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Aimz Radcliffe
Hey everyone,here's another story and feel free to carry on smile stick out tongue

It was now midnight, and a tall , greasy- haired boy named Harry Potter lay awake thinking about his Horrible previous year at Hogwarts.
He could not get the thoughts of his god-father Sirius Black being killed right in front of him.
i could have saved him! Harry yelled to himself.

Ever since he had got back from Hogwarts, he had had only eight hours sleep a night.

He turned to lie on his side.
Suddenly everything went black until he could no longer see.
His forhead burnt worse than he had ever experianced before.
Images were flashing in and out of his head.
Cedric was getting tourcherd, and Voldermorts snake-like face was smirking.
Harry was yelling "No! No! Mum he's killing Cedric!".
Voldermort was now laughing his long, devilish howl.
The image was getting fainter and started to get smaller and smaller.
Harry could now see his slightly lighter room, and his forhead was now back to normal.

He moved a hand up to his face to remove his glasses.
Someone put a hand on his shoulder.
He jumped in fright and grabbed his wand from his bed-side table.
He turned on the light, and thank God it was only Hermione.

Harry opened his mouth about to speak but Hermione interupted him "Harry, quick get out...i don't have time time to explain, just get Hedwig and get out. Come on,"
"No" said Harry firmly "I'm not going back to Hogwarts.
Every year i end up hurting someone.
First it was Ron, then Ginny, then Cedric and now Sirius. I've made up my mind Hermione, I'm not going back"
A tear crept down Hermione's face.

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I like [email protected] there is so much stories to read or carry on.smile keep writing i think ill help, but for now my brain refuses working (bcoz it's a weekend already)wink

BTW very good beginingwink

Aimz Radcliffe
thanx...but i cant think of ne thing to carry on...mayb l8er i will think of sumfing

lol well ask ppl for ideas!! i like it though!!! yes

yea its pretty kol

Aimz Radcliffe
thanx..ok ne idea's ne 1??

ummmmmmmmmmmmm..................im thinkin mayb later ill have thought of one soryz

how about he has a long talk with hermione and then she mentions cho (or cho's there in the doorframe while hsa saying "i hurt someone every year"wink and shes crying and she comes up to him and they talk???
just a suggestion lol sry but i love the harry cho idea

Smart Hermione
no more cho harry is over her how about, that its ginny and we all know she still likes him but has buried her feelings for him. and she's standing there and heard harry say im not going back and her fellings for him return and she begs him to come back and that she can't bear a year without seeing him.

Smart Hermione
thats just an idea...+its a bloody good story good work aimz radcliffe

Aimz Radcliffe
ok..i'll try to think of that and i will add all those things..

Aimz Radcliffe
ok every1, i got sum more..... smile

" Harry you have to come. Please!
You said it yourself, Hogwarts is your home" sobbed Hermione.
"Look, Hermione please don't cry, you'll be far better off without me. You'll be free from danger"
"Oh Harry forgoodness sake. I have not come here to fight with you about Hogwarts. Your in so much danger".
She looked into Harry hands.
"Why are you holding your wand? You have had a dream havent you?
Oh Harry is someone in danger?".
"No, it's nothing. It's just every night over and over i have the dream of Cedric being tourtured by Voldermort, but it's nothing. It's already happened".

Harry paused waiting for Hermione to make a fuss, but instead he heard someone sobbing in the background.
He noticed this sobbing imediatly, he had heard it many times before.
Harry turned around slowly.
There, standing in the door way was Cho chang, Cedrics girlfriend.
She still looked pretty to Harry, even with her hair untidy.
"Yes Harry that's right, it's no big deal is it?
It's only Cedric!" Sobbed Cho loudly.
"No, no Cho that's not what i ment, it's just - " "Just what? Just that it happened two years ago so everyone can get over it? God Harry i don't see how i could have ever liked you"........

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but your so good at it

yeah i was thinking of doing some but im a little crap at writing a story that someone else has already done the beggining

Aimz Radcliffe
thanx but like 2 all da ginny fanz don't worry, she'ss cummin in the story soon but if ne of u wanna b in da storie, den just say your name and wat house u wanna b in.....and i'll think of sum more stuff 4 da story...

" But Cho, i didnt mean it like that." said Harry, "Its just, I know it's a dream and that Cedric is not being tortured by Voldemort. At the mention of Voldemorts name Cho shivered. "Harry, we need to go now". Hermione said. "Why Hermione, im not in danger as long as im in the Dursley's house, and I promised Dumbledore I wouldnt leave" Harry told Hermione. "Harry, your ok, oh thank God, mum said that professor Trelawney told dad and Dumbledore, that she had a vision or something, or as much of a vision as that old fraud can make"Ron said in such a hurry. "Ron, what are you doing here" Harry asked. "Good too see you to mate". "Ron I meant what are you all doing here" Harry asked again. "Well were here to rescue you of course" said a very old but very wise voice. " professor Dumbledore" Harry said sounding very surprised." Harry pack your things and come down stairs we need to leave this place in 10 minutes, it seems Voldemort has found a way to break the magick gaurding your aunt and uncle's house, you are no longer safe here" Dumbledore said in a frenzied hurry.

now someone please carry on besides me and Aimz Radcliffe......

