RoTK soundtrack

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oooo how exciting!!!!!!! cant wait ;-)

Lady Ellie
Hehe...that's goint to be a vey cool soundtrack ( Viggo and Billy singing...) big grin

i am worried about the songs that the actors are singing as well as annie lenoux. i dont think that there going to sound to good, but at the same time howard shore wouldnt let it happen if it stunk.

I'm more worried about the listing of the scenes

Something must be missing...

Hope the battle music is as good as in TT

hopefully one of those has the theme from gondor in it that was played in the trailer.


i cant wait to get that soundtrack!!! i have the first two already and they are soooo good happy

Oh, Billy Boyd on one of the tracks - that alone makes me want to buy the soundtrack!!

(Although I would have done anyway!)

Pippin AND Aragorn... maybe we wont hear so much of Aragorn like on the FoTR SEE...

The Gondor theme? Wasnt that also on the TT SEE? If yes I doubt it will be...

AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! I WANT! *hyperventalates*

BTW, how can the soundtrack come out before the movie????

The ride of the Rohirrim??? That sounds so cool, i think theres a bit of that playing on the preview on the TTT DVD............It really rox

Go LOTR music!!

All the LoTR soundtracks and also those of many other films came out before the movie started. Will make waiting a bit shorter smile

The cover as it will probably be:


I think Dernhelm or Denethor shouldve been on the cover X( (as it is also the official Poster)
And Gollum only so small sad

Exa> looks to me like everything is there...or enough!
Is the soundtrack on sale already?

I can't wait too hear what Minas Tirith is like, hope it's gonna be very good

No, not yet on sale, we'll have to wait until the end of November - I have the date somewhere but I dunno exactly.

there will be 4(!) different Rotk-ost-editions.
1 - Normal edition
2 - special edition with all three soundtracks in one package
3 - special edition 2 with an extra-dvd: "Making of the score"
4 - a special internet-edition (but i dont know whats the difference between this one and the others)

i guess ill get the third one with the dvd

and the releas dates will be the 17/18 of november for the normal version and the 9 of december for the special-dvd-edition.

4 eek!
I'll buy the first one I can get... which, I think, will be 1.

Hm Amazon says the soundtrack will come on the 24th of Nov.

no song can top that violin song at rohan

Sounds like the missing parts will be so short they'll have to be put into another song. The Ride of the Rohirrim sounds like the Riders of Rohan.
Or so it seems.
I can't wait!


Yeah, nice one that; they used a norwegian hardinger fiddle for it.

Yeah that one was really cool

my fav. song of all the ones for lotr was a knife in the dark in fotr during the part at the prancing pony w/ the ringwraiths

I love the lyrics of the ringwraith songs I hope there will be more like that in RoTK (fx Minas Morgul)

my favourite song was concerning hobbits, that song was so happy, i loved it!! i heard Liv Tyler (i totally forget, that is her name, right??) well, i heard that she was gonna be singing on the soundtrack. she was supposed to be singing on the second, but they saved it for the last..... hmmm... i dunno?

scott hiwersh
...but, is there going to be additional unreleased music in the TTT Extended Edition? If so , I would love to know how to get it... I am sure you can download it, but what about in CD format?

I'd also love something like that
but I just know the special edition with one additional song, but not the whole soundtrack sad

Liv Tyler?
Well, at least she's not on the soundtrack, perhaps in the film.

i also heard that liv tyler is gonna sing in rotk... dunno if its true

Cool im sooo gonna get that i cant wait smile

However, at least Aragorn and Pippin are gonna sing on the soundtrack.

scott hiwersh
Aragorn singing an extra song on the EE? That is going to rock. I cannot wait... what is it... 8 days? YESSSSSSS

You can already hear a bit of the soundtrack here:
(save target as)(dezip to hear)

PJ on the Extended soundtrack:

I HAVE IT!! big grin rolling on floor laughing

it's extremely good. beyond good. it's excellent!!

Billy Boyd and Viggo Mortensen both have great voices. although, personally, i find Billy Boyd better. wink

and 'Minas Tirith' is a great song. possibly my favorite.

oh and hi, i'm new. embarrasment

I haven't heard any of the Soundtracks, are they good?

They are not good, they are PERFECT

Well put Exa!!

Although, I'd also say exquisite and beautiful...

big grin

exquisite, beautiful, perfect, and any other compliment rolled into one. rolling on floor laughing

i love the music for LOTR. it's powerful, soft, spooky, tear-jerking, and fun all at the same time. big grin

Billy Boyd singing?!
Are you sure, that he's not gonna play on aome instrument or something?!
And what about Viggo Mortensen? I know he's an actor, poet and awesome at taking fotos....but singing?
Well....I've might have known if I had listened to his voice with my music-ears on....

