How should I view M3 for the first Time??

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Regular Movie Screen or IMAX!!

MC Mike
Uhh... IMAX, if you can!

imax of course, you'll have to wait though

iMax, but why wait wink

The Omega
Odd question.
On the screen of your cellular so you can yell "OPERATOR, get me an exit."

you wouldnt want to exit no

u'd only want to exit if Neo diessad

which ur gunna hav to do

The Omega

Wait for it to come out on video, then wait for one of your friends to rent/buy it, then go see it for free with them.

IMAX all the way. and yes if neo died i dont no what i would do.......*BANG*........................

If you want to enjoy it without getting a headache then AVOID the Imax at all costs. The only movies that should ever be viewed in Imax are movies made with the thought of the 70MM Imax film in mind. I saw reloaded in IMAX and the action sequences are so distorted if i hadnt seen already i wouldnt have a clue to who was fighting who. Every one in the Imax after words were sickend by the expierence. It was highly over rated. Reloaded was just the 35MM film blown up to the 70MM screen. I know it has an official imax film trademark on it, but even the producers will tell you that the film was just transfered on Imax capatible film. However i heard that Revolutions had the Imax expierence in mind so it may be different, it may be watchable, to be safe just see it in your average theater. Youll thank yourself when your left without motion sickness and a headache.

1337 D0wnloading DVD-screener skillz smokin'

Ohhh YOU

Go see it in the threaters

THanx for the input guys.

It's so odd because my girlfriend said the exact same thing after we saw Reloaded in Imax, which was Our 3rd time seeing it in the summer. She did'nt Like it..I loved. It was just really big, I did'nt notice the Distortion.

My only Dilemna now is that I kind of want to see it on Wednesday, instead of waiting till saturday, and the Only time I can get for Wednesday is a late Imax Showing. I know if I wait till saturday, Someone will SPoil the ending for me.

AAAHHHHHH What to do!!

Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday.....I'm camping out so I can be at the first showing smile

well if your planning to see it in an IMAX on saturday. Then why not see it late on Wendsday? If you get the chance on the 5th GO for it, then you can say you were there the first day. Thats important to me with movies i wanna see. Dont take the chance of it being spoiled, get the full expeirence

i'll not visit KMC on 5th and 6th
bcoz i m going to see it on 7th on DVD eek!


eek! i bought my tickets for wednesday night and friday day today cool

You cannot compare cinema to DVD even with the best home cinema equipment. You watch the movie on DVD to find out more about the movie, not to see it for the first time!

I guess you haven't been in my home theater!

6000 watts of lovin'!

I got a giant Hitachi HDTV (line doubler from DVD player) w/ Onkyo receiver powering NHT ST-4s and Supercenter w/ two sunfire subwoofer pushing 2700 watts each.

It's not better than every cinema experience but it's better than a few.

When the Helicopter blows up in part one YOU KNOW IT BLOWS UP!

MC Mike
Haha... One kid I know as so obsessed with having a HUGE TV, he got one so big everything was distorted and it was worthless...

Haha... should've seen the look on his face...

i did i was there

MC Mike
Uhhh... no. You're acting like dave now... stick out tongue laughing out loud

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