Revolutions does not sound too promising

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I have read the countless reviews that have come out today and most of them say revolutions is only a so-so movie. They went on to say that the movie does not really answer any questions we had. This is very disappointing. I was hoping for some sort of finality. I have no idea why they would not give any answers. People are going to be upset with the ending and the repeat business will not be so great. I wish they could hand the matrix over to more capable directors and redo reloaded and revolutions. The wachowscki brothers have ruined a movie franchise that could have been a classic. Now, the matrix will be remembered for what could have been instead of what was. It is sad too because reloaded and revolutions had so much potential.

So in other words, you're giving up before you even see what seems like it could easily be a very great movie...

Second of all... more capable directors? It seems to me like the brothers have been doing fine (granted the first half of reloaded was a little slow), but the original matrix was a masterpiece, and the second half of reloaded wasn't bad compared to other movies (you are comparing it to the original matrix).

I think we should withhold judgement until we see the movie.

I sortve agree, but wait till you see it, you cant rely on critics, especially when we understand the movie much more than they do.

M1 is a classic. But M2 and M3 ruined it.

I just don't want to play online games and read comics and see other animated dvd's to finish the story, not too many others do either. They are trying to scheme more money from us.

Don't pay any mind to the critics. They would not know a good movie it it walked up and smacked them in the face.

Trust only what the true fans say. Thats all that matters in the end. wink

MC Mike

I don't care that they say it sucked but I do care that they said the movie really does not answer our questions. This is the final movie and if our questions are not answered then they will never be answered, unless you play the games and read the comics, but that is stupid.

MC Mike
Well... not for me at least... erm

Ask yourself this.

What do critics really know?

Would they take the time to go over the movie with a fine tooth comb?


So the answers they wanted answered may not be the ones we do.

Mr. Reeves was on the Today show this morning and he said "The story of Neo is ending" Also that we will get answers to "All" the questions we have. So I don't know what the F'n critics are talking about...maybe they weren't paying attention like we fans will!

From what I heard about Revolutions, it's got some awesome action and visual effects, but the story is sub par.


Let me tell you this, I've read many reviews too, and you know what I've found? They have relied on reports from movie goers, as ourselves, who have not even seen the movie yet!!! Not to mention, almost every one of the critics articles (and, so it seems the so called fans they interviewed) were more interested in LOTR than they were Revo.

So tell me how a critic who is only speculating, and does not want to think about the intratcate workings of the Matrix, going to know that it doesn't answer any questions when they aren't asking the right questions to begin with?

And your more capable directors comment?! The only thing I'm going to say is that this movie would not be what it is without the Wakowski Bros, and that, as the two who are the complete masterminds behind the whole thing - you couldn't have a more capable pair of directors!

Rolling Stone said that Neo goes off when they land at the machine city, like he sobs like there is no tomorrow. Does this sound good to u, Korri:/

*reads title of thread*
*leaves thread forever*

yup, i think im doin the same thing. im never comin back!

i think is a big pile of BS!! people say trash just to get fans pissed off...we will know tomorrow for sure, dont read any reviews or itll put a downer on teh whole experience, you know how critics can be...we've all read good and bad reviews about any movie we've ever seen, AND Revolutions hasnt even come out yet!!! so these reviews could be BS....just wait and see, in time, we will know......

I won't be back to this thread either!

Yeah the reviews are bad and the trailer didn't look nearly as exciting as Reloaded's I'm still checking it out though.

Here are a few of the reviews from rottentomatoes.

''The Matrix Revolutions" is awful. It's not merely hapless or disappointing - it's a total catastrophe.

"Visually stunning but a huge disappointment. The resolution sucked!

"Please someone, get me the blue pill. I want to forget that this ambitious and noteworthy series is ending so weakly."

"So disappointing they may as well have bussed in Ewoks to save Zion."

"A mixture of frantic but empty action and solemn, even more vacuous philosophizing that ends up simultaneously pretentious and puerile."

''At the risk of understatement, The Matrix Revolutions sucks.''

well l aint leasoning to critics.for one, the matrix really is about the unknown.the search for goes way beyond neo and the zion.l mean for instance; agent snith was shocked that neo killed him in the first movie when he says something strange killed if this had happened like 5 times before, then why was smith suprised.he would have had to been killed 5 times before coz then the scene where neo is in the mainframe would have not made sense.confusing!now thats the matrix and thats why l love it and no critic can change that.too many things are said that get the mind ticking.frankly l dont care who dies coz at the end of it all, l have a feeling that we in for another mind blowing puzzle.

l will be watching tomorrow and cant the critics.they too, like we will, are caught up in the MATRIX and trying to piece it all it at least twice.l always do then i get the whole picture.first time always miss the good parts coz concetrate on the action.
cyas tomorrow nite.

wait wait wait, you mean to tell me theres ZERO people who liked it? my ass...theres always someone who likes a bad movie, i think those people are just saying that so they can cause an argument....

No, because they don't bloody understand it.

guys, u wait a litle more. The film begins infew hours.
here, they already has very brazilian criticizing the film.
It is only then that can make critics... or to eulogize that fascinating trilogy!

peace and love rock

Captain REX
Critics? PFFFFFFFFFFT! They don't know jack squat, ya hear me? Jack squat!

About 9 hours btw... big grin

we meet again

i saw the movie today and i don't know what to think. i was so busy tryin to understand and analyze the movie (seeing what parts from m1 and m2 are connected to this one, like the lil girl's father for example). you will know what i'm talkin about that one when you see.

i will agree with the critics tho about how the action sequences are nothing new, except for the last fight. freekin tight man. also, i think it will pave the wave for new movies such as the supposed superman remake that's supposed to happen.
made that a spoiler because it gives away the excitement of the fight

maybe i'm a dumb ass but this movie is not easy to catch the first time around. looks like i'm headed to imax on saturday

well l know even before l see it that l will have to see it twice at least.l always miss the good parts first time around coz like you said, busy trying to connect the m1 and m2 to the next.few hrs for me left dudes.

screw the critics.. ive seen it ill be my own critic i loved it

^ what he said I just saw it at a 9am show it rocks!

Feel free to call me melodramatic, but in my eyes, Revolutions is a movie for the fans; it answers our questions and is the death of a trilogy that has opened my eyes to a whole world of philosophy and different thoughts, and has set amazing standards in the quality of special effects to name but one achievement of the series. It's been a multimedia experience, and with the special-ness of the end, where we hopefully truly find out that for every beginning, there will be an end. Revolutions is the end.

Maybe they're just saying it because most of them were blown out of the thought circle by Reloaded; some critics aren't as clever as they make themselves out to be. Here's my advice - judge for yourself. I'm quite certain the Wachowskis made these movies for us, the fans, not the socio-narcisisstic critics who always seem to find the negativity in things nowadays. (Apart from Jonathon Ross. I love you wink)


l believe thats why they are called critics.they have to look for faults in every movie.

be honest, if u have watched M2, and every critic said it was shite, u would still watch it, JUST to finish the trilogy

The Omega

well l watched it and boy did the spoilers and critics get the whole mwtrix idea was the one for sure.

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