Aimz Radcliffe
yea plz do smile

Aimz Radcliffe
but i got sum more ne way smile

Harry did not see the reason why he would need to leave the durslys, but deep down he new Dumbledore would b rite.
The was a loud bang, and screams were all over the place.
Once again, all Harry could see was black.
He tryed to keep still , but he could feel himself spining round and round.
He lay on the ground hoping that that would stop the room from spining.

It's just a dream- Harry told himself come on, wake up.
He was now sinking lower and lower into the ground.
He tryed to grip on to things, but his hands were to sweaty and they would just slip off.

Someone was calling his name over and over again.
"Mum?" Harry yelled
"Come here Harry, " "don't be afraid"
Harry moved closer to the tone of her voice, but as he stepped, there was a bright spark and once again he was in the Hogwarts Hospital wing.
"You alright mate?" Asked Ron softly "your sweating like mad"
"Wha- what was that? mu - mum was calling me" Harry pannted (sp)
" Dear that was a spark from Ginny's broken wand. Sleep it all off dear, come on" Said Madam Pompfree sweetly.

ummmmmmmmmmmmm..........im goin to destroy this lovy story cause i suck at writing but ill ad a lil tiny bit cause u want different ppl to write k? im sory if i suck .........lol

"bu...but it was so real!" harry exclaimed becuming restless and aggitated in the clean white sheets of the hospital bed.

"mate u got to calm down" ron prompted gently getting up from his seat next to harrys bed to stand next to his best mate

"n.......no.......NO!!, ron i have to find her she...she needs me ron" harry argued in distress. his eyes silently pleading ron to agree. when ron made no effort to move out of the way harry tryed despretly to get out of the bed. seeing his best friend in such a state starteled ( speelin sorz) ron and for a second he didnt move shocked at harrys weird behaviour.

"ron......ron.......RON!!!!" Madam Pompfree exclaimed "dont just stand there boy! help me hold him down so i can calm his disorianted state!"ron snapped quickly out of shock and moved to restrain a wriggling harry from running out of the hospital wing.

i no i suck and its really short but i didnt want to do any more damage carry on plz and fix the mess i have created sorz agian

"Immobulous" Hemione said and pointed her wand at Harry, he was instantly made to lay still, Madam Pomfrey put him back on the bed then layed him down. " Oh Harry, im sorry for doing that but you should really lay still, that curse Malfoy hit you with was powerful and not to mention illegal". " Why are you looking at me like that dont you remember being put in the crutacious curse by Malfoy, after you beat Slytherin in quidditch yesterday" Hermione exclaimed.
Harry finally began to remember.

Aimz Radcliffe
dat's gd!! betta den ic ould do!

Aimz Radcliffe
and same wif yrs

thanx but ur beta by far

Aimz Radcliffe
He had made Malfoy extreamly jeleous for winning.....and not to mention he got awarded a very new broomstick......

"Look i don't have time to talk.....Hermione get rid of this curse you have put on me...My mum needs me...what if it's my dad or - or Sirius, yes! that's it Sirius might want to talk to me"
"Oh Harry, don't be so paranoid (sp) Sirius, Sirius has well...he's gone Harry".
Harry took a deep breath.
He just knew that Hermione wouldn't take off this curse unless there was a good reason.
"Erm...Hermione i think someone's hurt...i need to go see, take the curse off me"Harry lied.
"Oh dear...right then....imbobelous incantarcti"
Harry Jogged out the door.
He didn't know where he was going, but all he knew is that he need to dream again...and fast.
"Oy Potter, look what i got"Malfoy showed off behind him.
"It's a dreamem ball, newest addition.
Harry had now turned around and his complete attention was on the dremem ball.
"Yea i know Potter, does look a bit to expensive for you doesn't it?"
"I - i'll give you my brromstick," Harry said in a rush.
"Nah Potter, i know what you want it for, pitty you didn't hang around with me aye? instead you hang around with these losers"
Ron imediatly pointed his wand at Malfoys face.

Malfoy let out a fake laugh "You better watch what you do with that Weasly, you don't want it to back fire again....So Potter, how about we check out that dream you had?".

Harry thought about this.
He didn't expect to go with Malfoy, but he had no other choce.
He took one last look at his friends, and with a push of a botton, he was back in his dream with Draco....

hey....i've been reading and im confused....how did they get to hogwarts so suddenly adn if they r nit there then how did Madam Promfrey and Malfoy get ther...plz pm me with the answer...thx

Harry woke up in darkness.

"Aggh!" he said, waving a hand in front of his eyes. However, he could not see it. Panicked, he stared wildly around, and a strip of light, emanating from underneath the door, assured him that he had not gone blind.

Careful not to touch anything, he groped his way to the door and opened it; a nighttime candlelit Hogwarts hallway greeted him. He recognized the hallway as the corridor leading to the hospital wing, as he had visited here so many times before. Harry was no stranger to injury, as it was bound to happen to anyone in the magical world.

He checked his watch: It was nearly midnight. Ron and Hermione were supposedly asleep up in the common room.
Harry debated whether to go back to Gryffindor tower to his four-poster bed or to stay here; if he was caught out in the corridors at near midnight, most likely by Filch, he would be in serious trouble indeed.

However, the prospect of a warm bed and awakening to his friends won over another night spent in the hospital wing.

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