Dead Agents

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Alias Neo
in the first movie when an agent is killed he morphs back to the person who they are in,
e.g. when smith,jones and brown get the mingun on them they morph back into the guards.
but in m2 when an agent gets killed they don't morph back.
e.g. agent gets kicked off the truck by morpheus, but dosen't morph back when he hits the car.

General Kaliero
two problems there:

1. He didn't neccessarily die, he was just knocked off.

2. The camera isn't neccessarily on his as he dies, he could have died off-screen.

I thought he morphed into one of the truck drivers that Crashed the 2 big trucks.

My question is, the one that Smith copied himself he still many agents are left....2?

they are everybody and nobody

Agents MORPH back to their original position before the body that they have swaped with dies.

Not sure if an Agent could morph back if death is instint. Not sure if an agent has "died" instantly as of yet. In the event of the trucks colliding, the Agents could easily morph out before the trucks hit.

Also, not sure about how many Agents are left. Did we ever know how many there were in the beginning?

If anybody knows, please let us know.

Here's My Thing, In M1....Neo and Trinity are Killing innocent people plugged into the matrix, by killing agents!!!

Cant makes omlettes without breaking some eggs???

i didnt think there was a limit. but they usually come in three. smith was destroyed and johnson and jackson mustve returned to the source cause there is now upgrades

The Omega
I don't think there's any reason to believe there are only 3 agents. That's never been hinted at. They probably just travel in groups of three. There ARE more trouble-making rebels than Neo, Trin and Morpheus, so...
I think the back-morphing just happens automatic.

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