Ok , just seen it for a second time at IMAX...

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The movie was actually better this time around, some of my confusion was fixed but still unhappy and perplexed about a few things.

#1. My biggest complaint is the Oracles explanation or lack thereof for Neo having powers in the Real World. She never really answered so basically we MUST accept the fact that he can do these superhuman things. His genetic makeup must be different from everyone else. I wonder how a doctor would anatomically explain his energetic powers... maybe the whole time he was plugged into the powerplant he was saving his volts. smile

#2. The Oracles explanation for needing a new "shell" sucked. As usual she hardly speaks straight forward English and when its all over, Neo and most people are like "oh, ok (wtf did she just say)" Her script shouldve said something like "The Merovingian is after me, and I changed my appearance as a precaution" Simple, but no, she talks and talks about her "choices" horsecrap. It really didnt have to be that complicated of a reason, it was dragging. Had Gloria Foster lived for M3, no explanation wouldve been needed anyway.

#3 Neo escaped from the trainstation with Trinity and when they were riding in the car, Link couldnt see Neo , nothing was explained about that.

#4. When Neo came back into the real world, they never showed or explained plugging his body in again to get him out.

#5. Trinity's death scene was a bit too long.

This time around the movie was a bit more enjoyable thanks to some of you guys... meta, jedi, and especially Omega for clearing up Smiths use of the Oracles visions for the ending... thanx smile

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You make some very good points Italian926. I agreed with points 3 and 4, but I actually like the explanation that the Oracle gave for her different appearance...after all, the Oracle (in any age) isn't exactly known for her ability to provide concise, detailed explanations (And Morpheus and Trinity were on a tight schedule, too!). The vagaries of her answer fit in perfectly, IMO, and I was happy that they tied the necessity of replacing Gloria Jackson in instead of trying to gloss over or ignore the change. As for point 1...

My brothers and I also noticed the lack of any explanation for Neo's 'real world' abilities. It did remind me of the Architect's statement in Reloaded about the One's responsibility to enter the Machine Mainframe and "disseminate the code that you carry." I suspect that this 'code' (which I assume is more than just an advanced knowledge of binary smile ) is what sets Neo apart from all of the other humans of his particular era. As you say, it's also possible that Neo (as well as all of the other versions of 'the One') are mutations, either deliberate or accidental. I have a strong feeling that we're going to see something mentioned along those lines in an upcoming anime, book, or graphic novel...

I guess I'm one of those people who likes trying to figure out what's going through the creators' minds...especially when there's such a good chance that they're going to eventually let us know whther we guessed correctly or not!

i have to admit that i was a bit disappointed at first too, after i first saw it, but i liked it anyway. i sort of knew it was going to get better every time you watch it, and turns out to be true cool damn, turns out i missed a lot of things during the super brawl too, because of the excitement big grin jesus christ, it's so god damn great.

one more thing, she didn't change her appearance as a precaution. merv deleted her old shell, so she had to get a new one. ETM explained this nicely, and i think revolutions explained it well enough.

I seen it twice now and I still had no idea Merv had something to do with it. This what I mean when I say it pisses me off that these idiots put critical information in other sources. Everyone is expected to go out and play video games, watch cartoons, etc etc. Thats just not right. To fully understand all the details of a movie, you should only have to see the movie... and THATS actually my biggest gripe. Thanks GOD for this forum. The movie also makes it clear that Im missing a ton of information on Niobe and her adventures, prior to the recharge of her ship, when she and her crew returned. Its just not right to that to the viewers.

italian> its the experience, and if you dont wanna go out and play ETM or see Animatrix, that is your prerogative, however, they were created so that information is given out in them for the fans that DO go out and play the game and watch Animatrix, for those that do go read the comics and take part in ARG...It is the experience of being able to see the Matrix as a game, anime, comic, movie, mmorpg, etc. The wachowski brothers did this on purpose, so the fans are one up on everyone else.

Another believer who doesnt think the wachowski's made these various sources to line their own pockets. DO you think they realeased these things at their COST? No. They did no favors here, theyre greedy bastards and it hurt the people who ONLY wanted to see the movie. Im sure Powerade wrote them a nice check too.

Italian> i see you've reconsidered the matrix, good.
i know is frustrating that not everything is answer correctly in the movie, ,but that's something the wachowski wanted to do to make the movie stand out a lil' bit more. ETM, although not the best game ever, it's a great game. it's not just and adaptation from the film, it's an extention of it, explain many things better, and it gives you a back up story for some characters that didn't have many lines in the movie.
the same goes for the animatrix.
if everything that was in the game and the animatrix was in the movie, ,could you imagine how big it will be?, it wouldn't fit in a 2 hours movie.
plus the game and anime was just something to entertain us the fans, while waiting for the revo, the same goes with the comics, and in the midtime, get more money

Dude, all the missing information I speak of could have been fit into the timeframe of the shitty 20 minute club Zion/speech and lovescene in Reloaded. lol.

yeah but they needed that time for that "shitty" scene, many question where answer during that time, ,and you can't deny that revo was more action than talk (not so much as in reloaded, but still)... and what?, didn't you want to see persephone with that red dress?. I sure did

It wouldve been nice if Neo and Co. walked into Persephone bouncing topless on top of Merv somwhere. big grin It already was rated R right? big grin

yeah, it was big grin

To answer to your first question, Neo was able to separate his body from his mind when he get throught the source (Matrix2 end, elevation).
His mind is able to stay in the matrix whilst his body is deconnected. That's why he is able to see the machine code outside the Matrix (he only see tha machines, he cannot see trinity when she dies), throught his mind in the Matrix. He can still control them also (sentinels).

