Matrix - Did it need 2 sequels?

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Now, before anyone starts calling me, etc, i want to make one point : i did enjoy both Reloaded and Revloutions. OK.

Before i went to the cinema today to see Revs i watched both the original Matrix and Reloaded on DVD.

The thing that struck me was the first movie is a stand out, even more so now that i've seen Revs. It is just a fabulous movie - simple as that. It could quite easily exist without the sequels. In fact the ending to the Matrix, Neo's phone call, is for me a superior ending to the Revs one and is just as open ended. I guess what i'm asking is could the story have ended there? Did we really need Reloaded and Revolutions?

Tbh nothing has really surprised me in either of the sequels, but when i look back to the Matrix, especially my first viewing, it was like WTF!!! What am i watching?? Who can forget the initial Trinity chase, the moment when she was suspended in air and ran around the wall? The moment when Neo awakes into the real world. That really was a shock to me (i had read no spoilers at all.) Bullet time. Neo seeing the Matrix code when fighting Smith near the end.

I can't help thinking in 10-20 years the Matrix will be remembered as an all-time great sci-fi movie with the sequels its poor cousins.

Just my imo so no need to get heavy. Opinions??

by the title, not suprising no one has replied to this yet laughing

I agree with you, M1 was classic, 2&3 were just special effects displays. 2&3 just didnt grab your mind like m1

burlyman - Aye, but i'm not saying that the 2 sequels were bad movies (on the contrary i think Reloaded is very good.) Just that the original Matrix was something special and i really do think it could have stood the test of time as a stand-alone movie. At the end when Neo makes the phone call we see/hear everything we need to and i think it would have been a great (and brave) way to end it.

Yes, yes, yes!...M1 was classic...but as everything else in life, things need to come full circle! The Bros. wanted us to get the whole picture, and that did not imply just Neo becoming cool and obtaining all these powers..."Everything that has a beginning has an end"! Just one of the wonderful phrases that we must take into account!

But I haven't seen M3 so, I agree with dundarz! stick out tongue
(until friday)

i think the matrix stands as more of a prequel to the reloaded n revs chapters, because it sets up everything that takes place.
M1 cant stand alone becuase too much is left out.

Yep, I agree! wink

i agree the matrix 1 was great and they could have made it the only movie, but 2 and 3 were great too. plus its all about the $, so 2 and 3 is just more money for them.

If they hadn't put sequels the w. bros. would be bombarded with WTF!WTF!WTF! Gimme sequels!

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