The OFFICIAL "For those who've seen Revolutions"

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The Omega

Boo, I liked mine better sad

i didnt get to 0 hero sad
i got to 0+2 hour smile
it's all good

Oh boy there i am Zero hour, me and the world getting reado to see how far the rabbit hole goes.....just over two hours later Im sure a worldwide unison "wtf!!!!!??" was heard all around the globe.

Nothing and i mean NOTHING!, cept for some minor questions was really answerd here. Not even the merv (as trinity put it) knew what the hell happend to neo...and neo is wearing his clothes. Coat check...."the lobby" on crack....pfft please that was so dam lame. Ppl are running on the dam ceiling the whole time and about three minutes later trinity goes to sweep the guy and he clings on to the cieling and she has that confused puppy dog look on her face...what in the hell was that, WOMEN you just saw them hanging on the ceiling for about three minutes!.

I didnt just go for action and in my face special effects and a half assed explaniation of certain things but, dammit that's what i got, and you can't all deny it that's what you all got as well.

My god can they leave anymore room for another movie!???. I expected to come out of there with conclusion but, no. No other matrix movies pffft please dont make me laugh. They ask keanu "will there be another" he is paid to say no, they ask carey-anne the same question and of course she is going to say no, they ask lawrence and he said and i quote " I would love to get together with these ppl again and do it again".

Man garbage, they just ruined one of the best movies for me, this place is usually so vocal about things and here it is the offical " i have seen it thread" and i bet most of you are thinking of how to give the Wac. Brothers an excuse for this misrable installment. Jeez they should have made reloaded and then look from some ideas from ppl's spoilers, they would have had a better time with that.

The Wac. Brothers are big anime fans, jee i could'nt tell from all the similarities the super burly brawl had to a dragon ball z episode. Man that was another letdown. If you're gonna end it between neo and smith and not have much action in the movie to begin with as least give it to us there at the end when we deserve it, not sit through the whole dam thing and then get all worked up over somethign that could'nt top the original burly brawl on it's best day.

What do you guys have to say?. Zero hour is over along with this franchise, if you dont believe me believe the masses (which include die hard matrix fans like yourselves and I) when this movie is out of theatres in two months.

i liked it, thats may be just me

The Omega

yea.. revo was the easiest to understand of all of them

did you have to say she dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no spoilers even!!! *sob*

Yeah omega she always does that to measure her kick.....confused puppy dog face, face it! that made no-sense.

pfft please omega, what were the answer's. He touched the source pffft

Why didnt you tell me, that answer made me laugh out loud.

Yeah almost everything was answered that's why you had what one sentence to say about it. Dont judge me Omega do i sound like a simpleton to you?. This movie was dummed down for the masses so it does not take anyone with high intelligence to undestand anything( here you guys are saying seraph is an angel, the masses do not know that, they think he's the guy who fought neo in the teshouse and protects what matters most yet they had a henchman clearly say "he's wingless" and the mero go even farther)...what happend to the big hype the jaw dropping answer that would finally satisfy us all....the big bubkus, nada buddy how deep did the rabbit hole go?...reloaded.... and the rabbit crapped on us in revolutions.

Many time in many interviews they hyped it up saying you dont even know what the matrix is until you see the final movie.....please. Omega once again dont think you are higly intelligent because you came away with something that I did not (again you have one sentence about the "answers"wink I saw the movie twice to make sure I did'nt miss anything and was planning to see it a third time but, im sorry i have given enough money to the wac. brothers to merit seeing this watered down conclusion one more time.

Zero hour, full house: no applause

Imax three hours later, full house: maybe six ppl clapped

Look the proof will be there when you have it on DVD with extra scenes ( so that they can sell the thing) in about three to four months.

eh...if this is the place for opinions, then i'm half agreeing with darkvirus. most of the points were answered, but some answers were just too big a leap to accept. like, for example, how neo could "sense" the machines in the real world, and destroy them. it just didn't make any sense. beyond the philosophical view perhaps...but what happened to that? as well as i could see, this movie was a big action deal, sandwiched between some random dialogue and matrix fights. also, i thought the zion war was a little too overplayed for a matrix movie. i always thought these movies were above the level of most modern action films, but this giant war scene proved that point wrong. another disappointment was the super burly brawl. maybe just because we've seen it all before, but it just seemed a little too dull or too over-the-top. like when they crashed 50 feet into the concrete and got up and fought some more. and finally, the ending seemed a little corny. yay! the sunset is happy! people and machine are friends! i hope there are no more episodes, but i think that if we would all put our heads together, we could come up with a MUCH better plot to end these films.
as it stands, a good movie for those who like action stuff. everyone else, stay home and eat applesause. or whatever.

Yes sargoth, exactly right. Dont worry about these ppl when they come out and try to defend the wac. bros. they just need excuses to make this watered down conclusion a success in their own minds.

I'll tell you what I will put my faith in now to be the best dam trilogy of our time...well you know what come dec. you will know as well. stick out tongue

this is a thread for people who SAW the movie there will be NO spoiler tags.. just so you know

The Omega

"machines need us and we need them" there had to be a truce
whats wrong with the sunset? just showing what the girl does
i would have liked the end fight more if i hadnt watched the trailers....

also at the zero hour show i went to there was crazy applause.. my friends who went other places later in the day said the same thing.. perhaps you were busy trying to understand the movie because you didnt get it to notice virus?

Ok the omega or should i say oracle after that?. Bet you waited a long time to lay that line down on someone....hehehe. I think I am coming across clearly enough...and im pretty sure it was'nt an overwhelming applause you cannot satisfy everyone, lie if you want, does'nt hurt me at all. You can say most of the ppl has a great reaction to it and I would have believed that.

hehehe...yeah forumcrew I have been here this whole month talking about reloaded and i did'nt get this watered down conclusion..hehehe! *wipe's tear*

your just bringing up stupid points to try to bring people down.. and what omega said wasnt even the exact wording the oracle used.. so that was just stupid too

No I am not we ARE all entitled to our own opinions.....your doing nothing but trying to shut me sure you enjoyed the whole sure everyone in the whole wide world enjoyed the movie, you're absolutely right forum, pffft.

Please state your opinion about the movie and about my statement dont be quick to jump on omega's side before you state your own opinion.

Im sorry the oracle said you '' just have to make up your own dam mind whether to believe me or not"....was that very different forumcrew?

The Omega

All im saying is do not insult me omega that's all.

Hah, I did'nt want to bring it up mister high and mighty but, who are you to judge what i came away with?.