At the end of Matrix 2 he is in a comma (between live and death), in the Matrix, his mind is trapped in a similar place: the Limbo (MOBIL AVE), and trinity must save his soul from there.

Hope it answer some of your questions. I personnaly have more then before...

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Just a quick comment...the fact that the Merovingian took away the Oracle's previous body is mentioned in Revolutions. After he makes the comment that the Oracle ' must have found another shell', he comments that maybe that will teach her...'if she takes something away from me, I'll take something away from her.'

What did she take away from him? The keymaker?

could be, as he said to Neo "you do what the oracle told you to do"
he knows who is responsible...

Personally, I would have liked if persephone was bouncing on top of trin or niobe instead.

Perhaps the oracle asked Merv to not terminate Smith, since she need him and Neo to accomplice her choice.

but it doesn't fit the "taken from me"...

#2 is in enter the matrix #3 was explained

The Omega

Rewriting the Matrix while plugged in is fine. Telling me that a man with nothing but raggedy clothes can shoot lightning bolts make no sense. If what you say is true, they certainly didnt spell the answer out.. and the oracles answer to Neo DOES NOT answer the question directly, this leads to you connecting words of the Architect. The reason why theres confusing script is the same reason the Oracle didnt have a direct answer.... IT MAKES NO SENSE for a man to have that ability. So we'll just swallow it as truth and ignore common sense. After all, its just a movie.. right ?

italian> could you rephrase that, cause im having a hard time hearing your post over the Oracles line in ETM...

The Omega
Italien> He never did. The "Lightening" in Reloaded were the sentinels short-circuiting.
What is it you find unbelivable? You can turn off your TV with a remote control and access your e-mail from your cellular these days. Next thing you'll get implants, so you can access your e-mail by blinking.
Just as Smith infected Banes residual self-image, thereby moving a program from the VR world into the brain-patterns of the real world Bane, Neo doens't loose the anomaly encoding when he jacks out.
It's "just" a highly advanced super-user access.

LOL Jedi, dont fukin start with me. Now youre tellin me theres relevence to this is ETM. fuk ETM and fuk the Wachowski's for doing this to people. What percetage viewers played ETM? Even if you say HALF, its incredibly screwed up to put countless millions in a state of confusion because theyre missing bits and pieces which make them incredibly confused !!!!!!!!!!

Whats unbelievable? Are you serious? Theres nothing unbelievable that a human can do these things?? We're talking telepathy? I didnt see Neo with a remote control, did you? Oh, its coming from his... ______ Fill in the blank and tell me the piece of anatomy that allows this... and I'll ask my cousin who's a doctor if its possible LOL

Ok, no more debate , how can I argue with that?

Italian> you can still obtain what happened in Enter the Matrix without having played it, as you and seemingly others in this forum have done. The movie can stand alone by itself without having to watch the Animatrix or play Enter the Matrix, however, for those that WANT to know, they are there, waiting, calling...If you want to know, GO OUT AND WATCH/PLAY THEM, dont complain to me because you refuse to yet still want to know what happens.

Yeah Dude
you could always just rent ETM and the animatrix..its not like you would have to fork out major $$ its only like what 5 bucks?

Italian> hey dude, how's it goin? I've seen you post a lot about Revolutions, and you seem pretty ticked off about the whole thing. Maybe hearing it from another mouth will make a difference, but the Wachowski bro's had always envisioned making this world through movies, games, comics, web stuff, and so on. I hear what you're saying. I see how it seems like a rip off. But personally, I kinda like it. It's a neat way of doing it I think. But maybe that's because I like the mediums they're trying to put it out on. It makes it interesting, I think, because "the rabbit hole" goes as deep as you or I are willing to look. If we want to find out more, we can. I suppose if it Were only supposed to be a movie, then it would be a rip off. Then they would be trying to force it out on other mediums to line their pockets. But this "Matrix world" was never meant to just be a movie. Like I said, they've wanted to put it out accross the whole spectrum since the beggining. When they made the first movie, they weren't sure if they'd be ABLE to get much further then that. Meaning they weren't sure if anyone would back them financially, or if people would even like it at all. This is why the first movie was made to stand on it's own (it didn't Need to have any sequels, although there was more to the story). When it became a hit, the Wachowski's got the support they wanted, and started producing what they had always dreamed of. So, although it may seem like a rip off, or another ploy to get some cash, it's really just meant to be an extension of the world that we see in the movie. Hope this helps. And if you're still interested, I'd recommend renting the Animatrix or the game. Or, you can just ask us any questions you have smile (and save some money!)

Ok dude. Take care. Glad you liked it more the second time.

i agree with everithin simpleprist said, there's no real need for you to buy anything, if you want to know, just ask. i personally bought the game, and rent the animatrix, cuz i wanted the whole matrix experience.
there was a guy who posted here a thread about everything that happened in ETM, and another guy was uploading the FMV's to the net

You guys are telling me to rent the game as if I own the console roll eyes (sarcastic) Im not ready to spend around $300 just to follow this movie. If they wanted to create cartoons, comic books and video games, thats fine. But its phuked up to put pertinant info in them.

well coz the oricle from m1 and m2 died so they just wanted to get it over with.not of any significants just so we know she is the new oricle.
as to why they could not see neo's signs in the matrix, well coz he was not hooked up.his mind and body where separated.when they wanted to bering him back obviuosly they moved his body and hooked it up.they know we are not that lame and need to be shown them dragging the body to be linked into the matrix.anyway before neo return from the matrix we are shown the 'smith' getting up on the bed and there is no neo besides him so they must have moved him.

those are my answers to 3,4 and 5

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