*sobs*BIG problem*sobs*

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Ever have the MAJOR MAJOR problem where you're torn between two or more friends?

I HATE HATE HATE that.......

ok this is going to sound really trivial but *sobs*

ok i have these two friends and #1 is having a REALLY cool birthday party with like a bouncy castle and all these kids games and it sounds pathetic but it will be really fun! #2 is having a sort of formal dance with a band and stuff......and well they were talking about it and they realised it was on the same day and they both wanted to invite me *this sounds really self centered*. but #2 said to #1 that she wouldn't invite me so i could go to #1 party but now #2 is annoyed cos she wants me to come and she told me about her party and now....*sobs*

this sounds REALLY pathetic....anyways....what do you people think i should do?

Oh yes iv'e been in a similar situation.

what did you do?

We can give advice but its up 2 u at the end of the day as u know the situation a hell of a lot better then any of us,at the end of the day it is your desicion but beleive me i know the feeling.

advice is welcome....smile

woah major bummer depends maybe one could have theers the day after so they could both invite you and eachother

cermiegirl, is one earlier than the other? cos if ya go to one, and leave early and arrive fashionably late to the other one it should all be good

Thats what I'd do!

what no-one likes my idea

hmm someone should start a advice thread o yeah i already did wink i read half of ur problem so i dont know what ur askin can u ask in one simple short sentence

Yeah I was gonna recommend the Ask DeNiro for advice thread but do as the other guys say, go to one party and then the other. They're just parties you know ?

I agree with Phoe, you should try and combine somehow the hours. Even if the times are similar, you could go to both. Just decide which one you like better, go to the other first then go to the one you like better and everyone will be satisfied... or, at least, your friends will admit you did your best.

It has happened to me too roll eyes (sarcastic) Awful situation, even if it does sound trivial.

either you flip a coin, OR you get them both and tell them you're going to none just for this very reason. None can blame you at the end

*waves to evy* smile

if that all doesn't work... call in sick... no wait ... that's with work...

yeah....you could pretend sick or something , but do it in a somewhat obvious way wink..so that they'll both know WHY you didn't come

subtlety dexx, you should look it up wink

no no if both of them know why shes not going then they'll feel really bad for making her choose and will do loads of stuff for her, im withdexx on this one.

PS Don't listen to me I'm useless when it come to the opposite sex.

well, they should know that chosing isn't good for them!

luckily my friends arent trivial like that, but i recommend, you gather both of your friends, and flip a coin, fair is fair.

nonono... the best thing to do... stay on kmc wink

The Omega

Go to both parties, get so drunk that you puke on the blowup thing and make a scene.
Oh wait...that was me at my last b-day party sick

Me to!

you never fail to crack me up!

diego, she doesn't drink, she's a minor


Mr. Bacon
ever have the problem where you were happy with a person but screwed it up and broke up but wish u had been smarter?

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