Gandalf the Gay

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Does it take away any liking away from the charactat Gandalf that he is gay in real life....I personally can't help but disliking him a little even when i'm reading the books.....Plz vote

El Toro De Brah
sir ian mckellen is a great actor. he portrays Gandalf much better than what i expected.
his sexual preference doesnt make me believe otherwise.

Exactly my opinion... as long as he plays well, why should I dislike the actor being gay??
I mean, does it change anything? Nah.

I think he's a fantastic actor, a very kind and funny person: I don't care if he's gay!!

In fact, I wouldn't mind if any of the actors I admire are gay....except maybe Elijah Wood....I'm planning on forcing him to marry me! angel

it bothers me hust a little

it doesnt bother me at all. one shouldnt judge an actor by his life off screen.........they should judge them by the way they perform off screen. Ian Mckellen is a fantastic actor, and he portrays Gandalf the excact way i hoped for.

oh my god that shouldn't even be a factor to consider ..............Sir Ian Mckellen is an incredible actor............and the fact that he is comfortable with his sexuality and is not ashamed of his lifestyle makes him a much better person than all the damn homophobs and hypocrites out there ( who rather care about what people think about them than being true to theirselves)

i say ( like i've said in sooooooo many other thread).........You go BOY!!!!!


ah cant thats what spell check is for.......

I don't dislike him... My nickname for Gandalf is The Gay Wizard, but that's as far as it goes. I think Sir Ian McKellen is a very cool actor, except that time he, uhhh... touched... Orlando Bloom...
Not a good pic.

o kiMMii o
WdF?! seriously who cares if his gay?! not gona effect yooh guys or something stop being so judgemental all the Arwenishott
said..... his so brilliant on screen, i dont care bout his personal life

gosh him being open about his sexuality has only made him a better role model and person in my eyes.....hes one of the best actors out there, and hes also not afraid of what the world bugs me when people judge others on their opinions...stupid homophobes

o kiMMii o
yeh i reckon...

yeah if the maker of this thread is serious, hes kinda a homophobe. i like sir ian mckellen a lot, and im a guy who isnt gay.

his personality comes thru in a funny way when he winks at aragorn near the beginning of the two towers (which i dont think he would have done if he wasnt gay), and in his joking with peter jackson that gandalf shud have a love interest, at which pj asked if galadriel was a good idea, and sir ian mckellen sed legolas is who he had in mind, hahaha.

hes awesome, and his being gay is of no true importance to how much he really is gandalf.

johnnys#1 fan
I don't care at all he's awsome at playing gandalf

lol........and he winks at Elrond when people start coming forward to go with frodo to mordor...............look carefully.........its right after he said " i would help u bear this burden"

hmmm nice to know that there are people who believe in one's own views and not the masses

im sorry, but i hate people who r gay... it makes me sick.

yay now everyones gonna start yelling at me saying im a homophobe or whatever but i dont care, i have my opinions
i hope theres no gay people here (for more reasons than one)

El Toro De Brah
na, i think it's cool for people to hate gay people. jus as long as u keep ur distance it's alright. i personally hate da idea of same sex relationships but sum people dont think like i do. but as long as dey dont approach me everything is cool.


yes i agree with you too.....(except for hating him) matter what you other ppl think it still makes a difference that he is gay.....I'm a Christian and obviously plenty of yall aren't since you think that breaking one of God's law is no matter at all.....Let me ask you a question.....

What if he got AIDS and died.....capoof no more ian mckellen.......Would you still think it's "OK" to be gay??????

If you really liked ian mckellen than you would be sorry for him..

I do think he is a good actor....Don't get me wrong their..
I just "dislike" the fact he is gay.

yeah, i totally agree w/ ROTK_ROCKS!
i didnt mean i hate Ian McKellen, i just hate that he's gay.
and its not GANDALF whos gay, its Ian McKellen!

Good remark.....about "its not GANDALF whos gay its Ian Mckellen"
ilvorlandobloom......glad to have somebody who agrees with me smile smile

thank you big grin

your welcome smile smile

I'm not paricularly fussed. It's not like I know the guy personally.
I know he played Gandalf well, so I'm happy smile

yeah, hes a good actor. its just that hes it creeps me out

yeah it looks like we all agree he's a good actor..... smile

Seems so, yes big grin cuz he IS a good actor, an excellent actor.

Could hardly imagine an other Gandalf.

He's an actor... What he portrays in movies is an extremely powerfull immortal wizard, it is not himself. If you can't stop thinking about the actor being gay, how can you ignore the fact that the ents are CGI, the Uruk-Hai are makeup and it's all just a big show?

And I second evryone in "He's a great actor"

you know heterosexaul are just as likely to get aids. it is not wether u're gay or not that determine the likelyness to get it, it's ur sexual habits.
i don't see why ppl can't except homosexuals, they are just like the rest of us.
knwing that he's gay doesn't change a thing for me.