Leave it here Omega with that statement you came at me first so buckle down buddy and let's hear other ppl opinion's.

yea we need to all be done with this and get back to the awesome movie.. and virus i have expressed my opinion and explained the parts of the movie several times already.. just not in this thread... anyways back to the movie!

The Omega
Yes, what an excellent idea, forumcrew. wink

So: Is Neo really dead?

i hope not, i dont think we've seen this last of him, he'll be back in some form

the body cant live without the mind... but whos to say the mind cant live without the body...

I've just returned from seeing it with Mrs.MM and we both feel really let down. The first two films (the first the most of course) made me consider philosophical issues about humans and our concept of reality, but the finale was nothing more than a glorified action flic for me.

I'm not saying I hated it, I just went expecting another head-f**k like the first two and didn't get it. I even preferred the spoiler version that appeared in this forum not too long ago... wink

i gotta admit, m1 was the best..... NOT saying the others sucked

The Omega
Forum> That's what I'm thinking.
Maybe he'll be some "ghost" in The Matrix On-line?

Mech> The consider this: big grin What is sacrifice?

theres gotta be an easter egg in the game about him....

The Omega
Maybe we'll never know. His fate does remind me of Dune Messiah and God Emperor of Dune, though.

i forgot to ask if everyone noticed the bench at the end from "preload" on the reloaded extras dvd

Well the dictionary says...

"Slaughter of a victim or presenting of a gift to win a god's favour; this victim or gift; giving up of a valued thing for the sake of something else; thing given up, loss entailed"

But I say true sacrifice is going on a two week holiday with your in-laws just to keep the wife happy. Believe me, I'd have returned to the source had it been an option. wink

lol, just a thought...... the archie in his room....

'i gotta go meet the oracle and have a chat... the door to my left leads to the source.... thats no good... and the other one takes me to a blown up building.... sh!t"

The Omega

Captain REX
Just in here to tell DarkVirus to cool his jets...

well, its late, i gotta get up tomorrow, g'nite, and if anyone bad mouths the film.... you know what to do

I'm not saying none of it was philosophical, I just wanted a mind-job like I got with the other two. I realise that by telling this story over several films is likely to give ever decreasing returns of shock value in philosophical terms, I just expected one final melon-twisting ending to leave me satisfied yet craving more knowledge, you know? confused

First post here guys - so go easy on me. stick out tongue

Ok, just got back from watching Revolutions. I enjoyed it but tbh it wasn't quite what i was hoping it would be. I dunno why. Just felt a little hollow leaving the cinema.

Re: The ending. Does anyone think the movie ended the way it did purely because of the Matrix Online game. I guess what i mean is the film had to be left open ended because of the game. Would there have been a different ending if the game wasn't in the pipeline. Just a thought?

all the game really needs is the matrix to exist.. and i dont think they would of had the matrix not exist no matter what

thats what i was thinking, perhaps if they ended the film THEN thought of ways to market a game, it may have been different

Captain REX
Indeed, but instead they are working on the game right now.

I think it would have been different. Anyone who has an interest in the Matrix would have known about the upcoming Online game. Therefore it was pretty obvious that the Matrix was still going to exist at the end of Revs. When you think of the secrecy regarding these movies i do find it a little odd that a game was announced which gives away a major part of the Revs movie.

i saw it at 6 this morning, went to school, had a half day, all i htought about for 4 hrs was the movie. saw it again at 1 pm. i understood what was said, what purpose everyone had. Neo isnt dead, he is jesus. The position he was lying in (cross) n the end machine (angel) supports this. Aslo, merv ses multiple times in both movies, he is a gatherer of information. He is there to learn as much as he can, reason for wanting the oracle's eyes maybe?? duh. anyway, Sati was also very obvious, in that contrary to her father's idea, she had a purpose. she was the "physical" (in hte matrix sense) embodiment of love and peace, the actuality of "love" being present in the machines. the MWAM theory was blown away, sad but i was still left with one final question: what exactly did SERAPH DO? the merv asks if he was there to bring in the bounty, and SMITH acts as though he knows him pretty well, WHERE DOES THAT FIT IN? What is SERAPH'S PURPOSE? because obviously it transcends protecting just the oracle. i know he says that he "protects that which matters most" but what exactly is he protecting, becuase he seems to be with SATI a lot, but she wasnt born yet in reloaded. So i'd like to know how merv knew him, and what he has done in the previous iterations of the matrix, because obviously he was not always as good as he appears to be. also, when the architect is asked if he gives his word to the oracle about freeing everyone, and he says sumthin like "what do i look like, human?" is this implying htat he cannot lie, or that he cannot promise? overall tho, i view the matrix not as a trilogy, but as 2 movies, a "prequel" as you will with M1, and a single movie cut in half, much like "the second rennaisance" so that is how i feel, n i think that it was well worth everything that everyone put into it, i dont care how anyone else feels, but i must say that after the question of seraph is answered, i do not feel as tho any more questions need to be asked, and that all was truly taken care of in this movie.

odd, people usually don't applaud in cinema's at all here in holland. smile

Not even at the porn cinema? eek!

Whats the matrix online? and where can i find out more about it?

Here's an opinion from someone who's completely impartial: Omega, your argument has nothing behind it. At least state some facts and/or valid opinions if you want to bicker. Thanks, have a nice day.


The Omega

My jets have been cooled since i wlked out of the movie theatre big grin .

Mech: see im glad someone understood where I was coming from. I went in their with a high expectation to be blown away, which i did not build up myself, the hype was being built up the whole time leading to today and I was not left opened eyes and jaw dropped.

EX: neo waking up in the pod and learning what the matrix truly is and what you can do in it.

Learning what neo was and there were previous "the ones"

For whoever said there were'nt any questions left I got some.

1. Just like ppl are already saying is neo really "dead".

2. What really happend to smith at the end....what fed into neo that caused the explosion?

3. Why did the merovingian not even say anything about the twins? to bring that to a conclusion. In the likes of " I am surprised you made it pass my right and left hand men morpheus"

4. Why was neo in the merovingians outfit?

5. A peace agreement? you're telling me there will be ppl who would rather be a battery than to be free and start a new world?. If eveyone chooses to be unplugged will the machines be satisfied with that?...will they result to those "means of survival" the architect talked about in reloaded willingly?

Just SOME of things I walk out of the movie still thinking about. I actually felt that i had more questions coming out than going in and i guess that's what bothered me the most. The feeling of not being satisfied or even wowed by an answer that wasnt along the lines of "you know who" or "only you know what to do".

