Ages...books vs movies

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I was wondering if it bothered anybody that the age differances are so far apart between Frodo and Aragorn in (book vs movie)
in books Aragorn is 80 when the quest starts and Frodo is 50..

And they are obviouly younger in the movies..
It definately doest't bother me.
..Would rather have good looking guys out there instead of old ppl with cruches....

I was just wondering about other ppl and there opinions....

I like what they've done with the movie, and the way they've done it!
I can't really complain... However by ROTK it seems that Aragorn does aquire his grey hair. evil face

I like them as they are in the movie...
I mean, the ppl simply live longer... 150 or 200 years fx.

I think it is a false question.

Aragorn is a Dunedain and the Dunedains are not like the other men.

A Dunedain can live up to 500 years old by is ancient contact with the high elves at Numenor. Like all the Numenorians they live longer then humans. I think Aragorn at the movie seems exactly as a 80 (only eighty) years old Dunedain.

See races skills in Silmarillion. reading

Geez, a Dunadan cannot live to 500 years by THAT time! A human Half-Elf maybe but not a Dunadan- 200 years is pretty much the max for them

But either way, yes, the ages of the charatcers are actually accurately represented on-screen.

well also, how do we know what a hobbit looks like at 50, plus aragorn lived to around like 210 didnt he so 80 would be like a 30 year old if you consider now adays people live to 80. so i dont think it is too far off how the actors apear.


ya i didnt like the way bilbo looked when it showed him in the cave with gollum. too old lookin.

wasn't Bilbo around the same age as Frodo in the cave with Gollum?

Yes, exactly the same age... 51 smile

But he looks like 40 years older...

Corlindel are right Ushgarak...I was thinking about the first Numenorians who reach the 500 years old...

hmmmmm..............remember in the book the people said that Frodo began to show no signs of aging once bilbo left.......since the ring was in his care his aging slowed down.....
the movie on the other hand did not give a proper sense of time though

You're right... there were about 17 years between Bilbo's birthday party and the day Frodo left Hobbiton.

In the context of their long life-span the age of the actors seem to be accurate, though they look as if they haven't seen much action (especially Elrond). Aragorn lives to be some 200 years, so at 80 one might say that Viggo Mortensen is a looking bit old, but considering his many travels, I like the end result.

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