Enter The Matrix Question

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Okey dokey people,

In ETM the keymaker tells Niobe and Ghost that it is imperative that they recover the all important key {that Neo used at the end of Reloaded to open the door to the source} that was stolen by Cain and Abel. When Ghost mentions making another one, the keymaker dismisses the idea.

Now, in the chateau level whether you play as niobe or ghost you never recover the key. I can understand that maybe this was "fate" as if they had got it and given it to Neo he would have opened the door to the source causing that building to explode. But how the heck did the keymaker come up with another key if it could not be made again?

Yours hopefully

errrr... why do u think it couldn't be made again? many believe this is why the keymaker is still hard @ work when neo gets to him. he seems to have just finished making another key.

THAT's the weird thing! You see him make another one, but in ETM there was a conversation as follows:

Ghost: Can't you make another one?
Keymaker: Once it is used it cannot be used again!

Maybe I've interpreted this wrong, I dunno. But if he COULD make another one, why did he ask ghost and niobe to get it at the risk of their lives? {side note - why DIDN't Niobe and ghost try to get it?} If it's because he worried the mero would use it, why DIDN't the mero use it?

Yours Hopefully

oh yah, hm, weird, it's been a long time since i've played ETM, you see. weird indeed smile i'll try and check it out later.

as for why mero didnt use it, well, only the one can open the door (made of light) smile

Evil Dead
He doesn't say he can't make another key. He simply states that once the key is used, it can't be used again. Cain, Able, Merovingian, etc. never went to the source to use the key...........therefore he made another one and Neo could still use it because the original key had not been used.

Nowhere does he state he can't make another key........only that the key to the source can only be used once. Which it was.........where's the problem?

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