I have to agree with omega though the only person who truly gave me something other than the oracle and some other things here and there was rahma kandra in the mobil station other than that i feel that the answers that were given were much simpler than what I made them out to be.

Hey rys some question's I noticed it said waiting for the super brawl under your name.

Did it meet your expectations?...was it better than the burly brawl?. Did you have any problems telling them apart at any moment?...hehehe.

One final one, did this ever cross your mind (if you ever watched the show)....have'nt i seen this in dragon ball z somewhere?

The Omega
Justinday15> Use the search feature on this forum. We have threads on the matrix Online with links to the homepage.

*looks at omega as she sit's in her mod chair, with a mod pen and im in the mod source"

You still havent answered my questions....hehehe

Thanx Omega

Maybe she will if you stop calling her 'he'.

ush you mean if he STARTS calling her she?


The Omega
Ush>... big grin
It's even in my sig now, but well...

You obviously think I'll lie to prove my point, so what's the point in talking to you? None, as far as I can see.

d'oh! bad about the he thing...i though you were qouting a movie or something I didnt know you were a women sorry for jumping to conclusions.

Hey like i stated before you came at me and tried to discredit me and right out said, if you look between the lines, sorry if you didnt get everything like you came out of the movie with much more than I how am i supposed to believe you?

Anywayz if you noticed I wanted to move past this already and start getting opinion's on the movie if you dont want to talk to me that's fine whateve's but i was the one who wanted to move on if I recall correctly. cool

Ush YES.. SHE is a GIRL... and she makes a mighty fine trinity.. wink

Forum, NO, I meant what I said. I know full well what gender Omega is, thankyou!

thats cause you edited your post... you cheater! you orinaly wrote if you stop calling her 'she'

Pfft. Says you. You clearly aren't checking what I said considering your post before that one. If I thought she was male I would not have called her 'her', would I? This being a massive irrelevance, please move on, folks...

I don't care what anyone thinks...I loved the movie!!!!!!! I also believe Neo's character has finished...dead or not dead, he's been taken by the machines, and I don't think he would want to live anyway after losing Trinity...She was a great part of his strength. That's why Keanu insisted so much that his work was finished there!...However, he looked pretty dead to me..In order to delete Smith, he had to take his form, and delete himself w the help of the machines...Isn't that what everyone else understood??

Saddest Moon
Hey everybody - saw it at 3am NZ time! It was great!

I liked the fact that it proved that Neo had his powers in and out of the Matrix. And that Neo was seeing in pure energy when viewing things in that golden energy glow. I posted a reply somewhere on these boards a month back ageeing with these particular aspect of the Revolutions, and someone posted right after me trashing this point, telling me that I was some 14 year old fanboy!


Whoever they were, I hope they have seen Revolutions, and I hope they realise that they were a little reactionary, if not silly.

I love the way it blew many of the philosopical theories, and high-faluting ideas about the Matrix out of the water.


Till the next time. wink

Time to get ppl bk for the crap they posted, huh? wink

The Omega
Verity> I hear ya! smile
And yes, Neo did have powers outside the MAtrix, but that was because they were DERIVED from the Source and he could be uploaded and in the real world at the same time.

As to Neo's fate: When the machines had lifted his body onto that craft in the very end, you see the scene as Neo would have, and he's glowing brightly. His body is dead. What happened to his mind...? Would it want to survive without Trinity? And is there a trace of her, since she passed Mobil Ave (she alone, not w. morpheus and trinity)?

Well, I see it as this...his mind is somewhat an equivalent to the spirit, it has to be a code meshed in w the rest of us somehow! I think the machine that took Neo was the Oracle, since she had taken shape w Smith's code...Therefor, I believe she saved him and is the only one who can imagine what he has or will become! But as for Neo's original form, to me, it's gone!......If the bros. bring up a character like Neo again in a future story, it will not be as we know it....and it will definitely not be Keanu, which I wouldn't want anyway! Only Keanu can be Neo! stick out tongue wink

The Omega
Welllll... Who knows what'll happen in the Online game? smile

realworlddreams - where do u live?

Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!

The same effect happend to every other smith....neo caused a chain reaction so would'nt all the other ppl who were "copyed" have suffered the same effect if that was the case?. All the programs he copied would have gotten erased also...doesnt sound like a plan to me.

I honestly dont think that was it but, hey I could be wrong.

califonia, n i agree that neo was turned into the oracle at the end, becuase she "unbalanced" the unbalanced equation w/smith in it. thats y he twitched.

The Omega
Verity> laughing

I f ur speaking about what he did to Smith, he had the help of the machines! He was merely deleting him, so he had to be deleted to since he had been taken over!, no? I think the machines took him, and perhaps reprocessed his body bk into the Matrix to feed the other bodies still plugged in....That way he prevails, if u look at it from a certain point of view!.......


O_o hey the re-process thing me and my buddies were thiking the same thing.

The other one still does'nt make sense, the living bodies were still there after the shells of smith were deleted. Perhaps the effect of the "deletion" process itself is what killed neo, he screamed as if it was to much for him so maybe that's what killed neo....I dont think he was deleted.

So where do u think he went then??

Wait a sec did we see the same movie?. They carried him off hence the whole re-process thing-a-ma-bobber. =/

Where do u think he was carried off?...Do u believe he died?, or do u think he merely transformed?.....

Captain REX

I hyped it up and dwelled on it for months, and was I satisfied?? I HAVE NO IDEA! The Neo/Smith Battle was a let down, the Zion war rocked, the Sentinels grabbing people was, to me, foreshadowing of the Doc Ock to come in Spiderman2 (July 2)...and the end left me w/ tons more Neo dead? Is Smith dead? How did the Oracle survive and not Neo? What will become of the little girl? Is she the next Oracle or the next One? WHat will happen to the Matrix? the architect said that everyone will be freed, so whats the purpose of the Matrix? Whats gonna happen in Zion?? I knew it was going to be the end, and it was, but im still confused...

Yeah, how can you have the online game if the Arch said everyone will be freed.

"and he could be uploaded and in the real world at the same time."
ummmm no. Only thing that changed was that he wasn't pluged in not using both bodys at same time.

Also I got some questions

1. How did smith become so powerful? Don't tell me beacuse he absorbed the oracle cause she sure as hell could not fly.

2. Why was it 1 smith vs neo????

3. There's 1 scene in the movie right after the drill machine breachs the roof of zion and it cuts to Zee and her bald friend and there by another drilling machine with rocket launchers can some 1 please explain how they are by a drilling machine when the sentinells havent even flooded into the city? Also the drilling machine they where by was sorounded by sentinels so wtf is going on? Did they leave zion to go fight the machines on there own?

