Neo's sight: Is he or isn't he blinded?....

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After analyzing several of the Trailers, I have found what I would like to present as evidence that Neo does not loose his sight! But rather, is wearing the blindfold to help him focus with his new abilities. The blindfold may actually have even more to do with his coma than anything....

1) Some have thought he was bleeding? I have found no evidence of this in any of the trailers, both official and underground releases. His skin is red, sunburnt like, perhaps from fighting Bain with the EMP gun. No evidence of blood on his eyes.

2) The fight with Bain appears to happen before he meets with Ex Deux -- and he does not wear the blind fold to visit the Machine.

3) Everytime Neo is wearing the blindfold, he is controlling something with his mind in the real world. (Squiddies, the plug that goes into the back of his head...)

4) As Neo and Trin approach the open field on the surface where they meet the squiddies...They have a convo where she says "If you tell me we're going to make it I'll believe you" and He replies "We're going to make it. We have to." At this point he is definately not wearing the blindfold, but moments later when he causes the setinals to blow up, he is wearing the blindfold.

Has anybody seen anything that contradicts this? Have we actually seen him bleeding from the eyes? If so, where? Also explain cronologically how he doesn't need it sometimes, and then needs it at other times through-out the movie as in situation 4 I listed above.

This would support my, and a few others, theories. Mine being that, Neo has gained Super-user access to the machine mainframe by meeting with the Architect, still inside the machines computer system - but not inside the matrix program - and is still somehow connected to the Matrix because he has touched the source. And that is as much of a re-explination as I'm gonna do, read my previous posts for details or email me 'cause I think I'm gonna type it up since I keep getting asked about it! L laughing L

A new trailer release that JKozzy posted has given insite that discredits some of my last post. To avoid "spoiling" anything for anybody I will not mention what it is and ask others do not as well. Leave this open for debate by anyone who is interested and DON'T SPOIL IT FOR OTHERS!!!

MC Mike
Finally found it, Meta! One thing, Number 2 is wrong... He wears it..

Remember - "I won't"?

Yeah, okay.

The Omega
This topic ALREADY exits in the FTD!

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