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does ne one like it i sure dont

Fallin Angel
I love techno eek!

techno's ok. some techno. most are just ****ed up.

ummmm... i am not sure if what i listen to , you would consider techno... but it's some good shit .. esp when you just wanna get out anger, frustration, excitment, ect....

Anyone know the names of some really reaally good Techno bands/names? I need some new techno.

Fluke. It's all about Fluke. They're not strictly techno (not anymore, anyway), they sort of spill over into acid house, ambient and other such electronic whathaveyous, but they're very good. A lot of movies have used their music ('Absurd' is in Sin City, a remix of 'Another Kind of Blues' called 'Zion' is in The Matrix Reloaded, and 'Atom Bomb' is in tons of action flicks). Risotto is as good a techno album as any you'll hear.

Also, 'Kitten Moon' is the only electronic dance music song to make it into my top 10 all time tracks. Or even anywhere near in fact, now I think about it.

a lot of people confuse Matrix style soundtrack rubbish with TECHNO
check any of these


no cheese and MC free

or try the master
DAVE CLARK on the mix

Or...just try Fluke.

fluke are rubbish
they sounded dated 10 years ago
and are the epitome of that horrible kitchen sink techno that accompanies many a movie shoot outthere is a saying in Detroit Techno circles - FOR THOSE THAT KNOW THE DIFFERANCE......seems a lot dont

this is all you need,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,136/Itemid,230/

Pssh. As I said before, they're not even strictly techno. They bust out of that little bracket. Which is good cos as a genre, techno basically sucks. The only genuinely interesting artists associated with techno are the ones that break its mould and do something different with it rather than just going ''thump thump thump beep beep beep''.

i.e. Fluke, The Prodigy, Underworld, Aphex Twin and such. The only difference between most of the rest is that THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE.

Techno is a broad term for one...and for two, it DOESN'T all sound the same. Fluke, and those other top 40 electronica outfits that have just been mentioned span a variety of sub-genres that fall under what some people decide to call techno. These are just the popular ones...

I think the best of what would fall under a list like that then would be Leftfield.

Otherwise, Juan Atkins is what I'd consider to be just pure techno.

...and I can't remember one after hours or rave I've ever gone to where they were playing Fluke. It's definitely NOT "all about Fluke".

Alpha Centauri
If MSTRKRFT are considered techno, they're probably the only real artists I would say I like.

They would do well to stop trying to be Daft Punk 2, though.

I wouldn't consider The Prodigy or Aphex Twin to be techno.


Originally posted by Deathblow

Fluke, The Prodigy, Underworld, Aphex Twin and such.

apart from Aphex who is electronica id call the others Pop Techno
a diluted form of

Fluke are fine for driving round a racetrack to via a game on the PS2

or 3 if youve got one

Juan Atkins............todays classical

Originally posted by Alpha Centauri
If MSTRKRFT are considered techno, they're probably the only real artists I would say I like.


Although, the Daft Punk thing bugs me too...and having anime videos just sealed it. They even wear masks too I very, very, very Canadian to be a copy-cat band like this...happens ALL the freakin time here. Embarrassing.

Other good Canadian techno...Plastikman...from way back.

Daft Punk are outstanding although i was surprised at how many samples they have in their tracks
i thought it was all their own work

Of course I like Techno, and house, prog, tribal, Psy Trance, breaks, DnB, Dubstep, Trip Hop etc etc.

If you want to 'broaden' your mind a little look for singles, sets or cd's from the following artists:

Amon Tobin
Aphex Twin
James Zabiela
Paolo Mojo
Alex Smoke
Funk D'Void
General Midi
Funky Porcini

thats a good start anyway wink

none of the above are Techno

I think Extrawelt and Alex Smoke would beg to differ!