4. Did the twins quit the job after the escalade insedent? Cause they didn't die in reloaded you can clearly see them phaze.

5. WTF happend to the 5 zions befor and how long has this zion existed and why would the machines keep making zions???? Only awnser I can think of is so that they can kill the anomaly everytime it occurs. But if that was the case could the anomly even exist if not unpluged and if so couldnt they just track down his pod n kill him come on we need awnsers to this 5 zions 5 ones befor bullshit.

6. If smith is the yang to neos yin why didn't the other 5 ones have yangs?????

7. Why did joel silver lie to us?? Low Altitude Helicopter chase my ass.

If your gona try to awnser them, Don't just make shit up. Also number your awnser with the question. A cookie full of love to anyone that can awnser the questions.

Chunky A
I was very confused as well. At the risk of being blasphemous, this trilogy reminds me of the first three Star Wars movies.

The first one was good, the second one even better, with lots of action and interesting characters.

The third was a little dopey and weird, and a bit of a letdown.

Too harsh? Maybe. I am a big fan of the first two Matrix movies, but this last installment was weak on Matrix fights, had a lot of slow,dopey dialogue, and left a lot of loose ends.

Why should Neo have to go to that machine city anyway? This sequence did nothing for me. Why not just destroy Smith in some spectacular fight, and have a final mega-showdown with the merv.

The guys walking on the ceiling was very cool, but the shots in this sequence were a bit dull, I thought. Exploding concrete was novel in the first movie, but a little stale here.

All I have to say is everything got a little too "Dragon Ball Z."
If you have seen the show a couple of times then you will know what i mean.

Besides the ending, I thought the movie was very good. i just got back from it. i am only 16 so therefore i had to ge to school when all of waited for "Zero hour."

Special Effects were amazing. AMAZING!

All i am going to say is this: I dedicated every thought in my mind to what The Matrix movies were really trying to get at. "The Message" that was going to be pointed out to you. (Oh and by the way Omega, i wish you didnt type all of that stuff about buddah more like Neo than Christ. Honestly, at the end, i dont know if you can get any closer to Jesus Christ dieing on the cross to save us all.) For the past 5 years, i have been obsessed with the whole idea of The Matirx. I was mystified by the whole philosophy. All I can say is this: I was waiting for the answer. The answer to my questions. And i thought that the Wach. Bros were going to give them to me at the end. All i saw was exactly what i did not want to see. "I didn't know." "But I believed." "I believed."

And thats all I have to say about that.

Chunky A
I am totally with you on question #5. What the hey happened to all the other Zions? I think it was a bit irresponsible for The W Brothers to throw that out there in MII, and then just drop it for the final installment. I would have much preferred to see this fleshed out a bit more, to show that Zion was in fact still in the Matrix, and that it had to exist in order to keep the whole Matrix going.

I guess its too late for alternative pet theories.

I will stick with my opinion on the first matrix , that being the best of this supposed trilogy. These 2 matrix films are basically spawned from money , the first film did incredibly well so the makers figured to make some sequels. Big mistake , the first one was a very satisfying film on its own , something like gladiator no sequels required. It had the birth of a figure that had to be brought into another world to save humanity. There was conflicts and thus he conquered them , with the destruction of smith. The movie ends leaving us with the impression that neo will protect both worlds when he leaves the booth. I just watched the third film and i completely agree with the Starwars trilogy hypothosis , i was not satisfied and the whole movie was so predictible. Only small questions were answered and then i was introduced to characters that had no meening at all to the plot. The dreaded dialogue that continued for minutes at a time then switching to action then back again was frustrating. I felt like this was two films in one , some sort of matrix like film fused with terminator. The trailer to this flick gave away to much , all the empty spaces of the trailer were just missing dialogue , if you would have had that you would have had the last matrix movie. I was suprised that the kid was not going to become the next one and that indian chick would not take the place of the oracle. I believe neo is dead, and that spider like machine was the oracle , after all the oracle is only a program made by the machines so perhaps this is her mecha form. Was the arch. that baby faced massive cyborg thing , anyways those are all my opinions there a little mashed and vague but thats due to the stress i have indulged from this film , truly disapointing that or im not a matrix fan. Cannot wait till Lord of ther rings 3 and star wars 3 , hopfully they will redeem my disapointment.

xemir's question number 1 is i believe the most prominent one in terms of explanation. Smith (apparantly only one) can now see the future!!! But...he can also now fly?....and saying that he is now powerful enough to (somewhat) beat neo?....all this is not and cannot be explained in terms of the eyes of the oracle because she was no more powerful than the granny she least there was no evidence she was.

My first post so take it easy on me,

I just returned from seeing the Matrix Revolutions and like others I felt it is a little open ended. Questions were answered yes, but just as more arise. I myself wouldn't mind another movie, which could explain what happens exactly, atleast from the wac. brothers prospective. Though possibly they wanted to leave the ending open to interpretation, which would give the movie its own uniqueness.

Hey I just saw the movie an hour ago! My friends and I were a little confused of what happened after Smith assimilated Neo? Why did all the Smith clones explode? Any insights?

Please W. Bros no more matrix films , let us continue the story threw the game no more no less.

The Real Neo

when neo is in the car after being rescued how come link can't see him on the screen?

Who were the people the architect agreed to free?

1. I dunno

2. The rest of the people that were still connected the Matrix.

husky> I don't think link could see him cause he wasnt plugged in the old fashion way.

Just a quick observation....

The Indian Girl was apparently created by computer programs that made a deal with the Merovingian to get her out of the Matrix. And through Smith, we already know it's possible for a program to exist in the world outside.

The computer programmer/program parents say they made the deal out of love for their daughter, and Smith later states that love is the most insipid delusion of human beings. (Or something to that effect) These programs that can feel emotions represent the evolution of the AI.

Finally, at the conclusion, the Oracle asks the Architect what will happen to those who want to be free, and he says he'll let them go Perhaps they were actually talking about the programs that have evolved, rather than the humans.

It really never does make it clear in the end if Neo was really human or a program that could transcend the Matrix, but I think the latter theory makes the story a bit richer.

Fire at will! smile

I thought smith took over everyone in the matrix. How could they be freed. If that is the case then neo would be alive

All I can say is.... how dare the brothers ruin such a wonderful trilogy with an ending like that.

I thought the conclusion the the matrix sucked. I wanted more answers. Sll the Zion characters were undeveloped.

