Is It Good!

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i havent seen it yet i go and see it tomoz at 6:30 pm i would like to know if i have wasted my money if its good i really liked m1 and m2 so i want the real matrix fans like dave burlyman and all the other REAl matrix fans either a yes its good or its great or its not bad or its crap i dont want to know anything about it

Hardcore matrix fans love it simply because it's part of the matrix.

Everyone else says it isn't very good.

i love the matrix, but i didn't enjoy this one much, is ok, everything is answer, in the most simple way, but still kinda good answer.... if you love the matrix you'll love revo... but if you've been here long enough, most of the questions had been answered here, most of the members came out with this answers, no matter what the movies is still good, it has great FX and the zion battle is just great, if you liked Dragon Ball, you'll love the superbrawl (i didn't, but at times is great)... go see it, is , after all the (Wacho) matrix

wicked cheers

it is a good film!! i wish all these Newbies would just shut up!!

iv loved the matrix since the first one, lets just say that this one made me a non- beleiver.

this is theone dude.dont listern to those who say it doesnt add up coz they just dont understand what the matrix is about.just look at how many posting are being made on th forums and how many theories are being put thats a sign of a good movie.some lame ppl wanted to get all the answers well you have to search them coz thats how the matrix movies have always been like.enjoy like l did.

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MR ADERSON, I have to agree with you. Many ppl that hated Reloaded and Revolutions didn't understand them very much.

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By the way, Revolutions is good. No let down for the above-average Matrix fan, but simpletons beware. Better than the second but not better than the first.

Just cos I'm a {relative} newbie does not mean my opinion should be discounted. In fact, if anything, the opinions of those not INTIMATELY OBSESSED with the matrix should count more as a film should work both among fans, AND {mainly} among the mainstream audience. Think about it - how many "cult favourites" are there that have done badly at the box office? Think Donnie Darko, Blade Runner etc. Ultimately, if mainstream appeal is missing then a movie will fail {sad to say}.

Now let me make this clear - I liked revo, but was still very disappointed. I felt the pacing was way off, that it had no depth, and that, yes, it was confusing {GASP! SHOCK HORROR! SOMEONE WITH A REASONABLE INTELLIGENCE ACTUALLY FOUND IT CONFUSING!}. Look around you - many agree with me. So lay off, s'il vous plait!

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I got nothin against newbies, in case your wondering. Newbies rock!


People registered in september are not really newbies anymorewink
I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure that it's good, even though the critics are bashing it (Ebert and Roper gave it two thumbs up
Anyway, you could see that I've been avoiding KMC for obvious reasons: I haven't seen the movie, and the stupid newbs don't know how to post spoilers. YOU DONT PUT SOMETHING LIKE "OH NEO DIED?" as a subject title!!!!!!!!!!! mad Learn how to post spoilers! With SPOILER tags!
Newbs are really getting on my nerves, could you tell?

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Lets jus get along.


Can't we live in harmony with one another?

Only if they don't RUIN THE MOVIE for me!

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O-kay! Let's do some breathing exercises.



I am relaxed. Care to see me in a rage? stick out tongue

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No thanks. Keep standin up to those Seniors! That's an order soldier.

You show your rage to those bastards!

Is that to me or the newbs?

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Um....whoever "believes".

Get it?

Okey dokey smokey.

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This really don't make much sense no more...

I have nothing against Newbs who are willing to listen to others, and post intelligent posts, and do not call other people names because they are right...

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