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Okey dokey people,

In ETM, if you play as Niobe {I don't know if the timing is the same for Ghost's visit or not} and beat Seraph then you are taken to see the oracle, during which time she tells Niobe that Neo has already touched the source. Therefore, Neo has already been to see the Architect by this point, and has also already left the matrix with Trinity.

So why, when Niobe leaves, does Smith appear and say he is looking for Neo? Surely by this time Smith and his clones have already confronted him, Morpheus and the keymaker in the programmer's hallway, and it would be stupid for him to assume that Neo would go there again, if indeed there is a "connection" between them. So is this a gaffe in timing, or have I missed something? confused

good question blink

Well, we know that the door to the Architect is opened within about five or six minutes of Niobe and Ghost blowing the power station, so you are right it has all happened by then. Elsewise, though, be careful about saying things that the Oracle says have already happened- obviously it is part of her nature to do otherwise.

Literally speaking Smith never says he is looking for Neo though that is a good assumption.

But it may be that Smith has no accurate idea of where Neo is and is still looking. It may be that Smith is looking for Neo in wherever he turns out to be at the next film. The Hallway, after all, should lead to everywhere in the Matrix.

Well surely there are hundreds of agent smiths. It must take time for info such as "we've found neo" to travel all over the smith network, so maybe the ones who confronted niobe just didnt know yet?

It's the matrix, lol. I am sure that when you are in the messed building time is all messed up, just like the building. I think that the ETM is very different form the movei, obviously. I think also, that they seemed to have focused too much attention onto Niobe and Ghost in ETM.

As ghost, I gave up with trying to fight off the squiddies in the rabbit hole...I shot all that came near me but kept dieing...

The Unknown
Maybe he was waiting for the Oracle.

Can't be. It's a good idea, but Smith definitely says "Perhaps you can help me find HIM"

The Omega

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