Just saw it! But still don't know what happened...

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Just got home from seeing Matrix:Revolutions and maybe it's late here and maybe I was partying all day yesterday with the Melbourne Cup, and maybe I've been excited all day long about seeing the movie, but I still don't know what happened! My eyes were wide open the entire time and I was paying attention. I can't connect what happened on the screen to any of the theories I have read. Well, I'll wait until morning and maybe someone on this board who's smarter than me can explain it all.

The fight for Zion was awfully good, my neighbor in the chair next to me was teary-eyed for Trinity and the music was frenetic Burly Brawl type just about the entire movie. We were bouncing up and down in our seats and everyone left saying, "Gotta get that soundtrack!"

Looking forward to reading the views and explanations. I'll buy the pirated DVD in a couple of days and watch it again - maybe then I'll be able to make sense of it. Until then I await your collective wisdom.

Good night from China,

hmm what don't you get I mean I could relate to the movie very well

3 hours until I see it now. Hyper.


I'll just wait and read the others opinions & explanations at a later time, I know others will pick out the fascinating details that I missed the first time and that's the fun of reading these boards. I think I understand about the Oracle and what has become of the Matrix for now. I think it may help to go back and watch the Animatrix again, maybe.

It's pretty late here now and I'm still excited from having experienced the fun of seeing it with a theatre full of other excited people, so I've got to calm down.

I'll be reading all you have to say.


yea what dont u understand?

I think it was pretty clear; I have the soundtrack on my website www.zion.n3w.net

it was at least much easier than the others

Evil Dead

this movie was pretty much staight forward, no thinking involved...well very little. Everything was plainly said by the characters, not inferred. Go back and watch it again.........

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