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MC Mike
Which Character from the previous movies/games do you think will come out the MOST during Revolutions? Like, which one will be the most important compared to how important he/she is now?

I think the Kid...

me 2

The Mero will be the most important villian next to where he stands now...obviously Smiddy and the machines come first...

I don't think the kid plays much of a role in 3...he's not old enough to join the crew for another year or something like that!

MC Mike
Yes but maybe something unexpected happens?

Did we EXPECT Smith to survive before we watched the trailers?

Well... maybe, but that's just the way I suspect the Kid has some role to play... shifty

True, but have you even seek Kid in any of the trailers?

MC Mike
No, but he's on one of the pics on the Matrix site...

Look, I dunno, but I'm just saying, out of all those people, I say the kid.

They could be keeping it low... shifty

And why would they add him to the movies too if he had no purpose! It is purpose that created us!

You could be right, I haven't seen any of the new shots on the official site

MC Mike

But all it shows is him looking back at something behind him as he sort of is crawling through a mass of "dead" sentinels, with cuts on his body and some blood...

Not a good sign...

Doesn't sound like it...I'm going to make a new thread about Neo's sight - I think I have excellent evidence that he is NOT blinded in his fight with Bain. stick out tongue

MC Mike
Bane. Yep, you do that...

*waits a while*

"Is anyone else coming to this thread?"

*from far away, "No, Meta's is much more interesting!"*

"Oh, okay..."

the kids gotta be.. and mifune is gonna be bigger this go round

sita (rama and family)

mc mike> you just will love it if the kid is important this time around (since you're the kid in the matrix unspoiled)

just messing with you man wink

anyway i think the kid will play a bigger role this time (heroic or something), i mean why wouldn't he?, he has his own animatrix

MC Mike
That's why I chose him! stick out tongue

thats like asking which number is our favorite...if we are not given the ability to prove our idea on mathematical grounds, then every number is equal. Ergo...no character.

MC Mike
So you want to prove your theory why that person will be? erm

Go ahead!

ot has to be the kid( not annoying zionite) the one trapped in mobil ave.
If the macines have achieved love through the child it is truly something special and important. She will probably take over the role of the architect or be holding an apple at the end of the superbrawl which will be like a symbol of the new unity between man and machine. My proof is the oracle got deleted because of her. All the crazy zionites consider her the second most important thing in the war!!!

MC Mike
Then choose Rama & Family, her name is Sati, btw.

the oracle did not get deleted because of Sati, her shell was terminated, theres a difference...and no, not ALL the zionites hold her important..."I dont care about oracles or prophecies or messiahs..."

Mike> THANK YOU, i was gonna say that, but you beat me to it...

MC Mike
Haha... I beat Jedi!!

JK ! stick out tongue

dude i choose the kid..... how does he know when neo is always there? and he has an animatrix thing... something is up with him... plus the pic... wtf is that blus light.. it can be a sentinal.. they are reddish lights... http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com/rv_img/photo_rev_oct_10.jpg

MC Mike
The blue light is a remaining flashlight, look at the left side of the picture - sebtinel head. They're dead - no lights.

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