I don't believe he assimilated everyone but I may be wrong.

and just an additional comment on the Star Wars Trilogy analogy. I think the influence was almost too obvious!
The whole "fly through the mechanized tube back to Zion" scene reminded me so much of Han and Leia in the Millenium Falcon, I almost cried for the W-brothers at not having been a bit more creative in the filming.
Also, superimpose Yoda onto the Zion Government panel scene, and Voila! A Jedi Council! LOL
And I swear, when that boy was screaming "The War is OVER!" simply because the machines were retreating..(and I would have assumed they were regrouping for the final attack)...I could hear the Ewok celebration music in the background.
Overall, I still love BOTH trilogies but I'm torn between whether it's better to have a simple "Here's the's simple..choke on it" or "Here's sort of an ending...interpret as you will."

A BIG FAT DISSAPOINTMENT! Crap all the way around. I agree whole-heartedly with Dark Virus... you lovers of this 3rd rendition of Matrix would of loved it regardless of the outcome. Tell me one - JUST ONE - mystery of any significance that was answered in this action-fest without brains. This was suppose to be the ending of the trilogy, but instead of answering questions it creates more. How does Neo have powers outside of the matrix? (can only be guessed). If the architect is not suppose to LIE, why did his response about the Oracle being the mother appear to be a lie (admit it, his 'please' sounded like a put-down in Reloaded). Perhaps the brother's are only concerned with revealing the answers in their online game, or whatever. But movie goers got screwed. Let me throw in a FEW things I liked, if I can...

1) BANE played his part VERY WELL. (there). He had Smiths mannerisms down PAT. Cool. Unlike the Oracle's new shell - who ran through her dialogue about twice the speed of the original. She not only changed her shell, but her mannerisms as well.... which made the familiar connection with her all but disappear.
2) Persephone was nice to look at, once again. But ONE LINE?! Her character was all SEX APPEAL and nothing more. A BIG opportunity for character development flushed down the toilet there!
3) Where the hell were the TWINS? Okay - nothing else positive to say, except the action was kick but - but TOO MUCH of the same thing. And the burly brawl was much better than the final fight in this movie. Nothing new. Give me a week and I could of come up with some better fight ideas (seeing them fight more through 'their' vision, for example... some real opportunities to see the matrix code go at it). All-in-all, the matrix series became like another bomb: "Dumb and Dumber"

The last big opener I saw was SPIDERMAN (don't get out much, yeah) and the theatre roared in approval as the ending credits rolled. A numbed silence ended my viewing of this dibacle. Silence speaks louder than words. Or perhaps the matrix crowd are the thoughful types. Make a choice - take the red pill ! Wait for the DVD.

Captain REX
Why wait for the DVD when I can see it now, Visman? roll eyes (sarcastic)

And it's not Gloria Foster's fault she died!

And Persephone was made only to play as the Merv's wife, and she did a few things in Reloaded.

Captain REX
Also, that "Oh please," from the Architect was more like a "You call her the Oracle? Pfft!"

vizman, I agree with you ^^

It was a horrible disappointment.

As I am too upset at the horrendous ending of Revolutions, I must idle on this overnight to gather my thoughts to start a well thought out rant tomorrow.

I remember watching the original Matrix for the first time and thinking 'OK. they better tell me WHAT the Matrix IS..and it better not be some BS cult of hackers...'
When they DID show it, Neo waking up in the pod, the fields..., I was utterly blown away.

Tonight I walked into the theater thinking..ok...they BETTER explain exactly what the hell is going on...and I had HIGH hopes!
Sadly, I didn't leave with that same sense of satisfaction...*sigh*

Sorry, off-topic. Isn't the quote in The Omega's sig from M1 when Neo meets Trinity at the club? I knew Omega was a she from other threads, but I thought the picture used was more of a clue than the quote.

Haven't seen Revolutions yet, so I unfortunately can't add to the discussion.

******Why wait for the DVD when I can see it now, Visman?

Cause it sux, Cap'n

*****And it's not Gloria Foster's fault she died!

The shell-switching idea is great due to the unfortunate death - but the replacement is an ACTRESS. Maybe she could of tried to ACT more like the original??

******And Persephone was made only to play as the Merv's wife, and she did a few things in Reloaded

Yeah - like THE KISS and helping them find the keymaker. All hormones. Pretty surface level for a MATRIX movie. come'on, people!! Scratch the surface a little! You'll find that's where it ends.

The first movie opened up the possibilities of dual realities and hidden meanings... the second, lesser movie, at least answered some questions and brought to light some other DEEPER possibilities. (MWAM, Smith Virus, Mother, Persephone, Seraph, the TWINS, etc.) The last big belly-flop threw everything into a blender and pressed FRAPPE! ZING! ZANG! POW! and finally Neo's wish: PEACE! With the machine's still running the show. But the SUNSET!!! IT WAS SOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!! the matrix lives on. CASARA! (someone tell me how to spell that correctly)

God, I too agree completely totally with virus, The ending was a DISSAPOINTMENT. There was no applause, full house today too. Hey Omega, if all the answers were displayed, why don't you SHARE them with us in more open terms, and that ,means simplifying them into real answers. I want to know wtf is gonna happen, so ZION is just going toi remain underground FOREVER? Humans get dominated by the Machines still? What a crappy form of Peace, wow, their army is still going to be above Zion forever I guess... And even the architect himself told the oracle, "How long do you think this peace will last"? What kind of comment is that? PFFFFFFFFFF, Yeah, No more movies My Ass.


I want a REAL ending, lazy ass Wac. Bros.

coming from a guy who didn't watch trailers, read reviews, or try to find anything out at all... i thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Answers were given, loose or not, and it was their ending.

But from this stated ignorance, i have a few questions. What happened to the oracle, why was she different? What was the childs "purpose" at the end? How did she do that for neo? OH, and what's this I hear about the online matrix?? Anyways, just wanted to add some thought and mostly questions.

If you like shoot'em-ups and haven't followed this movie religiously - by all means spend your 8 to 12 bucks. But you want to see a real bad-a-- battle - wait for THE RETURN OF THE KING ( i hope < }


Whenever a One occurs a counter-One is placed inside of the Matrix. This time Neo was so strong that the counter-One also exceeded the counter-ones before.


