Lemme explain somink 2 u n00bs!

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If u KNow Japanimation, and the Matrix. Youll know that the Wachowski bros got their inspiration from Anime. And if u know Anime, youll know that NO FU**ING anime film is COMPLETELY explained in the end. And is almost always finished with an open end. and this doesnt mean there will be a sequel. And if the Matrix is closely related to anime, it will have the same basic traditions and foundations in the storyline. and no body cares if u narrow minded f00ls think that it was crap. The Matrix is a work of Genius, and I'm sure most anime lovers will agree,. Anime always leaves u thinking, and so did the matrix. There is no fully explained endings in good anime, thats what anime is about most of the time. ABSTRACT, is what anime is, and if u apreciate it, then good, if u dont, then u dont, its a thing for fans.



My cohorts are anime fans. I've spent many nights watching it with them and there is nothing I've seen as intricate as the matrix series... I beg to differ. Some does leave you like "WTF" in the end but not like this.

I agree that there won't be a movie sequel. Of course there will be a Matrix Online game, so in a way the story will go on.

I also agree with the Anime comment. As a Anime collector for the past 10-15 years or so i know what you saying. Thats not to say everything is perfect and rosey, after all there is s*** anime as well as good anime. I take your point though.

I'll end with a couple of Anime recommendations that Matrix fans will surely enjoy. Firstly the obvious one, Ghost In The Shell, and also the not quite as well known Serial Experiments Lain. Both are extremely well done and are worth buying.

Yeah dude, Ghost in the shell rocks! Akira is pretty damn cool too, and I think its quite closely related to the matrix, more then some ppl realise.

The big problem about American movies is that
1. Its either a bloodbath, and everyone dies, strangely the black guys seem to get out alive A LOT less then the white guys, whict i think is kind of ridiculous, (Dont go pointing out films where the black guy lives, cuz I'll stick ur nose in at least a 1000 wherer he doesnt wink)
2. Its an action, wherer NOONE but the bad guys gets killed, they may be injured, but too many hppy endings,
Now what the W bros have done, is defyed conventiond, stretched the rules, and I think they did a bloody brilliant job.

Now Therer are some EXCELLENT us films, I'm not saying that All US films are like that.

Celsius speaks the truth. Hers a good example of what hes talking about.

The Movie Akira. IMO of the best Anime films around.

That movie didnt anwser all the questions and it was kinda open ended.

But all and all it rocked!!!

I find that most pepole was a happy ending, but that is not always the case with anime and anime stlye films. wink

Damn straigh. And thats what maes them different and fun to watch. More real life, if u will. Like Die Hard, excellent funt to watch film. BUT. no WAY is a guy gonna live throught that! Anime, even though most is fantasy, or sci-fi, is more honest in its characters.

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Hey, I wanst yelling. You can HEAR me? blink

And I was justa making a point about the fact that some ppl go to see the film simply for the action. WHile this is ok, they then start abusing it, why not try opening their minds (No pun) to some truely far out ideas, and consider......ahhh! I give up. theres no way of prperly making my point. U win this one Omega.

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Oh dont be sutcha a nun! stick out tongue
One bad word stick out tongue.

And reguarding the other thread. The guy got whet he/she deserved, Tshirt used bad language, I gave him some back, And I'm not going to be all democratical and politically correct, and ingore him, cuz u give bad and u recieve bad. Sick of member bashing. So i lost it a little. Forgive me.

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Actually, there is a "why didn't they get it" thread.


So let's keep it in there smile

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