I was more illustrating a broader range of genres than just techno anyway, 'most' people blanket dance music in general with the techno banner. Some of those artists may be a little easier for them to stomach than the Mills/Drexciya/Clarke wall of sound and might actually pique their interset in other styles of music.. maybe!

beleive me.. I know what Techno is.

i didnt see Mr Smoke
ive bought a couple of his tracks over the years
i apologize

extrawelt is new to me#
thanx for the nod

nah all good man.. I get a bit genrelitist myself at times "there is no hard in house" lol

but do check out Extrawelt if you can, theres a mad live mix from early last year floating around which is truly inspiring, alot of melodic bass heavy tech and a little glitchy minimal, but still amazing nonetheless. or you just try beatport for singles of course wink

Smoke I cought a few months ago in a small club with unfortunatley only about 10 other people and no aircon!! was worth the sweat though, best live set i've seen in a while.

from what im listening to now of Extrawelt he isnt so far from Legowelt
or Bangkock Impact
that sort of Italo Horror movie soundtrack disco with an electro tint and there is nothing wrong with that
thank you for opening my ears to a new artist who i think im going to enjoy a lot

mind you 5 mins after listening to his myspace he does straightforward minimalist Techno well too

hehe! yeah its hot shit, Fernweh is my fav by far..

while we sharing have alisten to Len Faki - Mekong Delta.. probably my favourite deep techno track at the moment, kills a dancefloor like nothing else! (the outro is deadly) XD

Hey...I heard this song once and I'm dying to find out who it is (hate it when that happens).

I think they're Italian...I think their name is something like "Valvoa"...I think they had a track named "Teenage Generation" or something.

It's kinda hardcore, electro

Any idea what I'm talking about?

(thought it'd be worth a shot)

i got a Len Faki track somewhere too
i did a bit of Djing roundabout 2001 - 2004 mostly playing electro and deep techno
stuff on Int Deejay Gigolo recordings ,Legowelt,stuff on Kanzlermaant recordings,Good Life recordings etc
i started to get into deep techno prior to giving it up
Alexander Kowalski,Diego that kind of stuff

yeah nice, Its a shame you gave it up.. is that so you could get into producing? I checked out some of ur tracks on myspace too, i like where they going!

Ive been a bedroom producer for years and years, never had the guts to get my shit out there except for throwing a few singles to friends to play out, now I've sorta hit the clubs and am getting booked to DJ more and more.. see where it leads me I guess *shrug* I do it simply cos I love music.

- EPIIIBITES, I had a bit of a search round came up with nothin, sorry!


I'm not a big techno fan, it's okay, but I've never really gotten into it. However, I do listen to two techno songs:
The one from Super Troopers and the Mortal Kombat one smile

Originally posted by Bubble_O_Bill
yeah nice, Its a shame you gave it up.. is that so you could get into producing? I checked out some of ur tracks on myspace too, i like where they going!

i still got the vinyl
i just got disalusioned with playing loads of tracks on the record shops system and not getting a buzz from the tracks anymore and buying substandard tunes
this was when i wasnt keen on buying over the net

as for my myspace they need updating
they are old tracks
bit too minimal

Burnt Pancakes
Mortal Kombat Theme.

no expression


MOOOORRTAL KOOMBAATT!!11111!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1

EDM Expert
Classic Techno:

The Creator - Creator
A Si Me Gusta A Mi - Chimo Bayo
James Brown Is Still Alive - Holy Noise
Dominator - Human Resource
Who Is Elvis - Interactive
Twilight Zone (Mortal Kombat theme) - 2 Unlimited
Who Killed JFK - Misteria
Star Trek (Tekno Mix) - Orion
Dance Your Ass Off - R.T.Z.
Anasthasia - T99
Children Of The Future - Trilithon
Das Boot - U96
James Brown Is Dead - L.A. Style
Tekknological Crime - Fazer
Welcome To The Future - Eskimos & Egypt
Get Ready For This - 2 Unlimited
Age Of Love - Age Of Love

EDM Expert
Don't Forget The Greatest Trance & Techno Song Ever:

Techno: Amok - 666
Trance: Ayla pt. 2 - Ayla

Hey...where's The Age of Love???

i wouldnt call most of em Techno
Age of Love is early Trance
and i hate the term but id say most of the above are straight up early 90s RAVE tracks
Dominator ,T99 and Holy Noise entries are quality Euro techno tracks but 2 Unlimited are not or will ever be the T

Yeah...most of these scream rave...just thought I'd take up the opportunity to give props to some of that SmartE's!!

and anything on R/S records ,anything by EON,Shut up and dance records and even Altern8!

HaHA..eon. First CD I ever bought...Fear: The Mindkiller single.

The album was killer...and that guy still makes some decent, less-rave/more techno sounding stuff now.

...see if I can find it.

His my space has a couple funky new trax on well as Spice!

nice one

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