rating of RoTk

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does anyone know what the rating of return of the king is going to be? I thought it was going to be pg 13 but after reading this article in Rolling Stones i'm thinking its going to be R. I mean there's a LOT more action in this one... not just fighting but action as in get ur freak on action (hahaha that song cracks me up)... hey that's what they said in the magazine... really unneeded if you ask me... but has anyone read anything?

i dont think ist rated r.
maybe the see but not the theatrical version

Also dont think it's r.

However the ratings are very strange here... in some cinemas FoTR and TT were 10^ and in some 16^... and even if its 16^ you could go there with 9 years or something (I know cuz it was no problem to take my brother in), no problem.

its prob going to be pg-13...........think of austin powers and scary movie three............they r both pg-13 and they r very risky

I never understode the reating system, what dose it mean when a movie is rated R or pg 13 aso?

i don't think they would let it be rated R after 1 and 2 were rated pg-13. the'll keep it all together.

yea, even though there's a lot of blood shed, there isn't much language, no sex, well, we hope not, and the first two movies have been PG-13, if it is rated R i will be pretty pissed...

hmmm most likely pg-13..........the public has gotten pretty desensitized to graphic (movie battle scenes) violence in movies.


makes no difference to me if its R or PG-13. why do some of you care if its R?

Id like it to be pg-13,,,, i tihnk i heard somewhere that PJ was going to make it where they were all pg-13. But i dont know if pg-13 would have sauruman's supposed death or the heads being launched in gondor, because so far the only really violent things are when aragorn cuts the uruk-hai's head off in fotr(not even that bad) and when the uruk-hais head is imalded on the spear in TTT

Well PJ himself said he thinks lotr is already a film for 9 years or younger

i care if it's r because i'm only 16, in december i'll be 5 months away from being 17, therfore i wouldn't be able to see the movie as much as i'd like... life might suck, i think it'll be pg13

Probably M

FOTR and TTT EE received M 15+ (Recommended for mature audiences 15 years and over. It contains supernatural themes and medium violence.

u know i'm 13 and i understood it completely it should be pg 13 and that's all......

really random but what time is it there hypervona?

medium violence lol...

I know several people who arent even 10 years old and really loved the movie and all.

same with me... i work at an elementary school and all of the boys there love it... they worship me because i'm the only girl they've ever met that liked lotr...it's kinda funny, i can totally understand the pg13 thing tho

That's USA for you, isn't it; blood and gore gets low rating but if there's a swear word; OMG; IT HAS TO BE R!!!

it better be pg - 13

mah, you have an excellent point!!

in the uk it will be 12 a, children under twelve have to be with an adult, thats what the last one was and fotr was pg, no under 8s

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