Smith was simply a virus. He could not understand Neo when Neo stood up after being knocked down as he could not understand that it was his choice. Even having the Oracle's abilities, he, as the Oracle explained, could not see past the choice he could not understand. The fact that he used 'Everything that has a beginning has an end' and then was surprised at it shows that the end, as he saw it was simply faked by the Oracle. She gave herself up on purpose to fool Smith into the situation that killed him. Just like Neo fooled him into making contact which resulted a direct link from the Machines that in turn infected Smith and all of his clones (other infected software) and destroyed them. She did it and came back, so in the end, all i have to say is that Neo is not dead.


im tired of all ur guys's talk, u didnt write the matrix, n it JUST CAME OUT!! look how long we've been talking about reloaded, wut is it now, 6 months? n we still didnt come to an agreement about anything even after revs came out!! n now its out n all u guys care about is the ending, but think about everything ELSE in the movie! Maybe a 'lil message like, nobody can know what the future is, because the future isnt written? or the future is what you make it? its cliche i know, but still, it works. anyway, my question is more important, what did SERAPH do previously to make him so "notorious" to the mero and smith? He wasnt in the first one (was he? mabye in the waiting room?? gotta check, dont htink so tho) so who was he and what did he to know the mero well enough that the dialogue between him and merv could take place "ARE YOU HERE FOR THE BOUNTIES SERAPH?" i dunno. but anyway, take the movie in stride, take it as it is, a movie, take it as the finale with your own endng.

I got to get some shut eye.
If the Wac. bro's get a clue, they'll shelf this movie and do it over.
HEY. PERHAPS ITS PART OF A DIABOLICAL PLAN TO PUT OUT SEVERAL VERSIONS OF THIS MOVIE - a MATRIX of endings! Tommorow may be a new day! How deep does this rabbit hole really go???
I think we hit rock bottom. And the rabbit STINKS!
sweet dreams.

no answers?

How is Neo's direct connection with the machines any different from all the other people's connection who were not unplugged from the Matrix and were also assimilated by Smith. I see no difference but is there?

Yeah, you know virus, these guys have super weak arguments, Using their Logic, I could come up with a theory Like "The machines allowed Smith to spread, and what did they get? THEY GOT NEO TO COME THEM!!! Their dream come true, AND THEY GET TO KILL HIM!!! God, your points are weak people, and its what the wac. brothjers wanted I suppose, to have it 'open for interpretation", which is completely DISAPOINTING. I COULD HAVE LEFT IT UP TO INTERPRETATION BY NOT PAYING TO SEE THE MOVIE. I WANTED THEM TO GIOVE ME A FINAL EXPLANATION, which is why you would go to the movie in the first place......

I really liked every single persons post in this thread. Heres what I thought.. I saw the movie at 1:05 PM today.

I really liked the action scenes because I am a HUGE DBZ FAN, but I guess it wasn't original for the movie; but it makes me believe the live action DBZ movie will work just fine.

The movie seemed to be going at a rapid speed, it seemed like they just wanted to rush to the ending which kind of pissed me off. The Twins weren't in it, that pissed me off. Neo and Trinity died, that pissed me off...I almost had a tear when Trinity died...

I thought it was disgusting when Neo's eyes were fried by Bane...If I were Trinity I wouldn't hug that horrible monster. It indeed was sad though. NEO!!! ::CRIES::

I think Neo is dead, if I was Neo and survived the superbrawl I wouldn't want to live without my love Trinity. No reason for him to go on without love.

I liked the ending where it shows the cat, and then the deja vu thing happened again with the same cat when the Matrix was restarted.

What else.. I WANTED TO SEE SERAPH KICK SMITHS ASS IN THAT ROOM!!!! Did he get taken over by Smithy too?

Anyway, from a scale from 1 to 10, I would give this movie a 6.5

I would have to agree with everyone, WE could of made a better ending.

Captain REX
I can answer Xemir's question #5. It was because they needed the Anomally to restart the Matrix if it screwed up like the last 5 times.

Noooooooooooooo, Neo was not too strong acording to the idea that I am guesisng your following, that the machines always encounter this anaomoly. This is what they wanted, wasn't it? I mean, the counter-one, Smith, was supposed to spread like teh san diego wildfires, right? Because look what the machines got, Neo knocking on ther front door, in the Matrix in MII, And in the real world, why? Because he wanted to broker a deal. The machines didn't have to stop their attack, they could wipe out Zion easily, you saw those huge ass ships with those guns, They just wanted the anomoly, and they wanted smith to spread so that Neo could kill smith, and the Mahcines could simply Kill Neo, kill two biords with one stone for teh machines, one of those birds of course you created, smith. BUT, even this is way to loose, so they shouldn't have left it open for interpretation........... You can give as many explanations as youw ant, but I bet you won;t give an explanation for the 6 zion's before and wtf will happen with Zion now,

and the NEW matrix being Built, seen in the very Beginning of the Film that I bet you didn't notice......

Firstly, what's all this nonsense about applause in the cinema? No-one ever claps after any film, at least not here in England. It's just not done.

Anyway, here's the explanation of the multiple Zions as given in the second film, for those who weren't paying attention. Basically, there will always be people who reject the virtual reality of the Matrix, and these people wake up. There has to be a place, a "zoo" to keep all these people in, so this is Zion. When Zion is destroyed the first few times, there is no longer anywhere to put the people who wake up, so it has to be rebuilt.

That's nice and all, but we know that.....SO, all their fighting is in vein? perhaps they could have elaborated on that, and with all the inconsistancies in the architects litt;e speech, ya couldn't take everything he said to be real. Maybe a timeline of when that zion cycle theory occured? From teh animatrix, I could see that man had to huddle to a place underground, and so why would man be so lost in zion to not even know that they are in a zoo? If that's all completely true, and you knew that in the second movie, then that would mean you'd have to accept that Nothing big would happen in the third movie, that man is never going to break free of a cycle, and so why would you go see the third movie if you know there wouldnt be any point inn fighting for zion, freeing humans ect..... They didn't explain the 6 Neo, Zion thing .....

BTW: people clap in American theatres when a movbie is good, like LOTR, or the first Star Wars...

I invite you all to:


Only those who was dissapointed, and that wanna cry with me.

For those who think that revolutions was an amazing ending for the trilogy. Come on, don't be so proud, just cry.

We live inside the matrix and revolutions is part of the system, just to dissapoint humanity. So simple to understand.

rex>how does the matrix screw up?
avengah> why would u keep destroying your "zoo" if you need it?

see but "the zero", or the counter-equation never had to deal with this before because...according to good ole archie....that all the previous "versions"...the "one" had chosen the same path...which was different from neo's....therefore the machines had to "prepare" in a sense which may be why smith got out of control...again these are all theories but by arguing we should find the truth eventually

f42/t17576.html? How would I get there?

