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Ring x 2

Trinity: Is everything in place
Cipher: You weren't supposed to relieve me
Trinity: I know but I felt like relieving your shift
Cipher: You like him don't you? You like watching him.
Trinity: Don't be ridiculous.
Cipher: We're gonna kill him. You understand that?

there was more in the full original script:

Don't be ridiculous.

We're going to kill him.
Do you understand that?
He's going to die just
like the others.

Morpheus believes he is
the One.

Only two thin digits left.

Do you?

I... it doesn't matter
what I believe.

You don't, do you?

If you have something to
say, I suggest you say it
to Morpheus.

I intend to, believe me.
Someone has to.

The final number pops into place--

Did you hear that?

Hear what?

You can never tell wether Cipher's joking?

it is very foreshadowing, what Cypher says. But i don't think he knows of the previous anomalies, if that is what you are implying...

I just wanted to know if someone else would catch how Cypher just stated his betrayel plan and how trinity seemed to not just be calm but know all about it. I had watched the seen on matrix one were trinity pauses Neo in the phone both and says "Everything the Oracle states has come true every thing but this." It made me figure that trinity was a traitor to like Cypher and that she purposely set Neo up with Smith at the end of the movie. Now I kind of think Neo is just in some training phase and nobody is really against him their just out to teach him some lesson so he can get stronger and they can learn how to get stronger from his strength. Even agent smith gained some powers from the moment Neo crawled all over his body.

when cypher says others i understood this as the potentials that died because morpheus had belived they were they one (and they wernt obv) ... or something like that

Of course in matrix three (and this is not a cheat becauses I'm just guessing) he's going to find out that he is not the one.

He's the one...

I'm going to let you in on
a little secret here. Now
don't tell him I told you
this, but this ain't the
first time Morpheus
thought he found the One.


You bet your ass. It keeps
him going. Maybe it keeps
all of us going.

How many were there?

Five. Since I've been

What happened to them?

Dead. All dead.


Honestly? Morpheus. He got
them all amped up
believing in bullshit. I
watched each of them take
on an Agent and I watched
each of them die. Little
piece of advice: you see
an Agent, you do what we
do; run. Run your ass off.

Neo gulps down another shot.

Thanks... for the drink.

Any time.

Cypher nods as Neo heads for the

Sweet dreams.

another cut bit (goes with cyphers)

I told you that I can only
show you the door. You
have to step through it.

Neo blows out a breath. His hand
reaches but stops, hovering over the
spherical handle. He backs away.

Morpheus, I don't think
this is a good idea.


I told you I don't believe
in this stuff. No matter
what she says I'm not
going to believe it, so
what's the point?

What do you believe in?

What do I believe in? Are
you kidding me? What do
you think? The world I
grew up in, isn't real. My
entire life was a lie. I
don't believe in anything

That's why we're here.

Why? So I can hear some
old lady tell me, what?
That I'm this guy that
everybody's been waiting
for? That I'm supposed to
save the world? It sounds
insane. Unbelievable. And
I don't care who says it,
it's still going to sound
insane and unbelievable.

Faith is not a matter of
reasonability. I do not
believe things with my
mind. I believe them with
my heart. In my gut.

And you believe I'm the

Yes I do.

Yeah? What about the other
five guys? The five before
me? What about them?

Morpheus tries to hide his heart being
wrenched from his chest.

Did you believe in them

I believed what the Oracle
told me... no, I
misunderstood what she
told me. I believed that
it was all about me.

This is difficult for Morpheus to

I believed that all I had
to do was point my finger
and anoint whoever I
chose. I was wrong, Neo.
Terribly wrong. Not a day
or night passes that I do
not think of them. After
the fifth, I lost my way.
I doubted everything the
Oracle had said. I doubted

He looks up at Neo.

And then I saw you, Neo,
and my world changed. You
can call it an epiphany,
you can call it whatever
the hell you want. It
doesn't matter. It's not
about a word. It's about
this. So I can't explain
it to you. All I can do is
believe, Neo, believe that
one day you will feel what
I felt and know what I
know; you are the sixth
and the last. You are the

His eyes blaze.

Until that time all I am
asking from you is for you
to hold on to whatever
respect you may have for
me and trust me.

Neo feels a rush from Morpheus's
intensity, the unadulterated
confidence of a zealot.

All right.

He reaches for the handle which turns
without him even touching it. A WOMAN
wearing white opens the door.

