"Sieg Heil"

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This is too funny!laughing out loud

Man, I know the dudes a douche bag, but jailing someone for teaching their dog a tasteless trick is way too dramatic! laughing out loud

German man charged with teaching dog Hitler salute

A German man is to appear in court charged with teaching his dog to give the Hitler salute.

The black sheepdog-mix, named Adolf, has been taught to lift his right front paw up straight in the salute on command.

Police were called to the scene in Berlin when Roland T, 54, shouted at passers-by last year.

When a patrol arrived, he allegedly showed them the trick he had taught his dog, gave the salute along with Adolf, and shouted: "Sieg Heil."

Now he has been charged with using symbols of unconstitutional organisations. If found guilty, he faces up to three years in prison.

Adolf will probably be brought to a pet shelter, the Berliner Kurier reports.

Carola Ruff, of the local animal protection organisation, says the dog shouldn't be judged for what its owner taught it.

"It makes me sick to think someone's using his dog as an instrument of his deranged brain," she told the paper

roll eyes (sarcastic) I swear, some people are just ridiculous

haha wut a dumass

Good Laws, in Belgium you can be arrested and do Hard time for only saying Sieg Heil, I think that's also a crime in Germany

I think you should be allowed to say whatever you want, no matter how distasteful, wrong or inflammatory.

Poor doggybig grin

Tex you are allowed to say whatever you want, noone will forbid you from saying it. But you have to accept the consequences of what you say


The Continent has a lot of laws like that. It's like Holocaust Denial, which is also illegal in many European Countries.

The US and UK have always been rather more of the opinion that if someone wants to believe in something silly like that, then that is their business. Untill they start beating up Jews it is not a matter for legislation, in those two countries.

True there is even a special name for the denial of the Holocaust

and it is illegal in almost every continental country in europe.

God Bless the UK and Americawink

BF probably taught his dog that same trickstick out tongue

wow tex what a story,thats nuts,they probably gonna put the dog to sleep to huh?

Nah, I'm sure some nice Jewish person would love to adopt himlaughing out loud

BKK everytime I like at your sig and avatar they make me miss my baby Peanutsad

awhh I am sorry china..your kitty must be so cute,'cause i know I am crazy over my new sig

she's a tabby with orange on white and right by her nose she has a little spot of orange that looks like a beauty mark

and she's supper cute when she's about to attack something (usually me) and her ears go back and her tail starts twitchin' really fast

Haha ,awhh she sounds sooo cute!! I miss cats,I have 2 dogs that wont except any other animals around.but there great

someday i'ld like to have one of each, but i'll get them both when they're little so they'll be able to grow up together

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