I just finished reading all the posts so far and I watched revolutions this morning. A few things that have come to mind:

1. Assuming that the majority of the script had been written prior to Gloria Foster's death. This movie would had been a lot more powerful to have had the same lovable oracle that we have all come to love. Therefore it is only right to give the W. brothers a handicap on this out of control situation.

2. Although there may be questions remaining, realize two things. First what are their importance to the overall meaning of the movie. That differs for each person but to many the idea that man and machine could find a way to live peacefully was quite fullfilling. Also remember the handy bonus features that come along with DVD's therefore most likely many of the small little details will be answered in time.

3. It was my impression that Neo is dead as there are a lot of people still questioning that idea. To prove this why not ask the man himself Neo in the movie states "it is inevitable". It would be impossible for Neo to have survived if Smith died. You have to view Smith's evilness as a bad thing for humanity and machines as equivalent to Neo's goodness as a bad thing for humanity and machines. It would be a mathematical impossibility for the Matrix's equations to have only one side of the equation balance. If Neo were to survive he would have destroyed both worlds as much as Smith would have. The exception being that the W. brothers didn't play on this angle as much as they probably should have.

4. No matter what the ending had to be or what it could have been or what it is. Its the ending that was choosen and choosen for a reason. Instead of trying to juxtapose likes and dislikes, try to image why this is the way it happened and add depth to perhaps the underlying messages and themes seen throughout the other two. This is not to say try and do the job the W. brothers should have done, but instead try to see that if they achieved this so called greatness with M1, maybe you are blinded by the truth.

Well, then, you can only come to a conclusion that the machines will be running the show, and its Man's punishment for creating them. Are the machines an evolution of life then? That's great, Man is now obsolete. Apperently, the machines learned to love andunderstand carma, ect. No need for us humans anymore.

haha ackza, nice way to put it.

Didn't the two programs that were the parents of the little girl say they had made a deal with the frenchman to get her out of the matrix? Then how come she's with the oracle later on?

I suppose you could say the machines destroy the "zoo" because they feel the free humans are getting too powerful, and hence destroying it and allowing it to be rebuilt from scratch; with the first few humans as stated in the Architect's speech; allows the machines to keep the free humans in check.

Are you sure people applaud in cinemas? The film creators aren't there to hear the applause, unless it's a special preview showing or something.

Alright, the mark of a great man is his being able to accept when he is wrong, so, I was wrong, about some things. I was wrong about the Mother, i understand that now. I was wrong about Neo and the One code, but i was right that Neo and Smith would have to merge to stop the war. I was correct about Trin dying, but i didnt think Neo would die (although i still think he is not dead, after all, that "funeral barge", if you want to call it that, WOULD NOT glow like it did, unless that which is on it is still alive. that is my belief, that Neo ascended, and is now part of the matrix.) I was wrong about how the trainman worked, and who he worked for. I was wrong about the purpose of the Architect and the Oracle (although it now answers where Smith came from; Archie himself)

the only questions left unanswered were:
1) if Sati was going into the Matrix, where was she coming FROM?!?! answers, anybody?
2) what DO the Merov and Perse do?

oh, and, yes, people applaud and laugh in the cinema, i didnt hear what Neo was saying while sitting in Limbo...All in All, the BEST movie i have seen. Although, as the koz-man said, it is no longer the best of the Matrix, it is the best trilogy, indeed the best movies, of all time.

Ok, now, who thought the sunrise was Neo? and who cried when Mifune got ripped apart? that was so sad...i had tears, and again when Trin died...although, the way Neo allowed Smith to take him, surprised me.

Omega> could you please explain about the "cookies need love too" part, cause, that was just so COOL!!!! oh, and, sorry about the length of my post, too much information for one time.


Just to cry there.

Tired Hiker
I wish you guys would give all this attention to every movie I want to see.

Hi everyone,

I watched Revolutions yesterday and was not altogether disappointed but didnt like the ending. I feel it started off kinda slow but gathered momentum...most of my questions were answered but then it ended basically not far off from where it started...

The humans and machines are back where they began....the machines still need to harvest humans for energy which means the humans still arent free, and the humans are still stuck in their underground city!

What about those questions!

Im with the whole concept of they need each other but I somehow think the machines are much better off.

Any answers?

darkvirus has made the most accurate appraisal of this movie yet. seemy thread:
its been nice - but goodbye

a disappointed man on his way to the shop to sell reloaded.....

Read all of the comments so far and have a couple of observations and comments myself:-

1. Yes in the US they clap and hoot and holler if a movie is good.

2. Nope they don't do much of that in the UK (sometimes in West End (london) cinemas) because we're too damn reserved wink

3. My view of who or what Smith was is simply that Smith was a virus that got out of control within the matrix. To eradicate the virus Neo had to 'fight' him but essentially I saw that bit at the end when Smith 'defeated' Neo and Neo's jacked in body started all that twitching was kinda like he was being patched by Nortons :P to eradicate the virus entirely.

4. Smith, the Virus, was created as a result of Neo (the anomaly) 'entering' him in M1, basically 2 programs (as when you're jacked in to the Matrix you are a program , a series of 0's and 1's) crashing into each other, the result being that a 2nd Anomaly was created (smith the virus).

5. Why weren't the twins there? I thought they got destroyed in M2 /shrug wasn't an issue...

6. The 'shell' idea was quite a novel idea imho, in the context of a computer program taking on another shell.

7. The concept of Choice is abound throughout the movies, all three of them and it is this concept of choice which not only creates the anomaly (neo) in the first place but also ultimately destroys Smith at the end as he lacks the 'humanity' to deal with the concept of free choice. No matter what Smith does he knows that he will never defeat Neo (the humans) due to this concept of Choice which is an alien concept to what is ultimately a string of 0's and 1's.

I have some more points to make but I need to think more about them.

I enjoyed M3 it did answer alot of the questions that M2 left.

The last 5 minutes of the movie left me with even more questions and that was ultimately annoying.

There were a number of inconsistencies also which were annoying.

For example when that young kid was trying to open Gate 3 at the Dock in the big battle, him and Z managed to get the gate open and literally seconds later the Hammer came blasting through the doors and yet both Z and the boy survived??

I could understand the concept of the 'Machine' calling a truce to eradicate the virus in the Matrix (Smith) but surely the 'Machine' would then just eradicate the humans once and for all after it had used Neo for its own ends?? Unless of course they are trying to make out that the 'Machines' finally learnt the lesson of compassion.

