REX
Nope, only three months though...

i don't think smith will ever join neo, why would he?
in M1 he says that if zion is destroyed there's no need for him to be inside the matrix as agent, so he could be free to do whatever he wants without worrying about humans.
plus , in the trailer the oracle says to neo that he has to stop him or everything will be lost. meaning everyone dies.
happy ending for the movie, don't ya think'.

cool pic, but it looks to me as smith is lifting neo instead of him begging neo for his life (existance, not to be erased, thrown into the trash or whatever)

i think neos winning it looks like smith is on his knees big grin

looks like they broke a few things in the fight

How many Neo vs Smith fights are there going to be because the 1 where Smith 'flies' is inside and they are dry yet at the start of the other one they are in the rain.

lol yeh lookslike they took the whole city down with them. but i still think that Neo is winning in the pic. and another thing i think Neo will win win because nobody can beat him thats why he is the 'one' right?

link please as i cant see it on my pc

I'm not gonna think about it
we'll all see it soon enough anfd it's probably gonna shock most of us

its too far away sad

I think smith is lifting neo up and he is going to throw him or neo is twisting his arms and smith's on his knees.

its hard to tell

meh i still think Neo has the upper hand and always will smile

yeah go go kick ass!!

about the superbrawl....preimere magazine said that it takes place above the clouds, and on the ground of the matrix....maybe smith can really fly? or it could be referring to above the clouds of the real world, with morf and niobe kickin ass in their ship.....this time around it looks like joel silver and company are not giving out as many sopilers about revolutions....he says there is a 17 minute climax that will blow your minds but he refuses to say whether it is this helicopter chase, the superbrawl, or this ship-like chase in the hammer.....i dont know about u guys but i think it is great that they are keeping it really secret, can u imaginbe how shocked we would';ve been if they didnt tell us about smith cloning himself...that would have been sooo awesome!!!! cant wait to be shocked in novemeber!!!!!

perhaps Smith is begging to get the Zion codes, and then it would be cool if Neo told Smith "Morpheus is dead. Sorry you're stuck here forever, with plenty of friends." (referring the the thousand other Smiths)
But then the architect appears, "Ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly, Neo is the One." then Smith says, "No, you told me I was the one!" Architect: "No, that was in bed last night, i mean, um what I am inervociably trying to say is that Neo has to kill everyone, and then I will create a new matrix, with pink, fluffy rabbits... And a little doors where they can go outside and piddle."

I feel more stupid just from reading that last one...

is that possible? stick out tongue

oh, you guys should watch the matrix reloaded parody, heres the link http://www.pinwire.com/article70.html

Captain REX
:Lol: That was funny Vim.

pretty obvious to me that smith is holding up neo.

smith's *not* on his knees. look at neo's face , and his hands around smith's arms, he's trying to get loose.

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