24 Hours to go!

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The Omega
A rhetorical statement! WHO DOESN't KNOW THIS?!?! big grin

I know it, I know it. I bought 5 tickets last night for the 7:10 p.m. showing tomorrow night. I would go sooner if I didn't have to work to pay for the tickets. My friends owe me. cool

i can't wait! woot! go matrix, i think the name sounds awesome, matrix.. revolutions *gets shivers*

big grin!!!!!!!!

And the reviews are mostly bad.

Averaging 6.3 out of 10. Currently 9 out of 15 reviews were disappointed in the movie.

i dont care about reviews, but i do care about 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, when i go see it for myself

Im quite hesitated its going to be tomorrow in where i live rite now.. i did not get any confirmation about the dates from the local theatres...........

Reviews?!? We don't need no stinkin' reviews!!!!!

julibug> ditto

reviews are for the mindless masses, who like movies where it is two non-stop hours of action, the hero gets the woman, never gets touched, and lives to fight another day, with no plot, no substance, and DEFINITELY no philosophy..

I swear I didnt know,wow

if u need a review you have no opinions if you have no opinions of your own.. your worthless

the reviews are just like spoiler... why read them?

anyway....just 0ne day yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

btw, i wacth reloaded like three times this weekend, and i'm repalying enter the matrix....i can't wait

im watching Matrix every day on TBS to get in the "mood"...

ive been watching tbs too...the quick cuts of the neo smith fight look amazing...plus the clip they showed on mtv, making the movie was equally nice...looks like they went back to the first matrix on some of their fight scenes

yeah, i dont care if people talk during the movie, cause im repeating the lines anyway (memorization rules!!!) but every time a commercial comes on im like SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! its a commercial!!!! cause they show clips and stuff...


TBS is very nice to us. I have watched it a couple of times too.
As for reviews...they are never accurate. The best movies always get crap ratings.

Screw them. They're just jealous. Or something. Hey... people said that Underworld was bad... *cough* *watches the tumbleweed go past*

I liked it!


i liked it too

underworld is cool but that could just be my trousers talking... kate beckinsale in leather and ia m sold

another dave.......

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