matrix prequal?

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I though that matrix revolutions was going to be a prequal and an ending to the saga, did anyone else hear this after the first movie

pssst it's prequel, and your fly's unzipped. As for the prequel bit, I could have sworn I had heard that somewhere too, but alas I can't remember where.


well thank you for the gramatical correction, and next time my fly needs to be unzipped i'll be sure to be facing your direction.

I am glad however i'm not alone on this. i thought i was going crazy for minute

It's me the Newb laughing I am so happy to be here. Well, bash my head now laughing out loud I am ready!!!!! mad
I think I would like to be taught a lesson by all you Matrix Geniuses. The second one confused the @#$^&% out of me!!!! I think that the whole idea of the guy with 1,000 TVs got me off hand. And also!! What did the pen have to do with anything?

I had also heard it I think it was on the Animatrix or the ETM game not sure, but I am certain that it was said.

k, the pen is like a TV controller, and he was explaining to Neo that he had to go through the door on his right, or everyone was going to die. Like an idiot who's in love, he went through the door to save his *****, and now he already knew that someone's purpose was inevitable, so that means that if Trinity was going to die, and she was somehow saved, she is going to die somehow anyway. He also went into detail about how the matrix became what it is, explaining that there were three Matrices and he was telling Neo that he was the 6th anomally of that history. He also said that this Neo was probably the brightest or most aware of certain things.

Captain REX
Revolutions is a sequel, not a prequel... messed

reading this thread hurts me...

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