Hello, Neo. You're right
on time.

um, can you tell me why you said this? Because im not even sure if you know why you said this...

i started off saying a bit cut out of the phone call
and then i found something else that cypher says about the dead ones
and then morpheus

where did you find them?! Cause they're not in the movie...

some website has the original script (several versions actually), can't remember.

The Omega

Yes, i agree with Omega. If it was not in the end script, that means there was a reason that the Wachowskis took it out, most likely that it would give too much away, or that they decided to do a trilogy, and the idea kept evolving along the way (much like our ideas in this forum...). If Morpheus did try with others, it is not mentioned at all. So i'll go by whats in the Movies, and what is given by the bros. Although it is intriguing to read how they wanted it to go, it has no pertinence to our discussions.

i got those off the revisited dvd actually, its also in art of the matrix book (which i want) and most probably on the net

yes, that maybe true, however, it is not in the MOVIES, it is commentary on the moviees, so that does not really count, because this is commentary on the movies, but it doesn't mean this is true, this forum, this thread...


The original Matrix had to be rewritten because the W Bros. did not know if they would be able to financialy make a trilogy. Hence the script was reworked to be a stand alone film. So they HAD to rewrite the script to be clever enough for potential sequels, just in case.

So......I believe that much of the original scripts hold some truths to what can be learned towards the conclusion of Revolutions and the overall story of the Matrix Trilogy.

Which ones will be true, we will have to wait and learn.

The Matrix is the story of Buddha with a futuristic twist

um, yes...and no. It is the story is the Buddha, but it is also the story of Christ, and Prometheus, and etc... It is not just one, but rather the sum of these persons. Just like the Matrix is not just nihilistic, or transcendent, etc., but rather the sum of these philosophies, and beliefs, into the greatest, most 'human'ly story possible.

The Omega

sorry didnt realize I was in the trinity department.

Achieving the awakened state and conquering the ego "agents" and setting out to wake up others. I didnt like Reload "squeal"

You didn't like Reloaded? Let me guess, you didn't understand it?

The Omega

I understood it just didnt like it. Hollywoodanized

The wachowski's don't do things "Hollywoodanized", even though thats not a word, we will forget about that... If the Wachowski's followed the preset guidelines that seem to mandate the way a movie is made, the whole movie would be action, there would be no strong underlying philosophy, and there would be no insane plot twists (like the fact that what we learn in the first is incorrect). And you would like it. Because it is NOT "Hollywoodanized", you do not like it, because it is more involved than xXx, has a REAL plot, and makes you think. Ergo, you want a "non-Hollywoodanized" movie, (which is really a "Hollywoodanized" movie, going by your logic), go watch xXx, or someother plotless action movie created by Hollywood to appease the masses.

How many people would be upset if Trinity died in "Revolutions"?

I have not completey understood what the character is there for, and we may find out, completely, very soon. I am starting to feel that her purpose is "Sacrifice".

Can anybody update my on there thoughts of Trinity.
And, what conclusions we see from her character.

my point exactly it seemed more like xXx than the matrix just more intellectual

...And apparently you missed my point...

I might have I just like The Matrix

Definately missed the point smile

The Omega

First off, Burleyman, I would like to thank you for those outtakes from the script, even if others didnt. A great read.

Second, when I first heard she may die in revolutions, i didnt really care much. Now that I think about it, Trinity adds a lot to this movie. I never really noticed it untill this post, but she starts both movies off, with a bit of action too. And its usually forshadowing things to come. In M1 it was showing about the struggle with the Agents and the Rebels. I wonder if that is how M3 will start. But back to the point, now I think that she needs to survive. Although, i wouldn't be suprised if both her and Neo ended up dying in the Movie, considering they both did in the first two, each in they're turn of course. But overall, i hope both survive.

The Omega



take etm, animatrix, and matrix online off your list!! stick out tongue

its called franchise (did you NOTICE this forum is in the subsection movie franchises? all of what you said has nothing to do with the matrix being 'hollywoodanized'. it's simple, people who make movies do so to entertain people AND make money. go jerk off to some shitty 'cultural films' on festivals if you can't handle commercialism.

well said T

Yeah, most of the stuff is done because it is partly created by WB and they have to fund it...PLus, just as burlyman said, you have to take ETM, Animatrix, Matrix online, etc. off because those are part of the idea of W-ski bros, have been since the beginning. Because the movies are created by WB, of course there are going to be things such as the Powerade bottles, etc promoting the movie, but im talking about the plot, idea, created by the Wachowski's...they care about the movie first, the fans second, and not about the "gross". So, news is, its not...

well actually 'the story the w bros wanted to tell ends at revolutions' but its still their input
(im talking about matrix online) wink

well, yeah...