**** Caution Inflammable post ****

To the "caring, loving and forgiving" christian:

What about all the lesbians... What punishment has God got in store for them?

If Viggo Mortensen died in a car accident, would you still think it is OK to drive? If Elijah Wood was killed by gunshot wounds, would you still think it's OK to own guns? If Hugo Weaving was killed by a falling brick, would it still be OK to build tall stuff?

my sister said something stupid, she said that she was sad and dissapointed that ian mckellan because you would expect him to be a nice man with a wife and kids, I was shell shocked at this talk about p-r-e-d-j-u-d-i-c-e he probably is a nice person Gandalf rocks who cares if he is gay, at least he doesn't try and hide it!

p.s and another thing, who cares? if he wasn't gay he would still be the same person he is now, let the man have his private life, he shouldn't change

Firstly, to the person who started this thread: You're a ****in loser.

Whoever agrees with it detracting from the film, you're also a ****ing loser.

I couldn't give 2 shits whether he be gay or not, he is an amazing actor and that is all that matters. He doesn't have the word 'Sir' at the beginning of his name for nothing.

I am not saying I agree with gays, but FFS, he is a human being and should be treated accordingly.

Whoever doesn't like him 'cause he's gay, I hope you get bummed you ****ers. I hope you get bummed with Gandalf's staff...Thank You and Good Day.

yeah, nemos right, idiots.
get your facts straight. aids isnt a gay disease, its just more prevalent in homosexuals because they dont use condoms very much. jeez.

Sifer I totally agree, being gay doesn't make a persons personality any different

i totally and completely agree with you... ian mckellan is an amazing actor, who cares if he's gay or not... should gay people hate all of the straight actors in the film?!

but being gay is not right

go sifer!!!

why is being gay not right? and you look like an orlando fan so if he can not mind it then why can't you so grow up an stop being so prejudice its thec 21st century ppl should worry about wars and poverty and animal welfare not if celebs are gay geesh.

GO tell em sifer !!!!!.........and u too aniron
i think this topic has gone into the relm of whether or not being gay is good or not

Someone's sexual prefernce should be NONE of Our business. There is nothing wrong with gay people. And dont bring religion into this cause i dont have to remind anyone bout the church scandal right now ( and dont say it only applies to the Catholic faith, its everywhere).

Homosexual people dont do any wrong........when have u ever heard of a gay serial killer ( manson wasn't), a gay serial rapist, a gay mass murderer ?
and people will think of gay peodophiles when there are much worse out there. (eg, gross but who have sex with babies etc).

So please learn to look at the person and not their preferences.........racial prejudice may be going down but sexual prejudice is replacing it.

PEOPLE stop the hate

my god, i just think being gay is wrong...thats my opinion just like u have an opinion that its ok. and im not telling u to grow up or whatever. and just cuz im an Orli fan doesnt mean i have to agree w/ everything he thinks

its not like i hate Ian McKellen or anything

to the starter of this thread... no offense but this is an extremely irrelevant topic.... i agree totally and completely with fini and aniron... i do agree that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but being gay?!!

rather immature thread
"eek! look! he's gay! let's crush him!"
-"yes yes! they are all evil! they must be exterminated!"

*big sigh*
From a Bondmovie, Q to James Bond (forgot the title for a sec):
"Grow up, 007!"

Well all you little suckers out there if you had read your Bibles like decent people......You would have read about Sadum and Gamora......and alot of the Romans that God couldn't stand anymore....So he eliminated them from earth because of there homo behaviour.....and what about the future......the more gay ppl the less the population will grow (UMmmm since guys can't have babies without the opposite sex).......and i didn't say anything about lebians because this isn't a lesbian conversation...And fini (or should i say "NO BRAINS"wink...acting gay or being gay is just as bad a sin in God's sight as killing somebody.....So MAN get an education (obviously u need a Christian one).....

Hey it a sin to put makeup on ppl or use computer animations??????

And is it a sin to act like a gay?

yeah thats what i thought .....grow up

Guys i think Ian did an excellent job on gandalf couldn't have asked for more..i'm not trying to attack him.....but it irritated me to hear that yall thought it was OK to be gay and act like that...
i think it turned into "who minds gay ppl or not" coversation a long time ago..........

No, i could care less if he is gay or not, only morons care about such stuff.

and for you're information, yes there are gay people on the boards. There are 10000 members, of course their are going to be some. So i suggesst you take peoples feelings into consideration before you speak from now on.

"...acting gay or being gay is just as bad a sin in God's sight as killing somebody" the most idiotic statement i have ever heard.

Ok, first of all, this is not an appropriate discussion for this area.

Secondly- and I have had to make this clear before, and I will do so again- this is an equal opportunities board. Anti-gay and homophobic comments will NOT be tolerated; if people continue to make them they will be warned and then banned. I dont care if it is your opinon, it is NOT welcome here any more than prejudice against blacks or Asians is- such racism is just opinion as well; it is still wrong.

I do not expect any argument or dissent on this matter.


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