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One of the main perks of me parting 30 pound (or such) a month on broadband was the prospect of online gaming and since ive had it installed ive become addicted (literally) to online gaming in particular:

* Battlefield 1942
* AvP 2 (Aliens Vs Predator)
* Swat 3
* Planetside
* Neverwinter Nights + Shadows of Undertide
* Rainbow Six: Raven Shield
* Delta Force: Black Hawk Down/Land Warrior

Really looking forward to SW Galaxies and have basically given up on console gaming althogether (well until Buffy:Chaos Bleeds is released) so do we have any other online gamers on KMC and if so what u into?

Like ive said before
Counter-Strike all the way!!

Hey tptmanno1 do u play Tribes 2

accually i havent
i play battlefield alot too
its fun,

I am hooked on that game.

me and my friends like to play 2-2 or 3-3
ctf, its fun, cuz if u get in a plane if u got the flag ur home free, cuz none of us are good enuf to shoot down another plane

lol i usually like to assumme the role of assault or engineer what used to make me laugh was when i used to rig up a bridge with TnT and wait for a tank to roll over it and BOOM.

whats fun is to be an engenner, and rig the flag with tnt, when some one goes for theflag boooommmm!!!

There was one level where we have someone camping at an 'uncapturable' base so when my tear were spawning he was killing them - in a tank so i rigged up some TnT in a hanger and hid when he came in boom. I even got some credit from him which i thought was pretty funny.

thats koo
funny too
there was a enemy guy on our runway in a tank killing us, so me and my friend jumped in the 2 planes and drove down the runway, he killed my friend just before he hit him just to realize i was right behind him, kamakazi rite into a tank, killed him but i ejected just in time,
running a jeep into a tank if fun too

lol thats great when that happens me and my m8 were in an enemy base so we got into a 2 man plane and took of our plane was shot to oblivion but it was such an adrenaline rush.

I got addicted to Online-gaming too...

It's so depressing...

What games u play?

i play every online game lol it doesnt bother me since it doesnt interfeare with my strong social life

cant wait for HL2!!!

Same her HL2 looks brilliant also looking forward to Doom 3,Halo 2,Max Payne 2 & UT 2004.

but with the source code stolen who knows when hl2 will be out sad

I know i so badly want to play that game.

im waiting for counter strike condition zero to come out

I play Counter-strike on occasion, but it's such a piece of crap compared to what it used to be back in like beta 5/6. I play Warcraft 3 online and battlefield too.

BF 1942 one of my all time fav's the only problem is finding a server that does not lag.

Neo_Version 7
Man, Counter-Strike is by far the best Online game ever. Jedi Outcast was good too. But I tend to play Age of Mythology nowadayz. Jus got the expansion.

Half-life's Team Fortress Classic (TFC) Is still one of my all time fav on-line games. yes

i need the aom expantion, is it worth it?

Are you talking about TFC's Project AMOD?

If so I have not played it yet.

no age of mythology expantion
aom=age of mythology

Ahh ok smile

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne.

halo online for xbox rules, better than any other game i've played

dave do you know they have Halo out for P.C now?

yes, but my pc cant take it sad shitty graphics card, plus consoles are better than pc's for gaming big grin

That my friend is an opinion, not a fact. big grin

Keyboard vs joystick.

In most cases the keyboard would win over the joystick as far as online games are concerned.

i just think that its easier to hold a control pad than use a mouse and keyboard, but thats just my opinion

Yeah, but once you get use to the mouse and keyboard setup it will open up new gaming possibilities for you .

Keyboard = more keys.

mouse = better range of motion.

of course this is just my opinion. wink

i played some MoH and some other FPS, but it just didnt match up to halo sad plus, if u play with ur mates, u can look at their screens big grin

heheh That is cool.

When I play TFC I sometimes use my 2nd pc as a dummy player in spec-mode so I can see where other players are hiding, and to keep tabs on what they are doing.

God I loved that!

Cheating makes you feel like a GOD!!! Muahhahahahaha!

i'm about to get snipered, and i use my senses to sidestep, not that i was looking roll eyes (sarcastic)

Cheating is da best.

ur all lan hackers!!!!
hehe i do that too on counterstrike, my friends get all pissed at me

yes, the AOM expansion is DEFINITELY worth it, as a matter of fact...i think im gonna do that right now...Catch y'all later. wink

what is age of mythology about? is it like age of empires?

I play EverQuest for the PS2

its waaayyyyyyyy better. really tight

First off..

Age of Mythology sucks. It's repetative, and the online play is nothing compared to WC3.
Age of Empires is better, classic, and much better in tons of ways.

Second here's the big ones I played/play now...
Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Assbusta..)
WC3: Frozen Throne
Kingpin (I was "Assbusta" my name was pretty well known I think..)
Return to Castle Wolfenstein.. (Assbusta..)

Now, onto upcoming games.

Doom 3 I think is going to own the shit out of Half-Life. Doom = Classic.

And Max Payne 2 is good, but it stopped working on my computer after I got passed a certain level and it wouldn't load the next one, then I took out my aggression on the CD after hours of trying to fix it.

Lately though I've been playing Single player games like GTA: VC, Blood Rayne and Morrowind..

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