Burly & Jedi> take etm, animatrix, and matrix online off your list!!

Why? They are a product of Hollywood. They are a tie in to the movie. Whether the Wach. bros. thought of them originally, whether they were part of a deal to do the other movies (pushed by WB or the WBs doesn't matter), doesn't matter. They are there to produce money. To be bought, to entice you to go see the movie, etc. Spiderman, The Hulk, even James Bond now have video games attached to them. I wouldn't take it off their list of tie-ins. Why should I do it with the Matrix?

Did you even bother to read the original posts? You'd see that I was responding to someone elses post on whether the movie was Hollywoodainzed. I never said I liked it or didn't like it. Seems like you jump to conclusions pretty damn quick.

Jedi> I agree it is not a typical Hollywood movie in terms of plot, simple happy ending, etc. It definetely has some of that going on, but no where near to the extent most other movies do (again Spiderman, Hulk, James Bond, etc.)

the bros have always been a fan of video games and anime - so perfect chance for them to make some
"hollywoodanized" or not its still teaching us more about the trilogy
buying powerade and cadillacs wont smile

If it has hollywood-like qualities, it is because hollywood ripped it off from story-telling archetypes, which are as old as speaking itself. These archetypes are seen in Star Wars, to name the most prevalent, in that the archetypes are used for specific roles, plot, etc. such as wise councilor, hero, heroine, sidekick, etc, all were created before Hollywood, so if Matrix has these qualities, it is not "Hollywoodanized", it is good story-telling. Also, about ETM, and animatrix, they were on the collective conciousness that is wachowski brothers since before Matrix came out, because, like burlyman said, they are HUGE fans of anime, video games, comics, etc. and it is a way to provide more of the story than is desired through just movies...some things are better presented in story form, some video game, some anime...SO, no, they were not subject to "Hollywoodanization" because they are simply good ideas, that were thought of before WB came along...

The Omega

True that...

Omega> Amen.
Teunis> (shoots hand in the air) I Would be very upset if Trinity died. Personally I love her character (for the same reasons as Omega). She's tough, smart, persistent, good looking, and Dang -- she's tough! Two of my favorite lines:
"Sample This," and "Give me five minutes and I'll tear that whole building down."

Whew.... Goosebumps. She'd do anything for Neo (and he'd do anything for her). Dang I'd love a girl like that. So I'd be sad to see her go. Why?? She's not going anywhere is she?? Korri, be quiet -- this is Not a good thing. Oh, my dreams are crushed. Please tell me Niobe will be ok. Wait a minute. That just made me think. Where is Niobe's cool name? Trinity, Neo, Morpheus, Link, Ghost, etc. They all have different names. hmmm. Oh well, I digress. Back to Trin... Whaaaaa embarrasment

Multiplayer game? Whats this? Someone fill me in, I don't know anything about this...

I second that. What multiplayer game?

its the MMORPG thats coming out, Matrix Online...It will be huge, similar to Galaxies, except Matrix and not SW...

Niobe: a queen of Thebes, daughter of Tantalus, who, weeping for her slain children, is turned into a stone from which tears coninue to flow...

Did Niobe and Morpheus have children...?

SimplePriest> We'd ALL love a girl like that, esp. if she's Natalie Portman or Carrie-Ann Moss... eek! yes

Notice in the Matrix that smith gets owned in the first one when neo dives into him, however he remains with part of neo's code overwriting his, if zion is a program then what about trinity, neo saved her life when she was shot and revived her so could part of his program overwrite hers? remember that the asian dude before the oracle meeting says that u really dont know a person until u fight them. Also notice how on the freeway when the keymaster gets off the bike they let her go but all agents go after anyone enterign the matrix.

...WHAT?!?!?! that made NO sense...please rephrase...

Alias Trinity
Has anyone seen the third movie?

Alias Trinity
He is saying that in the second movie during the freeway chase, when Trinity leaves by herself on the motorbike, after having dropped of the key maker, the agents don't start chasing her, they just let her go, but they usually chase any outcast that has entered the matrix. Maybe she's a bad character.

MC Mike
They specifically stated before that "The Exile Is The Primary Target" - the Keymaker.


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