Did Arwen really live Middle-Earth?

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Those of us who have read the whole of LOTR book (no matter how boring it was) knows that Arwen is not suppose to have left Middle Earth.
I'm thinking maybe she tricked her father into thinking that she has gone for good (because he is such a stubborn git, and wouldn't stop pestering her) so that she could sneak out and fight along side Aragorn, after all, we have seen that she has skills, and was very brave in protecting Frodo from those Nazgul. What do you think will happen when she and Eowyn comes face to face? What about our poor Aragorn? He will be torn between this two woman, how do you think will he react? We all know that he marries Arwen in the end and lives happily ever after; in the book it is said that Aragorn only feels pity for Eowyn, but in the movie he actually has some feelings for Eowyn. In the book Arwen and Eowyn never came face to face, don't you think it will be interesting just to see how they react when they do? Arwen is not stupid, she is an Elf kind after all, and it will be a matter of minutes before she realizes whats going on between Aragorn and Eowyn, what do you think will the outcome be?
I want to hear all of your opinions guys, about weather Arwen has really gone, weather my prediction is correct or not. And mostly, what are your predictions.

No she dosnt leave she is in the 3rd film(seen a little clip of her and her dad and he tells her isnt gonna protect her now and walks away turning his back on his daughter) she dosnt want to leave as she says THERE IS STILL HOPE!!! but i think this film will b very interesting with this love triangle but i dont think Eowyn has a chance with Aragorn he loves Arwen to much with all the flash backs of her in the second film u can tell he still loves her and no1 else but we will see in the next film if he has a change of heart.

Eowyn's a Rohirrim human, not very long lived (only likely to get a quarter of a royal numenorean descendant lifespan) Arwen was described as being impossibly beautiful which probably could not even now be contrived with live action.

So Eowyn stands no chance whatsoever! If nothing else. she will have died of old age before Aragorn has any grey hairs!


yes i agree with u exa...i definetly think she will stay, but her and eowyn will not hate nor like each other

well duh she will stay...............didn't u see the tiny pic floating around with Arwen in her wedding dress.
There is even going to be a doll in the same dress released later this year i think.

Arwen is staying and becomes the Queen of gondor

it has definately been conformed that they have shot the wedding scene, she's not going anywhere, but Eowyn does stand a chance against arwen, i remember somethin in the third book when faramir tells her that her beauty is comparable to elves, not that arwen and aragorn getting married has anything to do with that...

I think that Arwen will end up staying for whatever reason, going to Gondor, and marrying Aragorn, who (in the book at least) never really loved Eowyn, she just loved him. And unless something is majorly screwed Eowyn will be marrying Faramir. I also don't think they'll be an Arwen/Eowyn confrontation. Oh, and if Arwen fights I will be very mad because she's the princess one and Eowyn is the warrior. But that's just my opinion. big grin

in the movie aragorn does have "feelings" toward eowyn... remember, at the time of him meeting her, he had already thought that arwen was on her way to valinor, so don't diss him for that, but i at first, i think that tolkien was going to have eowyn and aragorn marry, but then he was going to kill eowyn by the witch-king and then she lived but he just decided that arwen should marry him, the predictable path of aragorn's love... angel

big grin big grin

I don't think he really does have certain feelings for Eowyn in the film... it's like in the book, but how can you express that in a film? And how not to make it look ridiculous?

well, on reviews, and on the trailer it shows that he does have some feels toward her...

Of course Aragorn will marry Arwen. If Aragorn marries Eowyn will throw off the movie (not all of it). Also I hope Arwen fights cause I think she got some skills to show off, like she did in The Fellowship of the Ring. Eowyn is cool but Arwen is way better, not just becasue she has cool powers but she looks hottttttt.

I agree Arwens way better! if you look at the ttt ee the appendices then they were gonna have Arwen come fight at Helms deep at Aragorns side, Liv trained for it and they shot it but they pulled it out and then put the flash backs in so i think and hope Arwen fights in rotk


Why it looked real cool it showed small clips well i guess it would be weared its way way way different from the books

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