Or that , as the Architect alluded to in the M2, the anomaly (Neo) was as a result of the imperfections of the Matrix, i.e the anomaly and the whole prophecy thing being completed was like a kind of ongoing 'patch' to keep the matrix running.... Therefore the Machine even having used this 'Anomaly' to eradicate this virus (second anomaly Smith) realised that it was futile to continue down this path of eradicating the Humans (zion/anomaly) and therefore Choice.


Lots of questions hehe I'm scratching my head way too much.

An enjoyable trilogy but leaves a hell of alot to interpretation and as this thread alone displays leaves alot to be said about us as human beings, and maybe that is the point? smile

Deep huh! big grin

overall i must say i was a little bit diasapointed right after seeing revolutions. i think that was probably because i was so excited for it that my expectations were sky high, and also because i wasnt crazy about how it ended. the battle scenes in zion were awesome! i was a bit confused so after seeing it i had to get a few questions answered. i hate being confused. i thought the story they came up with was awesome. but anyways i thought it was an awesome movie and i was shaking the whole time. very entertaining.

(i did wish the asian guy (forget his name) had a kick as battle scene though. i really liked him)

Saddest Moon
It has been suggested, not by me, that Smith was the other side to the equation that wa created to make the Matrix perfect - Neo was the remainder, the 1% left over that would not accept the programming of the matrix. Neo's ability to make a choice meant that the programming could not complete its equation. Smith was created to balance out the anomoly.

Smith existed because of Neo. Neo is the One (1), Smith is the Zero (0). Smith becomes a virus, or a cancer in the programming of the Matrix, like Neo, finding a way to escape it. As Neo gains his powers (ability to fly, etc...) so Smith gains these abilities as well. Neo has to be destroyed in order for smith to be deleted. Smith, in his maddening desire to understand Neo (an impossibility, considering they are like opposite sides of the one coin), must absorb Neo, cloning himself onto Neo's digital self. When he does this, Smith taps back directly into the source computer, something he has always being trying to escape from. Neo provided the connection directly to the source, and Smith is deleted - Neo dies. In a way, the source kills Neo, who has become absorbed/replicated into Smith, and consequently Smith destroys himself, and all his clones are killed. Neo and Smith Cancel out each other, although do 1s and 0s cancel each other? Or is something still left over....?

My friend and I sat for ages afterwards (Until the sun came up, discussing it - crazy times!)

Still many questions, but that is okay - all part of the fun!


Some Questions that i need answered.

1. What happened at the end of the movie where the black cat comes and Sati and the oracle and the archetech are talking. What is going on here in their dialog.

2. Is Neo Dead? What did Oracle mean when Sait asks " is neo coming back" "I imagine so" oracle.

3.Why does sati have the power to make the sun rise??

4.Who is mervovigian?

5.How did neo get to mobile station?

6.Why is he in trapped betweeen the real world and the MAtrix.

7. WHy couldt the machines go above the clouds?

8.Who was Seraph, Di he betray Merv? "Ah the prodical son, Judus" sadi merv to seraph?

9.Did smith clone sait and seraph.

10. DId the oracle make Smith?

These are just some questions I didnt seem to get answered completely

what was Neo's sacrifice why he had to get asimilated and wtf did they talk about at the end the architect and the oracle?
oh yeah and seroph an angel?

1) the black cat shows deja vu, aka the matrix being rewritten. The Oracle and the Architect are talking about the fact that the Oracle made a very ballsy move by trying to get Neo to save humanity by co-existence, and the Oracle makes sure that this time it's different.
2) No, i do not think Neo is dead, i think he has transcended, and he is still alive. After all, his body, although it looks dead, is glowing a bright color.
3) Sati is more powerful than any other program because of what she is; the product of love between two programs.
4) i donot know.
5) His mind was placed there, assumably by Mero.
6) see above.
7) It would require more energy than they could get from the sun.
8) i don't know, i would have to go back and watch it again
9) yes
10) i do not think so, i think Architect made smith, "to balance the equation"


ya, it met them, though i wouldn't have minded if it had been even longer. i love the dialogue in it too. smith acting arrogant is so cool. but i loved it when neo actually smashed a dent in his face and when smith bled. smile

and no, i haven't ever watched dbz, too childish stick out tongue thx for reminding me to change it btw. big grin

Hi all

I thought i'd join this forum as none of my mates have seen revolutions yet and I and im bursting to hear other peoples views on it and have my own say.
Well, I gotta start by saying I have mixed feelings about the film. In my opinion, the M1 had a great, dark feel to it. Bullet time did it for me along with the great fight seens, great camera angles and overall feel of the movie. M2 was a bit too holliwood as I thought although the highway seen was a great action sequence it had no place in the matrix.
Now to M3.. I must admit I was expecting more. Not more action but more jaw-dropping, more suspense and I have to say.. more answers. Merv is an excellent chararter but had a very insignificant part to play. I liked the Mobil Ave..'limbo' idea as it explained the end of the last film. I just feel that as the triology has unravelled it has slowly lost what I loved so much about the first film, the dark atmospheric scenes, its rawness, the thing that seperated it from other films in its genre.

The Omega

happy kine
hum... i thought the movie was great. i see a lot of people seem dissapointed... that happens sometimes with expectations. i thought it tied everything up quite nicely. i thought it could have used some more fist fighting scenes, but thats not why i went to see the movie.

walking out i was explaning that mobile ave was the recycle bin... i liked the conversation between neo and the family at mobil ave... the biggest dissapointment for me is that there will be no fourth movie.

There is an electrical storm going on in the clouds. That's why any electronic flying object cannot go above the cloud cover. That's why the sentinels got defeated and the Logos turned off. Seraph was one of these programs the Oracle has spoken for (ghosts, angels etc.) An exile program who was designed to protect the Mero before exile. Now he protects the Oracle and apparently he has fought Smith several times protecting Mero (he is an exile program too!). Neo is not dead. In the "funeral" scene we saw through Neo's eyes for a moment. That means he is still alive.

The Omega
priestjim> We saw Neo being transported away on a floating craft of some kind as IF we were looking through Neo's eyes. But it was still a scene of Neo.

Well I couldn't tell what was it! That is a bad thing...I don't want him dead sad

I hope the Bro's will release their scripts on the DVD or something and tell what it's really all about and how they came to think of the sequels this way... Maybe then we'll all understand what they are on about.

BTW, in each movie, you see '101' everywhere... In m1 it was room 101, in m2 there was 101 on the wall when they go meet the Merv and if I'm correct the highway was highway 101... Did anyone see anything else regarding to this? What could it mean? Is it binary code?