Did you know that Elijah takes professional singing practise? I really can't imagine him as a singer....
Well I've heard him singing Spice Girls....on KaZaa I fell over it....
Doesn't sound very good, but well, he's singing with a very high and light a lil girl! *sneaker*


Yes, Billy really sings - and I think it's very good too! big grin

for everyone who wants to take a short listen to the rotk-soundtrack:

Missy-- what's wrong with Billy Boyd and Viggo Mortensen singing? they both have great voices. love

Yeah! What's wrong with that?!? confused


i was really worried about the two actors singing but they did great jobs.

then you've GOTTA GO GET THEM RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Billy and Viggo singing! My friends and I listened to The Steward of Gondor obsessively when we first got it.

Ariadne--you're not the only one. wink

it's a great song. love

have i mentioned that Billy and Viggo have great voices? stick out tongue

does anyone have a good clip of steward of gondor?

Billy Boyd's singing was awesome...I need to get the cd!

I bought it in London some time ago. Still listening to it every day!!! Before I saw the movie I was really curious how they were going to put the singing (it weren't funeral songs this time). But they did very well. I like the singing in the ROTK way better than in TTT EE. I would have liked it if Orlando had sung a song too, since he is an elf, and they're supposed to sing very, very beautiful.
It's just that I don't really like the song in the end, by Annie Lennox. It's nice, but not as good as those in the first movie bij Enya and the one in the second.

does anyone of you have the collector's edition of the soundtrack? How's the second song by annie lenox?

im gettin the last two for christmas i cantv wait as soon as i get the return of the king one im listenin to billy boyd sing, so sad i hear there as good as the first one with means they are brilliant

i allready listen it its cool cool

i would just like to say that billy's song was amazing and if the rest of the movie had sucked (which it totally didnt) i would go back jsut for the song

Hey, remember that amazing part where Gandalf is running through the field, and uses his staff to defeat the Nazgul? Wasn't that song BEAUTIFUL? It was so perfect for that part!

Is that song a clip from Minas Tirith (like, around 2mins into the song?)? Does anyone know the lyrics?


omg, Pippin's song was amazing. im getting the soundtrack just for that song. (well mostly)

i need to hear it right now. i thought i was just going to but it was only a clip of the song but not when Pippin was singing! sad i REALLY need to hear that song! it was so great, i cried during that song when i saw the movie. (OMG the movie was so good, but i cant talk about it in this thread!) I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!

I think the best song is Minas Tirith

Lord_Andres, do you know the lyrics to the vocals that start about 2mins into Minas Tirith?? Because the ones at seem a little different...

anyone know the lyrics for The Steward of Gondor?



wow, that was long...
anyways i found the lyrics for the song Pippin sings! just look at my siggy! yay, im so happy!

Pips song somehow ressembles some poem in the book...

I love the text from The Argument and The Mountain Of Fire

I JUST GOT THE ROTK SOUNDTRACK! I know , I know I should have gotten long ago. Anywho it is fantastic, it takes me right back to the movie. I cry everytime I hear the Stweard of Gondor, I can still see Faramir riding to his "death" It is so powerful!

The song pip sings is too emotional let me tell you ........ I haven't even seen the movie,and i cry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I heard that song last night,and i was in tears.......

i know, it makes me cry too! im getting the soundtrack for Christmas! I cant wait! i need to hear Pip's song!

whoa, "hannad," lord_andres!! thanks a lot!

Exa, what poem is Pippin's song kind of like?

Any one know if the song the hobbits sing at the beginning about the Green Dragon is in the book at all or if it's just made up? I was going to look for the first line in the index, but then I forgot it.

Lady Bri
The soundtrack IS awesome happy sadly I don't actually have it...yet...Pippin's song is so sad but I love it! Howard Shore is a genius yes

Some lines are the same as in
"upon the hearth a fire is red" (last versessmile

Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.
Then world behind and home ahead,
We'll wander back to home and bed.
Mists and twilight, cloud and shade,
Away shall fade! Away shall fade!
Fire and lamp, and meat and bread,
And then to bed! And then to bed!

Pippins version is more forboding, reflecting his doubts.

The different RoTK Editions:

Complete Trilogy Box Set

RoTK Internet-Only Special Edition

RoTK Special Edition

RoTK Jewel-Case Edition

Internet-Only 3 CD Set

im so excited, im getting the soundtrack in 3 days! (Christmas)
i wanna hear it so bad cuz im not gonna be able to see the movie this week. sad

I have had the soundtrack for a while now but haven't listened to it yet, it is one of the presents I bought my girlfriend along with the Evenstar. The CD is wrapped up now, I can't wait for Xmas just for her to open it and for us to listen to it!!!

Why won't Christmas hurry up?!


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