frodo 's 9 fingers

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has anyone heard about his 9 fingers ?

i think this thread should be deleted as its a spoiler in itself!!!

Yes definitely should be deleted.

so wut.............anyy tru fan would have read the books, and would already know...wut do u mean by heard about it? do u mean have u heard that in the book or do u mean have u heard wut they're gonna do inn the movies to show it?

yes..should be deleted or at least put in a spoiler like thing so no others could see and DEFINETLY should of been headed "warning: spoiler"

in other should be deleted cuz its giving away the movie!!

i have the return of the king book, so im anxiously reading it, and finding out what is going to happen, i am so excited to see what all happens, and so far...its very very good! i am basically at minras triuth (ah didnt spell it right) with gandalf and pippin, gandalf just left, while pippin was just at the stable checking upon shadow fax, lmao! thats the best way i can describe on what part im on, i forgot what page, but im sure you know what im talking about, i havent gotten too far in the book yet, but ive been reading it! ahh the excitement just builds more and more!

Do you have a pic, mirkwood#2queen, of the 9 fingers? big grin

Does Ush or someone have the power to insert Spoiler in the Subject/Heading? *curious*

i dont care what ya'll say

might have spoiled it for OrliNElijahsGrl, she haven't reach that part yet.
any movie fan who haven't read the book and stray in here might get a surprise.
a great ending , though, don't you think?
took me totally by surprise.

yeah it did kinda spoil it for me because i havent gotten to that part yet, but i did hear alot about the whole frodo getting his finger bite off by gollum so i pretty much knew that it was gonna happen, but id love to read it and watch it for myself thank you!!

And you can..."not care what we say" but, that is why there is a post made like Attention: Posting Spoilers, which states how to post spoilers

it's just a finger. telling what happened AFTER he lost it would be a spoiler, though. sam made a song about it i think.
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doesnt the rules.

Ending my post now with a HAPPY NATIONAL LEGOLAS DAY!!!!!!!!!



zorro legolas zorro


has anyone seen the cartoon lotr? theres a song in it and it goes like "Frodo of the 9 fingers and the ring of doom..."
yeah... it just reminded me of that...happy
yay, happy LEGOLAS DAY!! i was just looking at the Orlando Bloom Files and it said it was Legolas Day 2day and i was all excited... big grin
aw, but it wont be Legolas Day for long cuz its 11:40 pm right now.. sad

Yes I saw the cartoon lotr... ugly... didnt like it.
I think the idea is great... Im so lookin forward to seein that scene in the film big grin

If they bother to put it in.....

I hope they do though - it's just too important to leave out.....!

Cartoon ugly? Do you know how ahead of it's time it was? Cost a fortune to make it.

Maybe it was
but I simply didnt like it... I always have to think of that ugly Balrog. ugh.

hahahaa poor frodo!!gets his finger bitten off by gollum..yea..thats gonna be great lol

nice spoiler there, Exa.
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Hm? Spoiler? Where? *already a bit tired*

neeeeever mind.
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i liked that part of the book, very good, well written, and i think it was an appropriate end to gollum, or should i have not said that.

i dont' care anymore................. yeah that was the way for him to go, all things considered.
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Yes, definitely.

why doesn't frodo or bilbo ever call the ring their precious?
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Bilbo did call the ring his precious, in the first book/movie. When he has to give it to frodo and he doesnt want to and gandalf is forcing him too.

ah. i c.

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